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The grandpas want to hire a Hitman, they fall on a gendarme.

November 19, 2014 at 7:10 pm

How about good fathers did foment this?, is was even interviewed the president of the tribunal last month with the case until it is returned. Two feet nickel-plated towards a not very honest type, resentment will answer their defence. Serge wanted to it to be a party with his wife. Which, by breaking his heart, had also claimed half of the goods, forcing him to sell the restaurant he owned in Vert-le-Grand. André, the lighting designer of fine art to retire, was Meanwhile at end of the ten years of procedure with this man who had bought him his business without ever pay it, explains Me Poussin. He did more justice. But between anger and revenge, there is a border that the two Stooges wanted to cross. Without really doing so, Gino did not honor his contract. The gendarmes makeup so the victim: a look at Black butter, put mannequin legs and a man lying on the ground near a car. The photos give the Exchange. Satisfied, André and Serge pay cash. A few hours later, they are arrested. In custody, they will recognize facts and express regret. It looks quite like them. They were just lost and will are mounted head one another without really measuring the consequences, argues Jacques Bourdais, counsel of Serge D. which denounces in passing the little fair methods of investigators. They were a bit far in cinema anyway. A meeting between them and this ‘Gino’ would have sufficed to make them fall. The two flingueurs grandpas face five years in prison. . You must visit this http://b1b3ca9a28f7bd068472924dfa5af5ca.patrickwall.biz to discover more about this interesting matter.

Search: more smart in the morning, more adept with numbers in the afternoon.

November 19, 2014 at 5:39 pm

Rome, nov 19. (Reuters Health)-If il mattino ha l’oro in bocca, in the early hours of daylight our brain is also more smart: more adept and flexible in remembering names, information and pictures. In the afternoon we lead the math skills and even those oratory skills. To photograph the effect of different times of day, but also the duration of sleep, our mind is a mega-study, conducted on tens of thousands of people, and presented today at the meeting of the Society for Neuroscience in Washington. Sleep, mood and even hours of the day and light impact cognitive performance. The study analyzed more than 60 million to 61. 407 participants and found that memory, speed and flexibility to reach a peak in the morning, in particular among the 7. 00 and 9. 00, while activity of crystallized knowledge as the arithmetic and the dialectic reach a peak in the afternoon (either between 14 and 20 and between 13 and 15). All monitoring the performance in a series of video games of various types. Overall, Furthermore, abilities were more after seven hours of sleep, and if the players were in a positive mood. We were able to detect these subtle differences in individual performance because of the particular characteristics of our online platform, says Daniel Sternberg, Ph.d., Scientist of Lumosity Date and lead author of the study. These results, combined with other data about health and lifestyle, have the potential to provide a clear vision on how daily life and rhythms can affect cognitive performance. Participants completed a series of surveys on sleep and mood, with daily reports, over the course of a year. Not only. Data were recorded on their performance in nine popular videogame of Lumosity, each challenged a cognitive capacity distinctive, with further analysis at the level of each individual player. The results have made it possible to draw up a list and identify the most profitable day for several games, and therefore the different skills required. This study suggests the existence of subtle individual differences in gaming performance, which can vary depending on the time of day, sleep and mood of the player. Items that people seem to know, at least at an unconscious level: the idea of the participants about when they will get the best results is in line with the scores obtained. According to scholars, this type of research will throw new light on the impact of modern life to cognitive performance. . Related info can be read reading http://b1b3ca9a28f7bd068472924dfa5af5ca.patrickwall.biz.

Jobs Act: exam Commission concluded Friday in the courtroom. Sacconi: compensation will be the rule in 99% of cases.

