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Siberia, mystery craters appear in the tundra.

July 29, 2014 at 4:56 pm

Mysterious craters have appeared a few days ago in the Siberian tundra, in the village of Antipayuta. A mysterious phenomenon that already had occurred in June, a few dozen kilometres south and North of the immense steppe, and is now calamitando the attention of Russian scientists. Natural phenomenon or something else? According to initial results provided by a task force of investigators sent on site, at the bottom of one of the holes, several dozen metres wide, was found a vast frozen lake. A huge cavity maybe fruit of melting that would have released gas from underground. The release would have caused the rift. The finding, reported by shepherds siberians, relaunched the web textures «complottiste». Those suggesting that the Earth would be crossed by a dense network of Burrows, whose terminals are precisely these craters that appear-for many different reasons, including nuclear explosions ‘ forbidden ‘-in other areas of the planet. And there are also those who remember that just in Siberia, in 1908, an asteroid that crashed hit the Tunguska site (photos, www. siberiantimes. com). You must click this source to read extra regarding this great subject.

HEARINGS TV. Record for love is in the Meadow, correct boot for Face to the band.

July 29, 2014 at 8:08 am

Love is in the meadow to power monte.  Yesterday evening, M6 farmers attracted 5.8 million of the faithful or 26.5% of the public. This is the record of the audience share broadcast this season. Marital reality TV takes advantage of the coaster of TF1, which programme more than reruns of criminal minds. The American police series still collected 4.9 million viewers in prime time (20.3%).  His side murder in Paradise continues its merry way on France 2, with 3.4 million curious (14.1%) and the duo Belmondo-Delon closes the market of millionaires chains on France 3, with the film Borsalino (1.6 million and 7%). At 6 p.m., the new access primetime of France 2 has started gently. 945 000 curious followed the launch from the front to the band, or 8.5 per cent of the public. If the interactive game presented by Jeremy Michalak ranks behind Secret Story, Questions for a champion and Queens of shopping, it’s still better than the last numbers from asked only to laugh. . Similar data can be inspected reading weblink.

Violence in Libya: the France asked its nationals to leave the country.

July 27, 2014 at 5:59 pm

In turn, the France calls its nationals to leave Libya, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Several European countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, the Germany and the Netherlands had already asked their citizens to leave Libya, where a convoy of the British Embassy was attacked Sunday, amid upsurge in violence. "Given the deterioration of the security situation, the France asked its nationals to leave the Libya" door-female of the Quai d’Orsay said this Sunday. "All our nationals are invited to enter the more quickly in contact with our Embassy in Tripoli", said the Ministry.   "The situation is extremely unpredictable and uncertain" stressed Meanwhile the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. "German nationals incur a danger increased kidnappings and attacks. London also called British nationals in Libya to "leave immediately" by their own means, advising against all travel in this country, in new recommendations published Saturday on the website of the Foreign Office.  Between 100 and 300 British resident currently in Libya.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the British Embassy in Tripoli remained open, but with a staff reduced"and that its"ability to provide consular assistance (was) very limited. This embassy convoy was attacked Sunday morning near Tripoli in a car theft attempt that did not hurt, according to a spokesman for the diplomatic mission. The Netherlands also called Sunday some 70 Dutch living in Libya to "leave urgently of the country by their own means.  The Belgium had recommended as early as July 16 on its nationals to leave the Libya. The Turkey, the Spain and Malta emit the same deposit. The United States were evacuated Saturday under air escort all diplomatic staff from their Embassy in Libya, who found himself caught in the middle of violent fighting between since July 13 by rival militias on the road to Tripoli airport. Sunday, fighting was still raging around the airport of the capital, closed since the start of fighting which have done more than 97 people dead and 400 wounded. . Inspirational facts could be found checking the following source.

Red Bull win in Hungary: the means.

