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State budget: The German zero.

September 13, 2014 at 1:02 pm

The Bundesbank is one of the harshest critics of excessive public deficits. In its August report, but she has praised German public finances as "currently in comparatively good shape" – a hallmark. Even more: Is situated, the State budget will conclude in this and in the next year – then for the fourth time in succession – with a small surplus. So, the effort of the budgetary discipline policy is bearing fruit. Finance Minister Schäuble (CDU) has shown in his budget speech this week, Which one sums at stake. The policy makes good through 2018, she would have since 2012 EUR 450 billion avoided debt – and thus enormous burdens of interest. The deficit ratio, the ratio of debt to the economy, would be then dropped by once more than 80 percent to 65 percent. Germany almost fulfilled the requirements for the protection of the euro. More importantly: The lower the debt burden, the easier it will, in the coming three decades raise the spending for pensions and care of baby boomers. But, you must know that the small general government plus therefore concluded, because the reserves built up thanks to good employment of social funds exceed the new federal and State loans. A federal State like Germany, but only in the handle Gets the debt, when federal, State and municipal permanently on a strand. It would be nice if the Federal Government for the first time made no new debt in the coming year with the momentum of good economy and extremely low interest rates since 1969. It is crucial that a level not at the expense of the others rehabilitated and loads in the social funds or shadow budgets by shifting to beautiful figures. There lies the rub. So a horse-trading to control shares and old debts looming, which A few countries were excising like in a Fund. The citizens must adapt to open or disguised tax increases. By saving, no one talks about. Even shifts from the bloated social budget (Federal) and personal budgets (countries) in favour of more investments in infrastructure are frowned upon. Each intervention goes to the nitty-gritty: the Federal Government would have to shorten its tributaries in the social funds, dismantle the countries even more staff. You can’t, without tasks to reconsider. .

Oscar 2015, by Vance to Munzi: seven films that they stand to represent Italy.

September 13, 2014 at 11:54 am

Fasten your seatbelts by Ferzan Ozpetek, Anime neredi Francesco Munzi, Paolo Virzi humanoid capital, In God’s grace by Edoardo Winspeare, the wonders of Alice Rohrwacher, Song ‘ e Napule Manetti Bros. and under a lucky star Carlo Verdone. These are, among the Italian films distributed on the national territory between October 1 and September 30, 2014 2013, the seven titles that have registered to run for the candidacy of Italian representative to the Oscar for the best non-English language film. This year to take home the statuette for best foreign film was just an Italian film: The great beauty by Paolo Sorrentino. The selection Committee consists of Bansah, General Director of Cinema ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, by Gianni Amelio and Gabriele Salvatores, producers Thomas Arrighi and Angelo Barbagallo, by journalists Maria Pia Fusco and Niccolò Vivarelli, by Barbara Salabè and Distributor by Caterina D’amico of the Fondazione Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia. The Commission will meet to choose among seven candidates Wednesday, September 24 at the headquarters of the Anica, acting on behalf of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. The nominees for the five are scheduled for January 15, 2015, while the awards ceremony will take place on February 22, 2015 in Los Angeles.   .

In Japan, the Government flew to the aid of women in the workplace.

September 13, 2014 at 9:29 am

Certainly, the Japan remains the third me power economic in the world, after the United States and China. But its dynamism is rong of the Interior by the State of its finances and, above all, its inexorable demographic d clin d: 1 inhabitant on 4 is over 60 years old and the average age of 127 million people continues to increase. D j, in sectors such as the b building or restoring, several companies have reduced their capacity due to lack of staff. Such a situation is untenable. Voil why Shinzo Abe has made d defence of women in the professional world a sections of its abenomics, a r shapes destiny program restart activity sluggish economic since ann 15 es. Yesterday Tokyo, Christine Lagarde, Director, fund my silence international, has urged further, the annual opening of a Conference of women (World Assembly for Women, WAW!). The Government has promised to create 400,000 new daycare by 2018, it stressed. But it could can – be do more, by simplifying the administrative markets d and opening the sector more providers s priv. Rest hire future daycare staff,. For this, the Director of the IMF a voqu s recourse to qualified immigrants, which could also deal with people g es, becoming more numerous. But the Japanese, and their Prime Minister, are r tifs e id welcome foreign bit in result of local habits. Only 1.5 million foreigners are s install in the archipelago, o immigration remains strictly e box. � .

