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Four issues around the economic heritage of the France.

December 19, 2014 at 9:55 am

What is the value of the economic heritage of the France? How much amount of the assets of the French? Their goods are rather financial or invested in stone? Governments suffer an erosion of the value of their heritage? These questions and many more, Insee responds in a four-page study published Friday 19 December. How many mounts economic heritage of the France?End of 2013, national economic heritage amounted to 13 345 billion euros. It has hardly changed in recent years, an increase of 0.1% in 2013 compared to the previous year, which itself recorded a decrease of 0.3% compared to 2011. Held by the French?The net wealth of households amounted at the end of year last 10 414 billion euros, growing moderately for the second consecutive year (+ 1.8% after + 1.7% in 2012). Between 2000 and 2011, the heritage of the French grew on a much more dynamic rate (6.9% annual average over the period). The stock exchange or stone? The wealth of households is made up 69% of non-financial assets, mostly real estate (64%). However in 2013, the value of heritage buildings and land stagnated (+ 0.1%), which largely explains the slowdown in appreciation of the heritage of the French. Conversely, the value of the financial assets of households (deposits, shares, cash, life insurance,.) growing again strongly, albeit at a slow pace (+ 6.3% in 2013 after 9.6% in 2012), but still faster than the Decade 2001-2011. This dynamism is drawn by life insurance contracts and actions. The heritage of the State continue to lose value?In 2013, the heritage of public administrations (APU) is stable (-0.4%-26.8% in 2012). It stood at 548 billion EUR end 2013. The assets of these administrations amounted to 3094 billion euros, of which 63% of non-financial assets mainly (land and buildings). Financial assets are valued by 2.7% to EUR 1125 billion) in 2013. . Original facts could be studied reading the following weblink.

Hayange: the FN Mayor election voided.

December 19, 2014 at 8:51 am

The decision fell. The Administrative Court in Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin) invalidated the election of Mayor FN of Hayange (Moselle), Fabien Engelmann, this Friday morning.  The public Rapporteur had requested that one year of ineligibility Vienna punish "a breach of a particular gravity the electoral law". The Court followed its opinion, rejecting, the same blow, the aedile campaign accounts, as did the National Commission of Auditors of campaign last October. Last March, Fabien Engelmann, 35, had finished at the top of the second round of municipal elections with 34.7% of the vote to the outgoing socialist mayor, Philippe David. After experience of the CGT unionist, he was a candidate under the frontist banner.  These are 14.22% of total expenditures that were not included in the final count. In addition to an invoice of EUR 12 000, Fabien Hayange had failed to add the 1 575 euros fee for creating and printing of election leaflets. The sum had been advanced by a his running mate, his former Assistant first Marie Da Silva, today entered into dissent. The Mayor defended any fraud, as accused him Marie Da Silva, citing a "technical error", and stated that her his running mate was released without his knowledge his pocket money.  The public Rapporteur had calculated that 364 other euros had not found their way into campaign accounts.   > Stay informed! Sign up for free newsletters and alerts of le Parisien. You must check this http://urbanparks08.org to discover more about this great subject.

Viet Nam: stew of rats to the menu!