July 27, 2014 at 5:32 pm

Daniel Ricciardo at the Grand Prix of Hungary over the line rode, he tore the fist towards the sky. He shouted to his team over the radio link and thanked for their support in this triumph. He was the first driver, who drove in the goal that day and became the winner of the Hungary Grand Prix. It was Ricciardos second victory this season, the second in his career and the second for his racing team Red Bull. The world champion team bid farewell with a victory in the four-week summer break who celebrated on the podium – formula 1 Daniel Ricciardo and left again once old look like his team-mate Sebastian Vettel. In a chaotic race had Red Bulls commando large proportion of Ricciardos victory. The team won the Australian of during both safety-car periods on the box and impressed also with perfect timing of the third stop. This strategy was at the end, that Ricciardo prevailed in a duel with Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, who both came only twice to change the tyre. The always cheerful Ricciardo thrives in his first season at a top team in the paddock and on the route to the entertainer. If the people so see me with my smile and my friendly face, many believe that I would be a bit too soft and could do harm to anyone. So it’s nice that I hang out the hard racer can this year, Ricciardo had said after his spectacular duel with Fernando Alonso in the race in Hockenheim, Germany. In Hungary he demonstrated these qualities again. He won over four laps to go within a few minutes of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. Even if both opponents on older tires were: risk and callousness of the two actions. I knew that I must quickly put the maneuver and that has paid off, said Ricciardo. By his team boss Christian Horner, there was praise: he is so cool and quiet in the car. He just does everything right. You had such words in recent years at Red Bull usually heard in connection with Vettel. But the quadruple world champion is currently in the shadow of his teammate. Ricciardo was already for the ninth time this season before Vettel in the target. While the Australians in Budapest proved his killer instinct in the duel for the victory, Vettel made a faux pas is with a screwdriver on the start finish straight again. However, the defending champion for this is known to grow significantly in the second half of the season. This also applies to the Team Red Bull, which always emerge from the summer break came in the last five years. A virtue, which was crucial to the 2010 and 2012 the title. . You must check this link to discover more about this interesting topic.

Tour de France: at AG2R, silence, sweat and tears.

July 26, 2014 at 6:43 pm

He expected the news of long minutes before melting into tears at the point of not being able to say a word: on the announcement of its second place of Tour de France, the discrete Jean-Christophe Péraud was silent by emotion. Shadow! The first words of Jean-Christophe Péraud by crossing the finish line at Périgueux at 17 h 31 will be the only pronounced before long minutes. Sitting out of direct sunlight behind a truck, the 37 year old rider waiting for Thibaut Pinot, second of the Tour at the start Saturday and advantage of Bergerac three minutes after him. Haggard, worn out by 1 hour 08 minutes and 48 seconds effort and rage deployed to fight against time and a puncture that could make him lose everything, it looks not the swarm of journalists gathered around him. Two masseurs him wipe legs. Patrick, that’s it you are second!, launches a journalist. Péraud throws the look, shakes his fist. Etreint by the massagers, it again lowers the head. The tears flow. The seconds pass. Everyone is watching the first French words second tour since 1997. It takes time to dry his tears, folds for an interview. A question, a nervous laugh in response and the tears come. I didn’t want to crack but good here,., loose before turning their backs to the camera and melt into tears. AG2R manager the world Vincent Lavenu is spawning a path among the journalists: just my little Jice I embrace you. That’s it, happiness, he says to the camera. Péraud retry an interview, and then abandons. I am not able to give you a Word. Appointment in a month for the interview, smiles, eyes reddened. Under the ovation from the audience, Emmanuel joined the team motorhome parked a few hundred metres further. -’ It could not imagine’ – he finds teammate Romain Bardet, who saw his dream of a broken 5th place a few minutes earlier for two seconds. On hearing the news, the Auvergnat young threw his bottle of rage and left cut back his frustration out of sight, away from the euphoria surrounding his elder. Losing the top 5 of a great ride for two seconds, especially on a flat tire, it’s infuriating, but it is sport. It is a little hard to redeem the crossed line but cold, it will get better. Tomorrow it will be all hand in hand to celebrate the place of David, he assures. The disappointment will be quickly dissipated. The success of the team AG2R on the Tour de France is exceptional: second Péraud, sixth Bardet and its nine riders at the head of the team ranking. Three weeks ago, they even could not imagine!, smiles Julien Jurdie, features three intense weeks, a short night of meticulous preparation and a stressful time. It’s not good for my blood pressure but moments like that, I in dreamed, slides it. When I saw other sports managers fight for a podium in the round, I told myself + a day is what is my turn to do it? + it was today, is that of happiness even though it takes a lot of energy. This is a great reward for the riders, for the staff, for all those who believe in us for a long time. It is so much investment for so many years that makes me cry, adds Lavenu, who does not forget to share his joy with the FDJ. Thibaut Pinot, this Fr a few metres farther away. Nation France resumed a nice share in international cycling. Hats off to Thibaut Pinot who also fought. I am good friends with Marc Madiot (manager of the FDJ. com) and I think you are going to congratulate one another. . Original source could be found visiting this http://ru.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz.