November 19, 2014 at 2:43 pm

-” The compensation becomes the ordinary penalty for all layoffs, economic and disciplinary ones, except for those few disciplinary dismissals that the Decree of the Government will describe with certainty. This is extreme, this dishonour the worker, next to discriminatory dismissals. For 99% of individual redundancies will rule the compensation. Do not leave space to the discretion of judges, ” said Sacconi.   -It is a misunderstanding. I’m sorry but you just can’t have read the law delegates, that is clear and speaks of increasing protection contract for young people for whom there will be a new discipline of layoffs. So the economic Manager of Pd, Filippo Taddei, on the sidelines of the Congress Uil Trade Union concerns, for a reduction of the protection of article 18 to those who already have.  When asked about fears for resignation and riassunzioni with the new contract, Taddei explained: we are not afraid of the market, the choices of entrepreneurs, we indeed that they have a responsibility to create work, feel even more and we put in everything needed to do so that create jobs. -’ ‘ Henceforth no longer uses the channel entrepreneur of disciplinary dismissals. You are given freedom to dismissal. Almost had that problem and not a lack of demand or the ability to make investments. By most Parties supports the dubious constitutionality of a provision that you download only on young people. I wish you’d stop to chase illusory recipes conservative and Liberal, involving an increase of insecurity in order to foster the growth of ”. To say Stefano Fassina, Deputy Pd, in an interview to the press. ” I do not think I can support Jobs Act ” in House then announced Fassina.   . For extended data on this matter visit site.

Sven Love: “the garage house did never reflected in the future”.