December 19, 2014 at 6:32 am

Smiling, Tran Quang Thieu brandishes its harvest of the day: ten kilos of rats caught in the rice fields near Hanoi. Bane to Vietnamese cultures, these invasive rodents are hunted before be tasted. In his village of Van Binh, Thieu and his teams working day and night in these fields where, according to them, these rodents devour up to 20% of rice production. But this culture is essential for the economy of the country which is the second largest exporter. As our neighbours, with my family we had to give up large areas of our cultures. Rats destroy them. Then what good work again and make efforts, says Hoang Thi Tuyet, a peasant woman of 46 years. Peasant converted in the hunt for rodents a 15 years ago, Thieu is affirmative: it is very difficult to capture rats, who are very clever and run up to 2.7 meters per second. In Viet Nam, there are 43 different species. All devastated 500,000 hectares began in 1998 when he invented fags to devilishly effective rats. Working without bait, the strength of his traps, he did patent, is mainly due to the power of the valve. In the countryside, agricultural losses caused by rats are huge. In addition, these animals cause fires and explosions by biting the wires of houses and factories, explains the sexagenarian, smile. Rats ravage every year about 500,000 hectares of rice fields and causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage, not to mention the risk of communicable diseases to humans, confirms Nguyen Manh Hung, of the Institute of agricultural sciences. It receives requests for intervention from across the country, but we cannot do everything, because of time constraints, regretted Thieu, nicknamed the little King. Indeed, he made his fortune. With his five children, he has set up six companies specialized in hunting rats and has sold 30 million fags. His technique is used in the Viet Nam, but in China or Cambodia and Thieu contracts are not limited to rice farmers. It has also signed contracts with hospitals, hotels, restaurants, schools and departments. . . and even one for the Hanoi police premises. 300 kilos of rats in a nuitUne time, we eliminated overnight up to 300 kilos of rats in a tourist island of Hanoi, he says proudly. In recent years, the rat population exploded in the country due to the elimination of snakes and cats, considered their natural enemies. In this context, in Thai Binh province, South of Hanoi, local authorities have recently taken the initiative to buy the tails of rats to encourage deratization and protect crops without resorting to chemical products. And rats hunters can then resell their harvest. As in Viet Nam, these rodents are consumed by Hanoi in the North to the region of the Mekong in the South, the country’s rice granary. Among rats that Thieu was captured or killed, a part is intended for restaurants. The rest is given to farmers who eat them or use them to manufacture food for pigs or fish. Is long overdue that we eat the rat to the Viet Nam. But it is especially since the period of the war that people, especially farmers, to consume more, lack of other meats, tells Taylor. Roasted, baked or steamed with lemon leaves: the rat is prepared in a variety of dishes based on local customs, such as the dog or cat. Rat meat is very oily, such as suckling pig, and rich in protein, said Do Van Phong, sitting in a restaurant in Hanoi before a plate containing two large rodents. Rat meat is a popular dish in the country but there are no official figures on its consumption. However, according to local newspapers, daily 3 or 4 tonnes of rats are imported from neighbouring Cambodia. And after Phan Phan, resident of the village of Dinh Bang in the North of the country, which has made the rat one of his specialties: this is the dish that one must necessarily have in family, marriages or year-end holidays. People think that eating helps to get rid of bad luck. . Related information can be found checking http://urbanparks08.org.

The painter Paco Lafarga displayed his most intimate work.

December 18, 2014 at 7:59 pm

Zaragoza, 18 Dec (EFE). -The artist Paco Lafarga shows from today in Zaragoza his latest paintings in oil and drawings, some still in development, his most intimate works that seeks the inadvertent beauty, hidden desire, mood States, i.e., what lies inside each one. Lafarga (Zaragoza, 1977) and explained it in his exhibition, entitled when the collected desire, which you can see in the Aragonese Institute of art and culture contemporary (IAACC) Pablo Serrano of the Aragonese capital until January 18, 2015. Works showing in the side room of the Museum, nine paintings, including a triptych, twelve drawings and oil on table piece, have been produced for the most part in 2014, although some belong to 2013, as well as a picture of 2011 which has rescued and has resumed this year, has been reported. Therefore underlined that this exhibition shows above all things that are in preparation as a way of exposing, privately, your shame, your small achievements, your scores, your frustrations, you are there, it said. Naked in the Studio, into the abyss, P and when picked bare, that gives title to the show, are some of the creations that hangs in the Pablo Serrano and that seeks unnoticed beauty, body and sexuality, and the seduction of his Studio. Lafarga, who this year received the award-acquisition Antonio López in painting and drawing from the town of Tomelloso, acknowledged that in the beginning it was very Dali and that, subsequently, his work has been influenced by Goya, something indisputable; Rembrandt, whose self-portraits seem dramatic and excites you, as well as Antonio López and especially Golucho, his mentor and friend. However, Zaragoza artist, which exposes for the first time in the IAACC Pablo Serrano, but has participated in solo and group exhibitions, said he tries to escape completely from tags, intentionally and unconsciously. What interests me is the matter and pass a little, creating something real, not pay tribute to realism or hiperrealismos, because that greatly simplifies what we do the authors and is regulated, he added. In his opinion, painting has to flow, run free, and I leave it it runs. Neither labour with very preconceived ideas, I like to throw me a little into the abyss and, at the end of the work, is when you realize what you were looking for, it has been pointed out. (Agencia EFE) Topics entertainment (general) Arts libraries and museums Spain Europe painting Rembrandt van Rijn Tomelloso Zaragoza Zaragoza. For extra information about this matter check http://urbanparks08.org.