Intermittent: the Festival d’Avignon survivor of the conflict, 300,000 euros of losses.

July 26, 2014 at 2:52 pm

The Avignon festival has taken place: at the time of the assessment, its Director Olivier Py was shared between the relief of having avoided the cancellation, brandished by the intermittents du spectacle, and anxiety with 300. 000 euros of losses which affect the 2015 edition. Ultimately, 24-day festival, 3 strike days of intermittent workers in the struggle against the new unemployment convention prevented total 12 performances, according to the assessment made at a Saturday press conference. The weather is started with heavy rains and 2 cancelled shows. The loss amounted in total to 300. 000 euros. Still, attendance reached 90% (107 992 sold seats) compared to 95% in 2013, an incredible figure in a really chaotic environment, observed Olivier Py. This heavy loss will have an impact on the next edition, Director, which calls on the State to help us, otherwise we will not be able to fulfill our missions. The festival could be forced to reduce its production of shows, to shorten the next edition or to abandon its social mission (partnerships with the school including). A real test of fire for Olivier Py, which debuted its first edition after ten years of the tandem formed by Hortense Archambault and Vincent Baudriller. I wanted a political festival, I got it! launched the new Director at the beginning of this 68th edition eventful. Political, it was end to end, with shares of information of the intermittents at the beginning or at the end of each show, warmly applauded by the public. Policy on the bottom also, with parts posing a critical view of society, such as still lifes, Greek Manolis Tsipos, and Solitaritate of the Romanian Gianina Carbunariu. We’re here to ask critical questions about the world, explained the Belgian Fabrice Murgia, author of a play about the loneliness of connected human. Viewers will remember as long political dance of Israeli Arkadi Zaides, internalizing his body in the violence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, at the moment even where dozens of deaths fell in Gaza. -Henry VI, thrilling saga of 18 hours – artistically, this first edition of Olivier Py marks a clear return to the text, which some felt in recent years that it is outweighed by the performance. At the risk of sounding talkative, the 68th Festival d’Avignon will be shown many classical parts, primarily those mounted by Olivier Py, the joyous, but ecstatic Orlando and the very dark Vitrioli. A 5 arid hours presented by Marie-José Malis Hyperion has discouraged more than one Festival-goer. But Henry VI of Shakespeare in 18 hours, crazy bet of the young director rouennais Thomas Jolly, won all the votes. This saga to the joyful and inventive staging will remain as the event of the festival, with the brilliant The Fountainhead of Dutch Ivo van Hove, magisterial reflection on the creation, served by hyper mastered video use. His treatment of the physical, if difficult love scenes to be staged at the theatre, has dazzled. The Festival gave beautiful young people: Thomas Jolly is 32 years old, Fabrice Murgia 30 and Gianina Carbunariu 36. It has also retained its function of window on the world, coins from the five continents. The I Am enigmatic Samoan Lemi Ponifasio, long meditation on the war of 14-18, confused more than a spectator. But Egyptian Hassan Haeehek el Geretly, patchwork of songs and testimonies on revolution square Tahrir, and suddenly Fatal, jubilant show given by a Congolese counter-tenor and prodigious musicians from Kinshasa have swept all the votes. Olivier Py gave no indication on the programming of 2015, no doubt waiting to know what will be the response of the Ministry of Culture to its appeal. . Inspirational data can be studied visiting the following http://ru.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz.

Alitalia: pay once again are the banks.