November 19, 2014 at 9:50 am

Sven Love was part of the Interior but remotely, by organizing evenings Cheers with Greg Gauthier to broadcast before all his love for the garage. Left to burn. Today the music remains, and each piece of the rich soundtrack of Eden (two CD or 41 titles in digital version) has been patiently weighed and chosen. Sven Love returned for Liberation on the big and small stories of some of these songs so strongly attached to his 90 years. "This title of Jaydee has a side techno that makes it perhaps a little more timeless that more syrupy stuff, but the paradox, is that I find the garage most beautiful precisely for this, by its ephemeral appearance. It is a music that did not address marketing issues or economic. The musicians have never thought in the future. The film also tells it,. Not thinking only about the music, it is an ideal. But in reality it is impossible, if you do that, you die. "" Is also a piece a little rave. ” Attention, has been in the film, to choose songs that were actually outputs at the time where they are supposed to be played in the evening. As the film has been long and complicated to produce, there was the time to refine the list of songs that it had established. Removed things as and so nothing is free, that each piece represents something for its time but also emotionally for us. "This title of Jaydee is the only one which can make us a rebuke, telling us that it did not hear during the evenings Rave Age where it appears in the film. The music was actually more techno, but I find it sticks very well. It is a title that dates from the birth of the garage, a little minimalist, a little techno and wild,. The guy sings a little false, it is very beautiful and special. ""This title is the bridge between the garage and the beginnings of drum and bass and breakbeat, British styles that initially used the same bridges and the same agreements. This piece uses a beat and bass drum, but the piano chords are almost the same as those of Someday, one of the biggest classics of the garage [signed CeCe Rogers in 1987, effectively sampled by Liquid, Editor's note].  It is this bridge on the piano that the hero of the film asked her sister to decrypt. My sister had this memory and wanted to relive. "The garage is a genus which, for me, been no progeny. Talking about his influence on Disclosure or Caribou, for example, but these are just environments, the spirit is light years away. They lack the gospel background and the romantic aspect, but also a more profound thing in how to produce and mix music with the piano always in front and little finishing work. The garage is a very spontaneous music, without effects, little worked. The best pieces have always had this philosophy to make soon. Male and female singers did not have the time nor the means to spend days in the studio, so they were two outlets and the piece was finished. ""This is the kind of disk that I was going to buy from Rough Trade at Bastille. They despised this music, but they still had disks in a corner,. With Greg Gauthier [the other Member of the duo Cheers, Editor's note], we were two little guys who came to buy this music of Queers! Fortunately, DJ Deep also purchased, it gave us a bit of respectability. At the time, I also started to harass the New York labels by fax and telephone, which eventually send me promo discs. Everything was going by fax, it was crazy. It was expected the night to have a response. "It showed film festivals in the United States and there is a generation of Americans that seems hypercontente to find an aspect of his life. I have even the impression that the film speaks more to the Americans at the French, and not just for the nostalgia it evokes, otherwise it would be of course very limited. We had a few bad reviews in France and this is normal, but I find it unfortunate, particularly on the part of a few people who are close to what is happening in the film, it does not include that it does not give rise to a reflection only nostalgia, but also on the choices that are made when there are 20 years and economic realities it faced. "" Were contacted Daft Punk at the beginning of the project, who have agreed to sell their pieces for an almost symbolic amount: EUR 3 000 per title. ” Them having was a sine qua non to canvass other musicians. It was then established a standard contract on the same basis, which was offered to all artists, who thus received the same amount. We had very little denial, only for two tracks disco (Doctor Love’s First Choice and Lost in Music by Sister Sledge) and Cassius. We wanted Cassius in the film, but their songs use samples that were never allowed, and it would have been difficult for them. "It is, in all cases, a soundtrack that has been very difficult to climb, not for authorization issues, but because the artists and labels have disappeared and nothing no has been contractual at the time,, It was very sparse. As Rosie Gaines, who sings Closer than Close,. Needed to go look for it in a small English village, it was pretty incredible. "In the film, we see the Daft pass Da Funk at a party in the parents of one of them: this scene, it has really lived it. ” The Cassius were also there and it were told in the same way. There was a process of precision for all aspects of the film, even if sometimes the memories embellished over time. But this does not matter to me, what is important is to find the way in which we have been hit. ""It is a choice of Mia, me I had completely forgotten this title and I was a bit puzzled. I realized later that it is the most melancholy of Daft Punk, and probably the most beautiful piece,. I me in was not realized before. There is a strong and archi-voulu relationship with the piece Within [from the last album of Daft Punk in date, Random Access Memories, Editor's note]: it is Daft that make the link between two moments the movie keys that mark the end of illusions. The death of one of the characters [in real life Mathias Cousin, author of the essentiellele comic song of the machineavec David Blot, Editor's note] and a scene at the end of the film where the main character falls on the Daft to the Silencio and sees the Clara 3000 DJ Within on a computer. It then issues arise about what happened in his life. ""We really wanted a piece of Cassius to evoke the French Touch, but it has not been possible. David Blot then blew us Sunshine People.  Eden is not a portrait of the French Touch as such, but it was also part with Cheers, a bit of bias because I also spinning at parties Respect which were the heart. But so much the better if this is not a biopic of this scene and it is not Air trying to work in a studio. It escapes to it to talk about anything else. At the same time, it has helped us to speak of the French Touch or Daft Punk to successfully finance the film. Since then, we are trying to correct, to say that the film does not speak of it. "’Mia soon realized that the film to be credible, it should be accurate. Honesty goes through retail, and I find the work of the team that handled the decorations and the wonderful costumes. They really sought, asked people to find good stickers, good turntables and mixers of the time. They played the game like in a historical movie. "As was a list of songs, was a list of clothing and accessories to not fall into the cliché, which meant making less than at the time actually! We watched many videos of the evening and it was amazing,. T-shirts always tucked into jeans, badly cut pants: could not distract spectators being too realistic, because it would have seemed cliched. Had habitually to find a balance. »  . For additional facts regarding this subject read link.

Search for Ebola drugs: Ebola-causing parasite have an Achilles heel.