For his lawyer, Habib Benattia “will be able to resume a normal life.”

December 18, 2014 at 4:49 pm

Following the release of Habib Benattia of the house arrest of Versailles this afternoon, Mr Martin Desrues, his lawyer, spoke on Betty. Confident had "quickly" the young woman on the phone, he explained that it was "obviously extremely pleased. ” Counsel then continued describing the State of mind of the columnist’s key not to my post! in the moments that followed his release: "it is that of a young woman of 22 years who has done five weeks in prison, a medium to which it is not at all accustomed. "According to Mr Martin Desrues, Habib Benattia has now"for only desire to regain a normal life, to rest in peace with people of his family. "About his release, he explains that"it is a very good thing. And concluded: "I think that his place was definitely not in prison and she will be able to relax and regain a normal life.". For extra about this topic visit http://urbanparks08.org.

Habib was released from prison.

December 18, 2014 at 3:11 pm

Starring reality Habib, under investigation for attempted murder of his companion, was released Thursday afternoon of house arrest for women of Versailles, learned from police source confirming information of Betty. "She was placed under judicial supervision by a judge in Nanterre. It is forbidden to contact Thomas Vergara, even through social networks, and to raise the matter in the media", said the Prosecutor’s office in Nanterre. "A trial should not take place before mid-2015, or even end 2015", the source added.  Suspected of bringing a stab to the chest of her boyfriend, Thomas Vergara, in a room hotel in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine), the night from 6 to 7 November, Habib Benattia, 22 years, was committed since November 9.  "Five weeks of detention, it is always stressful. She is tired, but still has the spring and energy", told AFP its lawyer, Me Christian Saint-Palais.  "She wishes to remain silent on this matter, that it will never discuss in public or in the media until his term", he said, hoping "he let regain a bit of serenity after him stealing her image in police custody and in prison".  This release comes two days after a confrontation over four hours between Habib Benattia and her boyfriend. This judicial appointment did not much progress in the investigation.  The 22-year-old woman camped on its position: it maintains that during a violent quarrel, Thomas Vergara is only wounded with the knife. Her boyfriend ensures that it is she who held the weapon and has dealt it a blow "in confusion", while trying to control. These two versions don’t stick, according to the Prosecutor’s office in Nanterre. . For extended information regarding this matter visit homepage.

Cuba: Alan Gross, saves the Castroite gaols.