July 25, 2014 at 6:33 pm

After the go-ahead to 2013 budget and the recapitalisation of Alitalia, banks licking wounds, Cai members pull a half-sigh of relief items to avoid further bloodbaths. Always make sure that pilots and flight attendants do not skip the table, preventing agreement in order to achieve an integration with Ethiad,. Trouble to speak of "ultimatum", let alone of "last resort", but the substance does not change: Ethiad before officially engage with Alitalia (and pay 560 million for the 49 percent) claimed they had approved the budget for 2013 and did the necessary "housekeeping" budget by cutting at least equally the debts of the company, in addition to having green disk to reduce the staff (and the company’s costs) of approximately 1.650 units (against about 200 2. redundancies foreseen initially). The first two points were centered today: the House has approved both the 2013 budget which closes with yet another net loss amounting to 569 million euros "after a great budget cleaning" according to CEO Gabriele Del Torchio, both the planned capital increase by 250 million maximum "by offering as an option to shareholders in proportion to the share of capital owned", deemed necessary to ensure the "business continuity" (i.e. not to fail the company). It would have been centered the third point, that concerning the Trade Union signed agreements confirming the 16/17 July by 65% of unions (Cgil, Cisl, Ugl) but not by the Uil, as the recall referendum, referendum among workers did not reach the quorum (there have been 3.555 voters on a population 13.190 business units, equal to 26, 95 percent). Here, however, things get a bit more complicated: a distinct note Alitalia stated that "are so effective and payable in relation to all staff and are binding on all signatory unions agreements between confederations", Ilo therefore included. On top of that the company reports "as the 85% who voted has expressed an explicit consent agreements. This is a demonstration of the company’s staff, including executives who since March have voluntarily offered a solidarity contribution is covering the crucial importance of the moment and crucial steps to be taken to ensure the future ". However, the conditional is a must because the unions of pilots and flight attendants (Anpac, Anpav and Avia) have already announced that it does not believe the agreements "valid or applicable to non-subscribers to signatory acronyms". To avoid having to pay the price are in a critical period of the year as August passengers, Del Torchio will return to Office to persuade these unions to sign, having also made it known that as early as the weekend will return to meet with Ethiad representatives (which for its part continues to indicate a genuine "social peace", namely the full and conscious acceptance of the agreements on the part of all employees, pilots and flight attendants including, as indispensable precondition) to "discuss the integration project". Everything could still happen so. Also the integration is not immediate but will require at least one additional step meeting maybe "during the holidays" i.e. by August. Until this morning was indeed to untie the knot of Poste Italiane, entry into the capital (had made) of Alitalia under the administration of Sarni Massimo paying 75 million euros in Exchange for a share of 19.48%, the company guided by Francesco Caio now should pay accounts to about 49 million. But Caio had explained that they do not want to in any way accept a recapitalization "in continuity", demanding but the launch of a "newco" in which confer the "healthy" remained in the company (a sort of bis as already asked and obtained from the "capitalists" patriots of Cai in 2011, though without any particular benefits seen the next evolution of carrier accounts). In the end Caio has checked and Cai members agreed to "define a path" that will lead to the creation of Newco with a view to the integration of the two companies. In practice in the new company end active assets (aircraft and slots), no previous liabilities (bank debt). In this new society Poste Italiane will pay its share of capital increase fade away until 5%, Cai will be at 46% shareholder, Ethiad comes with 51% by pouring the required 560 million "fresh means". At that point it will be with the Newco which will be minority shareholder that Poste Italiane will enter into service contracts for the development of logistics and network trade agreements on electronic money and digital services. Once taxpayers, already severely tested by Alitalia affair in recent years (as I have already mentioned in the Economist Pietro Ichino between revenue and expenses under the State, i.e. Italian taxpayers have lost nearly 4.5 billion), should not suffer further damage. For a time the company may have prospects for industrial development, although it remains to be seen how the policy will further "put the beak" e.g. in decisions relating to airports to concentrate and develop the activity of Newco. Once again, the losers will be the "system" that banks after the rump will meet Americans for the "restructuring" of Alitalia’s debt, i.e. the management of his "bad company". If you were curious to know which banks it is, well it is Intesa Sanpaolo (advisor of the Treasury at the time of the "sale" of Alitalia to Cai and Air One creditor that on that occasion it was merged with the same Alitalia "healthy" and since that time an associate of Alitalia, in addition to its lender, with a share of 20.59%) exhibited so far to 280 m; Unicredit (12.99) membershipexposed for another 140 million; of the Mps exposed to 93.3 million, and Banca popolare di Sondrio, exposed to 90 million. Money for a third should be simply deleted with a stroke of a pen and processed two thirds in Alitalia’s capital. Waiting to find out whether these should even be devalued in budget or if the shares received in Exchange for the "contribution" to the relaunch of the company will be in a few years still a value and a market. . Extended information can be inspected checking http://ru.ejaculationbycommandreviews.biz.

After the plagiarism scandal: What was actually from,. Annette Schavan.