November 19, 2014 at 5:19 am

For more than half a year, the Ebola epidemic now raging in Africa. More than 5100 people in eight countries have already died. The disease is not curable – the helper can relieve the symptoms of those infected. But the search has begun long ago to therapies. A new study reveals: the dangerous virus apparently has an Achilles heel. Use of 3D images, scientists in the United States have discovered several potential vulnerabilities of the Ebola virus. The study, which was published on Monday by the US Journal of proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), supplies insight according to the authors, in which places of the Ebola virus, the drug ZMapp works. The experimental drug is composed of three different defense substances – so-called antibodies -. Further research is needed before it can be used commercially. Lack of alternatives ZMapp was already used in several Ebola patients. Several Ebola patients have been treated with ZMapp, survived the disease. Still, it is but it remains unclear what role has played the medicine in healing. As the authors explain, ZMapp prevents the virus to enter the cell and warns the pathogen the immune system by raising an antiviral response. The places where ZMapp is, are affected not by the genetic changes according to the study, which has gone through the Ebola virus in the course of the current epidemic–according to a study published in August in the journal Science, there were more than 300 mutations. . Inspirational source could be read clicking this http://b1b3ca9a28f7bd068472924dfa5af5ca.patrickwall.biz.

VIDEOS. Attack on a synagogue in Jerusalem: 5 dead including a policeman.

November 18, 2014 at 11:59 pm

New terrorist act Tuesday morning in Jerusalem. Five Israelis were killed in an attack on a synagogue by two Palestinians who were shot by the police. Three of the victims were U.S. citizenship, a fourth has British nationality and the last, who died of his injuries late in the evening, is a druze Israeli policeman. The Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" specifies that eight people have, moreover, been injured, including three seriously. The attack, which took place in Har Nof, a Jewish ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in West Jerusalem, is the deadliest in years in the Holy City already plagued by daily clashes.  "Two terrorists entered the synagogue (,.).". They attacked with the axe and a pistol. Four worshippers were killed. Police arrived on the spot have shot and killed two terrorists, Luba Sai, the police spokesman said. A rescuer told the newspaper "Jerusalem post" seeing a person with "three bullet wounds. The victims died on the spot are four rabbis: Aryeh Kopinsky, 43 years, Avraham Shmuel Goldberg, 58 years, Calman Levine and Moshe Twersky, aged both 59 years. The police officer died in hospital is Zaidan Sayyaf. He was 30 years old. According to the authorities Israeli, the attackers, Uday and Saeed Abu Jamal, two cousins, originate from Jabal Moukabber, a steep area that overlooks East Jerusalem, including the main entrance was blocked immediately. Late in the afternoon, Prime Minister Netanyahu ordered the army to destroy the homes of two attackers. A controversial and suspended measure there are almost 10 years by the army which had then found that it "counterproductive." Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich will also reclaim the go-ahead for "administrative detentions", which allow to hold a suspect without trial for periods of up to six months renewable indefinitely. At the same time, Yitzhak Aharonovich announced the end of restrictions on the carrying of weapons in order to strengthen the self-defence. The measure should oncerner Israelis licensed to carry a gun as the officers of the army, outside their service, or the "school or kindergarten child guardians" who can take their weapons home.  The Minister also announced a "strengthening of controls of the inputs and outputs to isolate some districts of East Jerusalem, the Palestinian side occupied and annexed by Israel. This attack comes against a background of growing between Palestinian and Israeli violence in Jerusalem. While the attacks against Israeli Jews are increasing, a Palestinian bus driver was found hanged Sunday in his vehicle in West Jerusalem. The Israeli police speaks of a suicide, the Palestinians evoke an assassination. Hamas, Islamist movement in power in the Gaza Strip, has precisely highlighted this bus driver, the "martyr Youssef Vilas’ death, to justify the attack on the synagogue. While tensions crystallize around the esplanade of the mosques in the old city of Jerusalem (Palestinians denouncing as provocations many extremist Jews on this holy place visits), the spokesman for Hamas, Sami Abu Zuhri, said that the attack on Tuesday was also a response to the series of crimes of the Al-Aqsa occupant. Islamic Jihad also praised the attack, "a natural response to the crimes of the occupier." Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held an emergency meeting of his cabinet after the attack. In remarks reported by the Jerusalem Post, he accused both Hamas and the president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas. "The murderous attack on Tuesday is the result live from their incitement, ignored irresponsibly by the international community. We will respond firmly", he said. The Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Liberman said on his Facebook page, that Mahmoud Abbas converted the Arab-Israeli conflict in "religious conflict" Mahmoud Abbas has denounced "the murder of the faithful praying in a synagogue" while condemning at the same time "the murder of civilians of any edge they are. He asks "to end attacks against Al-Aqsa, provocations by settlers and incitement to violence of some Israeli Ministers. US president Barack Obama called on Israelis and Palestinians to work together to ease tensions after the "horrendous attack".  "In this so sensitive to Jerusalem time, it is especially important for Israeli and Palestinian leaders and ordinary citizens to cooperate together to ease tensions, reject violence and seek the path to peace", said the host of the White House. John Kerry, the US Secretary of State, condemned an "Act of pure terror of senseless brutality. While the European Union called "all leaders in the region" to "do their utmost to immediately ease the situation. Side french, François Holland "condemns with the greatest strength the heinous attack" and "those who dared to greet this Act. "The president of the Republic expressed his deep concern about the chain of acts of violence in Jerusalem, Israel and the West Bank", adds L’elysee in a statement. Speaking in Sydney (Australia), the head of State added that "we must ensure that this issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolved, but never accept terrorism, ever, anywhere. It has no justification. " His Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, condemned the attack with "the utmost firmness." In a release, he believes that, "faced with the rise of violence, the Middle East has more than ever need of peace between peoples". . You must read this info to learn extra regarding this amazing topic.