December 18, 2014 at 2:35 pm

II languishing for five years in the prisons of Cuba. Thanks to the unexpected rapprochement between Washington and Havana, Alan Phillip Gross was released by the Castro regime. Wednesday, the worker of 65 years, the white hair in battle and the body emaciated by the test, released from the Dungeon of 6 m2 in which it languishing, and took place on a plane to the United States, where he was to be greeted by a Government delegation, his wife, Judy, and their children. Gross can say thanks to Barack Obama, who had vowed to get his release, condition sine qua non for the resumption of bilateral talks. He had fallen in the meshes of the Cuban police on December 3, 2009, while it was installing illegal Internet connection for the insular Jewish community, on behalf of the Federal Agency Usaid. Traveling under tourist visa, he stalked the country distributing laptops and smartphones. A crime of lese-majeste to Havana: the Communist justice had condemned the New Yorkers in 2011 to 15 years in prison. A few days ago, his wife Judy revealed to public radio NPR her husband, overweight before his incarceration, had "lost 45 kg", could "barely walk" and suffered from "five teeth nuns as well as the loss of vision in his right eye. Shot down and discouraged, the sexagenarian had carried out a hunger strike for nine days, hoping to force the decision of his captors. Insignificant pawn in the complex game of go delivered by Cuba and the United States, he released living in extremis from a test well engaged. . For extended facts on this topic visit fact.

Cuba: For Obama, the real nasty, it is the Islamic State. .

December 18, 2014 at 2:14 pm

The Point: so far, what were the consequences of the embargo for Cubans?Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky *: he subjected them to all kinds of constraints. For example, they had no access to international credit. The banks had to meet very stringent criteria, particularly since the Helms-Burton Act (Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act of 1996, U.S. Federal law that strengthened the embargo, Editor’s note). It could lead them to the courts in the United States, if they were suspected of lending activity in Cuba or for actors with activities in Cuba. This is what happened with the BNP or, more recently, with Commerzbank. The Cubans who took American nationality and a hotel activity could also be accused of occupying places that didn’t belong to them,. The property of marks was also a problem, as for Pernod-Ricard, attacked the United States by Bacardi. In General, the embargo resulted in an additional cost for the Cuban economy. For example, for computing, should be drawn special cables, etc. These difficulties do not, in themselves, to explain the difficulties of the Cuban economy, but they have certainly not helped. The Cuban regime has yet still advanced the excuse of the embargo to explain, so what are the real reasons?These are those of any Communist regime. The primacy given to equal competition, with paradoxical results. The people who work in very basic positions in tourism earn more than graduates. I met an architect who was earning more money by selling handicrafts on a market for tourists in carrying. Farmers were not encouraged to do more than their day’s work. But since 2010, Raúl Castro has embarked on reforms to the Chinese, with more economic flexibility. All Cubans have more facilities out of the island and enter it, unless one contrasts them insoluble administrative reasons. The only obstacle that remains is financial. Agricultural markets are again allowed. The libreta system (book of rationing for use in state stores, Editor’s note) is about to be removed. Foreign capital between more and more on the island, especially in tourism. Some players remained, as the Group Accor, Sol-Melia Spanish, Mexican and Canadian groups. But the latter arrived are the Chinese, who are planning even the construction of tall towers in Havana. In practical terms, that will change the lifting of the embargo?As a first step, this means the establishment of diplomatic relations, with the exchange of ambassadors. Cuba is authorized to live his life, such as China and Viet Nam, in recognition and peaceful coexistence. The fact of not have recognized it earlier has also considered by Obama as an anachronism. Cuba is also out of the list of terrorist countries, what was an another anachronism. In 1996, the CIA had issued a release saying that the island was more dangerous. It is long overdue that the cold war no longer exists for the Latino-Americans. In 2009, the meeting of the OAS (Organization of American States, founded in 1948, ed.), member countries had also voted the need to admit Cuba. And for the next Summit of the Americas, in 2015, Panama had already indicated that it invited Cuba. Obama was forced to move. Because the alternative offered him, it was either boycott the Summit of an organization invented by his country, or take the risk to cross Raúl Castro in a corridor and having to shake his hand. He was forced to move to return to Latin America. Pending the lifting of the embargo, that will change this decision in the life of the Cuban people?In the immediate future, this will streamline relations between Cubans with relatives in the United States. This will enable them to be invited by U.S. organizations, associations, churches,. As do the Brazilians or Mexicans. The financial handicap will remain, but at home, they will have new customers, especially related to tourism. Of the Americans who are not of Cuban origin, some attracted by more or less sour memories, will be able to go to Cuba, this represents millions of tourists. Overall, can we say that the embargo has been a failure?Like many embargoes, it has failed to achieve the objective, which was to bring down Castro and the Cuban regime. It also threatened to cost electorally to the Democrats, reason for which Obama responded. The Cuban community in the United States has evolved, the young were born and want to know the country of their parents. The aversion fades, especially insofar as the scheme now allows to do business. These young people are bilingual and they would like to be able to use their abilities. For the ancients, the more hostile hard-core, left for economic reasons, they are mostly retired. Many would like to take to Cuba, to leverage their power purchase, but for the moment it is impossible: they could not receive their pension. The opinion is changing, especially as they see that reconciliation is made with the Viet Nam. Traditionally, it’s the Cuban community in Florida who was the more opposed to the normalization of relations?Yes, and she is often affiliated with the Republican party. Obama discussed the failure of the Democratic Party in the legislative elections of November by the loss of this electorate. He would therefore like to retrieve it, it is visible for several months. It has regularized the sans-papiers, which benefits Latino-Americans and Mexicans especially. Today there are Cuba, there is also the position taken on the actions of the police, aimed at the African American electorate,. This is the sign of a president on the offensive, he announced measures which will be probably blocked in the Senate and the Congress, but prepare the mobilization of the electorate for the presidential election. The participation of Cuba in the fight against Ebola has influenced the American decision?Say rather that it was a harbinger. During the earthquake in Haiti, in 2010, the first on the ground were MSF and Cuban doctors, but at the time, the United States had made no statement. This time, if. The American Secretary of State welcomed the action of the Cuban doctors in West Africa. And there was a meeting of American doctors in Cuba, which the United States physicians participated. This proves rather than we knew that something is brewing. Will the role of the villain on the continent now be devolved to Venezuela’s Maduro?The villain portrayed by the Venezuela or the Russia, this is the scenario that is attempting to perpetuate the Republican party. What Obama wants to pass as idea, it is the change in the world: the real villain today, it is the Islamic State. There was talk of Francis Pope in Ombudsman, what was his role?There were several mediators. The Canada first. Also there was, indeed, a letter from the Pope, but the Vatican has opened the way long ago, with Jean-Paul II who had travelled to Cuba. This is more than ten years that the Catholic Church plays a role in the thaw. With herself first, and as a mediator since it is present in both countries. Guantanamo is a US enclave in Cuba, will be affected by the new provisions?Surprising as it may seem, since it is a folder that refers specifically to the threats of today, it is also a theme on which Cubans have absolutely nothing to say. Cuba seeks return of Guantánamo, as well as the Argentina seeks the return of the Falklands, nothing more. . Root facts could be found clicking the following http://urbanparks08.org.