July 25, 2014 at 1:54 pm

WHAT WAS OFF,.? The research series for a while is reported extensively on many news and people – then they disappear from the headlines. How evolve the issues, what happened to the people? We explain in this series. Yet the word is the Federal Republic of Germany with the Holy See designated on the site before their new official title Ambassador. But it is officially in service since early July, as the Foreign Ministry confirmed. The first appointments has already perceived Schavan in Rome, has representatives of the Catholic community Sant’Egidio met and prayed with them in the Church of Santa Maria in Trastevere. Bleckmann was responsible for the plagiarism procedure, where Schavans doctoral thesis was screened a person and conscience in months of long work. The Verwaltungsgericht Düsseldorf certified now him and the faculty, clean and perfectly legally to have traded. Schavan, however, approved deceived the Court, in her doctoral thesis in 60 cases and issued the intellectual property of third parties as their. It did at least conditionally intentionally Schavan, given the wealth of relevant reference numbers in the text was not a mistake be assumed. Schavan was the K. O., she had to find out finally with the withdrawal of a doctoral degree. As Peter wrote Hello, then President of the Max Planck Society, Dean Bleckmann and the Faculty Council, the parties should do everything not to be at the mercy of political interests. Dealing with the allegations of plagiarism fill him with concern. Say hello to indicated Schavan would handled incorrectly and too strict. Examples almost all arguments of the Schavan supporters can be found in his letter, about the citation culture and the way of working had been others in the 1980s. . Related information can be read visiting page.

Chambers of Commerce, now the Government softens the cuts to the system.

July 25, 2014 at 12:27 pm

Saved in the corner. Months of protests and battagesulla "essential" nature of their tasks are starting to bear fruit: Chambers of Commerce cash a resizing of the draconian cuts plan that Prime Minister Matteo Renzi initially wanted to impose on the system.  Touch-ups made in the last hours in the Decree on public administration have reduced the scope of interventions designed to save companies. That reference bodies pay a total of 800 million a year in the form of fees for the registration in the commercial register. The decree signed by the Minister of the Pa, Marianna Madia, was initially a scissor kick of 50%. But a redrafted amendment by the rapporteur Emanuele Fiano (Pds) and approved by the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Chamber has reformulated the burden by cutting cut to 35% in 2015. The reduction will go up gradually: 40% in 2016, 50% until 2017.   Meet the unions: "changing the Dl 90 of public administration reform, as approved by the Commission for Constitutional Affairs of the Chamber and that scagliona in three years cutting Chamber of Commerce burdens, is a first result of the mobilization of workers and employees," said Fp-Cgil, Cisl and Uil-Fp-Fpl. "does not save the system from the risks involved in a little rational reform and made cuts-onlybut leaves the time to think about a reorganization that we ask for years and on which we are prepared to face, fielding our proposals. " But with about 10,000 employees of Chambers of Commerce and "special companies" (their experience) not just yet: remains, they write, "the need to further reduce a cut intolerable for the Chamber system". And "we must open a real discussion on the relaunch of the Chambers of Commerce".   . For more insights about this topic visit weblink.

Gaza: a cease-fire? What ceasefire?

July 25, 2014 at 10:49 am

Certainly, Thursday morning, while the Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip entered its 17th day and Hamas continued its firing of rockets against the Jewish State, Palestinian sources quoted by the Pan-Arab A-Sharq Al-Awsat daily evoked a broad agreement by Hamas for a plan to end the Israeli aggression and a cease-fire under Arab mediationEgyptian and American. The Islamist movement, which had refused until then all proposals and in particular that of the Egyptian mediation, would therefore, according to the daily language Arabic, accepted the idea of a compromise through a humanitarian ceasefire five days during which negotiations concerning applications for Hamas and other factions could take place. On the Israeli side, the hawkish words are not lacking either. We will continue this operation to combat terrorism, assured Peter Lerner, a spokesman for the Israeli army while the Minister of the economy, Naftali Bennett, expressed its opposition to any ceasefire: we pay a high price and we will not do the job in half. But Egypt, neighbour of the Jewish State and the Gaza Strip, which has long been the traditional Ombudsman in conflicts between Israel and Hamas, has lost its influence. The Islamist movement was banned in Egypt in March, the authorities considering as an ally of the Muslim brothers of the ex-President Mohamed Morsi, deposed by al-Sissi himself a year ago, and declared terrorist. . You should check the following home page to discover extra about this great matter.