Naples, inmate dies in hospital. Family: beaten in prison.

November 18, 2014 at 9:22 pm

Died today in the hospital’s resuscitation room Loreto sea of Naples where he had been hospitalized on 22 October, Louis Bartholomew, the detainee of 45 years, according to the complaint, family members would suffer beatings. The reported Pietro Ioia, President of the Association of former prisoners organised that tomorrow at 13. 30 incontrer the press outside the courthouse in Naples. At first the relatives and the Association had pointed the finger at the police later reported that the man, while he was under house arrest at home, had been attacked and beaten by two acquaintances of his neighborhood, bridges, sent by his former partner. About the Naples Prosecutor’s Office opened an investigation coordinated by Attorney Louis Frunzio added. Attorney disporr autopsy, requested by Attorney Michael Capano, lawyer of the family Bartholomew. The Prosecutor calls for clarity, firstly on the health care provided in the Poggioreale prison to check delays in transfer from prison to the hospital, which occurred the next day at the entrance to the jail. Bartholomew, who had bruises on his face and body, was rushed to the prognosis reserved for serious lung problems. Shortly after hospitalization entr into a coma from which it is most awakened. According to the reconstruction of the investigators, last October 21 Bartolomeo escapes from his home in the neighborhood bridges and was arrested by the police, who in at home. A few hours after he escaped again and was arrested by the police, but had already on the body the marks of beatings, insomuch that, before being led into the police station, he was accompanied to Loreto Mare to be medicated. According to rumors reported by Pietro Ioia to beat him were two acquaintances in the same neighborhood on behalf of former cohabitant. . Extended text can be read visiting hyperlink.

The U.S. State Department recognizes a ‘disturbing activity’ on his emails.