Merkel: behind the triumph, the impasse.

December 9, 2014 at 7:05 pm

Week last, the Bundestag has pendent its work by voting for a budget 2015 balanced for the first time since 1969: life cr said, it is finished, was thus able to d cr ter Ms Merkel welcoming in passing the outstanding work of his Finance Minister Wolfgang Sch uble. Yesterday, he had his c t said that his boss is great: Merkel is less triumphalist than Napol on but it has more success, he said. Sunday, chanceli re also did play his muscles at the European level in publicly explaining that the r forms made by the France and the Italy are inadequate and like the European Commission, she was waiting for more of its two neighbours. All this is fascinating. The proximity of the 2017 general elections will limit its room for manoeuvre s d 2016. Mrs Merkel is no longer the year 2015 for r achieve a large r form or open an important construction. However the re chanceli offers no original vision or ambitious. She only talked about m not problems my social or suffering me from poverty. It continues to build on its international image and the fears of his fellow citizens that its quiet and reliable image reassures. But she must be careful because she lost contact with the base of his party, r is the Berlin scientist Gero Neugebauer also, the sociology of the party does all of its readership. During the past years res elections, 50% of the readers have vot for Angela Merkel while the CDU has only 15% of women among its acceding. M me thing with youth under 25 years who have t 30% vote for it but not repr feel that 3% of the size of the party. Today, a good number of Christians d Democrats, majority of men s g, have trouble follow their head on the ground of the minimum wage, of women or immigration policy. And it is them that caters in priority, often with success, the new Eurosceptic party and x nophobe Alternative for Germany (AfD). � . Original source may be found checking this website.

Vendée Globe 2016: at least 20 competitors.

December 9, 2014 at 5:31 pm

Today, said the president of the general Council and Senator of Vendée Bruno Retailleau, we already fifteen teams starters, is significantly more than for editing 2012-2013, to two years of departure. The Vendée Globe is already the french sporting event more newsworthy, before the Tour de France (cycling) or Roland Garros with nearly 200 million euros of benefits media, added Mr Retailleau, also President of the Saem Vendée, the organising company of the Vendée Globe. According to him, the edition 2012-2013 – won by François Gabart in 78 d 02 h and 16 min (new record) – was followed by nine million visitors on the website of the race, with 285 million pages views, 30 million videos views, 500. 000 players virtual Vendée Globe, 85 hours of live TV and 1. 700 journalists accredited for the departure. Seven of the fifteen confirmed skippers will be at the helm of new boats: Morgan Lagravière (FRA/Safran), Armel Le Cléac ‘ h (FRA/Banque Populaire), Alex Thomson (GBR/Hugo Boss), Sébastien Josse (FRA/group Edmond de Rothschild), Andrea Mura (ITA/Vento Di Sardegna), Jean-Pierre Dick (FRA/St Michel-Virbac) and Nándor Fa (HUN/Spirit of Hungary). -’Addiction to the Vendée Globe’ – I am a victim of an addiction in the Vendée Globe, the mano a mano between a man and the ocean, said Dick, fourth in the latest edition. The other eight are Vincent Riou (FRA/PRB), Yann Eliès (FRA/group Queguiner), Jérémie Beyou (FRA/master Rooster), Tanguy de Lamotte (FRA/Initiatives heart), Louis Burton (FRA/Bureau Valley), Eric Bellion (FRA/Comme 1 man), Rich Wilson (USA/Great America IV) and Armel Tripon (FRA/For Humble Heroes). The Vendée Globe, launched Riou, winner of the event in 2005, it is an accelerator of emotions. Other skippers, to degrees of various progress, wish to also participate in the next edition of + Vendée: Sébastien Audigane (FRA), Yannick Bestaven (FRA), Nicolas Boidevezi (FRA), Arnaud Boissières (FRA), Ryan Breymaier (USA), Christophe Bullens (BEL), Guo Chuan (CHN), Bertrand de Broc (FRA), Fabien Delahaye (FRA), Kito de Pavant (FRA), Eric Davis (FRA), Alessandro di Benedetto (ITA), Raphaël Dinelli (FRA) Corentin Douguet (FRA), Marc Emig (FRA), Roland Jourdain (FRA), Jean Cam (FRA), Eric Loizeau (FRA), Nicolas Lunven (FRA), Paul Meilhat (FRA), Gildas Morvan (FRA), Alex Pella (ESP), Jeff Pellet (FRA), Juan Carlo Pedote (ITA), Christopher Pratt (FRA), Jörg Riechers (ALL), Phill Sharp (GBR) and Bernard Stamm (SUI). The list is not exhaustive, and all will not be initially. I’m a heart to take it to the level of sponsorship, joked Jourdain, double winner of the Route du Rhum (2006 and 2010) and third in the Vendee Globe in 2001. . You can check the following info to read extra regarding this amazing subject.