November 18, 2014 at 9:02 pm

The administration initially relied on a simple maintenance operation. The State Department had to disconnect its non-confidential computer network during the weekend. But, according to the Associated Press, why would any other. A hacker would be actually managed to compromise some barriers of system security handling unclassified e-mails. According to a senior official quoted by the Washington Post, a "troubling activity" was found but none of the confidential systems was hit. It would have been detected end of October but had so far not need the interruption of the non-confidential computer network, says the site Nextgov. com The situation should soon be restored Monday or later Tuesday. This cyberattack, if it is confirmed, would be the latest in a series of hacks who referred several U.S. Government agencies. At the same time that the State Department, the White House was also victim of hackers. "We take any activity of this species very seriously. In this case, we have immediately acted to assess and mitigate this activity", stated at the time the head of State services, while ensuring that only the non-confidential network had been affected. An investigation was opened to determine the magnitude of the fault and especially the sponsor of the operation. The cyberattack would be the signing of a group of Russian hackers. The FBI also investigates a computer intrusion suffered recently U.S. postal service. Up to about 800. 000 persons paid by U.S. mail, including contractors, could be affected by this hacking. The hackers would have obtained "the credentials of employees, including names, birth dates, social security numbers, addresses, beginning and end of contracts, emergency contacts and other information", reported last week the United States Postal Service in a press release. The pirates are also introduced in the post offices and online payment system. This time, according to the Washington Post, these are pirates working for the Chinese Government who have been incriminated, although these suspicions have not been officially relayed. . Original source could be found reading this http://b1b3ca9a28f7bd068472924dfa5af5ca.patrickwall.biz.

Santa Claus: is it a good idea to encourage your children to write to him?

November 18, 2014 at 8:31 pm

Even more satisfaction the psychologist Angélique Cimelière see no problem. It encourages even families to comply with the ritual. Letter to Santa Claus embodies what is abstract, or for a child, it is essential that everything becomes concrete, she explains to metronews. This can cause him to realize itself cannot ask everything and anything. And in participating in the choice of his gifts, it will be even more satisfaction at the moment of receiving. This early childhood specialist stresses, however, that to avoid disappointment, let’s prevent that Santa Claus made a choice in too long lists. Not be in excess Michael Larrar, psychiatrist specializing in the care of children and adolescents, was less enthusiastic: I advise or recommend the letter to Santa Claus. For parents that it amuses, it’s simply a playful moment with their children. The bulk material, continues, it may not be in excess. Society as a whole is already believe small that Santa Claus exists, we can also stick to it. Attention, therefore, to not take this epistolary tradition: the child believes longer than his buddies and it is ridiculous to them should be avoided. . You should read the following http://b1b3ca9a28f7bd068472924dfa5af5ca.patrickwall.biz to read more regarding this interesting matter.

Between the Greece and its creditors, the nerves will cramp (Minister).

November 18, 2014 at 7:38 pm

The Greece is again in a difficult period of negotiations with its creditors and nerves is clenched on both sides at the time of closing the last audit of the economy of the country by the end of the international aid plan, said Tuesday the Minister of finance Gikas Hardouvelis. This is the end of an era, a new era will begin and in the intermediate phase, nerves are clenched on both sides, explained to the media the Minister of Greek Finance out of a meeting with the President of the Republic Karolos Papoulias. It is not for us. On the side of the creditors also there is a tension because they see all of a sudden something ends. And it produces a divergence of views as we are seeing this week, added Mr Hardouvelis. Begun in September in Paris, the regular audit of finance and economy of the Greece by the troika of creditors (ECB, EU, IMF) should be the last one before the payment of the last instalment of European loans by the end of the year. For its part, the IMF must continue to assist Greece until 2016. According to the Greek press, the donors of the country had Monday an ultimatum to the Minister of finance, requesting an agreement on outstanding points here on Wednesday. The centre-left Ethnos newspaper spoke Tuesday of war of nerves with the troika, a scenario which was played repeatedly since the Greece entered in 2010 under programme assistance and monitoring of his backers to avoid a bankruptcy that threatened the euro zone. In the heart of the current discussions with the troika are including the assessment of the budgetary hole in 2015, the reform of Trade Union law, the liberalization of certain professional branches. The Greece hopes to complete this last audit before the Eurogroup on 8 December, in order to move to the next phase of its relations with Brussels. Athens is willing to accept a credit line of caution at the end of the aid plan, in order to reassure the markets. This line of precautionary conditions remain to be discussed between the EU, the IMF and the Greece. . You can read the following resource to discover more about this great matter.