The wandering of the Donbass Ukrainian: flee or go home?

September 13, 2014 at 8:55 am

Some go home, others flee: thousands of Ukrainians crossing every day at the border post of Izvarine, one of the main points of passage between the Russia and the separatist region of Lugansk, affected by the fighting in recent months. On the Ukrainian side, or rather, the people’s Republic of Lugansk (NRL), as is renamed to spring this secessionist territory in war with the central Government in Kiev, a long line of cars of several hundred metres patient along the bad road leading to the dam. Sacha is sitting at the wheel of one of them. He will find his family in Russia for some time. I’m leaving because of the bombing. The (Army) Ukrainian killed peaceful civilians and everyone fled, he said, explaining that half of his village was destroyed. He has already decided that his family would remain in Russia at the moment. Olga, who has just spent two months in Russia with her husband, her two children, her mother and her cat, goes in the opposite direction. We have heard about the ceasefire (signed the week last between the separatists and the Government Ukrainian and globally respected, Editor’s note) and that’s why we decided to come back, she says. The people we know have already returned, we are the last. Is she not afraid future clogged in a country, the NRL, which was unlikely to be a day recognized by the international community? If, of course, but what can we do?, she sighs. We hope that this will be better and calmer, we can work and that children will go to school. If this empire, perhaps return we in Russia, she added however. Even courses for Valentina Gorbova. We return to the House, but we have nowhere to go because our two houses were burned, and our son’s apartment, she said. Remain in Russia, where they arrived late August is financially untenable, she said: our wages are low and we have not received our pensions for three months. Some 7. 000 to 8. 000 people currently daily cross the border at Izvarine, according to Konstantin Samsonov, Deputy Head of the border post. The post has seen up to 10. 000 people per day at the height of the bombing in June-July, whose tired buildings yet still wear traces. -’ Tired of running’ – if the ceasefire has decided many refugees to return, it is not the only factor, according to the guard. People are tired of running from one place to another, they return home, he said, referring to dozens of passengers loaded suitcases arriving on foot from the Russian side. At the present time, there are fewer people coming out (to Russia) and more people who arrive on the territory of + Novorossia + (new Russia, term used by Russian president Vladimir Poutine for several regions in the East and South of the Ukraine), explains, Khaki Cap screwed on the head. Visitors arriving from Russia are greeted by the red and blue of the Novorossia and flag tricolor of the NRL. The flags of the Ukraine, whose regime is called a fascist by the separatists, have been removed. According to recent figures from the Office of the United Nations for refugees, the conflict in Ukraine, concentrated in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, has forced more than half a million people to flee their homes, including 260. 000 are displaced within the Ukraine and all refugees in Russia. Cars continue to slowly scroll to the position. But what about the rumor that said Thursday that a column of dozens of tanks and Russian armoured vehicles would also crossed the border at Izvarine? A lie!, says Konstantin Samsonov. Who elects to in joking: we have a good laugh with our Russian colleagues to ask them how they are there were taken to move such a column without that we could see!

Deficit: is the France isolated in Europe?

September 12, 2014 at 6:28 pm

D beats on the question of granting a new lai d the France to reduce its public deficit d in nails europ ens is only just starting. The formula is the Chairman of the Eurogroup, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, speaking Friday on the sidelines of r union of Finance Ministers of the eurozone Milan. And it pretty much sume r what awaits the France in the coming weeks after the announcement by Michel Sapin this Tuesday that the France would fail its commitments. The risk of sanctions remains low, m me if according to Le Figaro, Berlin is pr t s vir. But the political economic of the Government, and particularly its draft budget 2015, is more than ever vote of an MI v re, mi-anxieux by our neighbours europ ens eye. For Economist Nicolas Bouzou, an d return investment in Austria, the gap between the France and the good l ves of Europe was accentuated in recent months. According to him, what sid re most in these countries, this is not so much the size of the deficit fran ais d, but rather t the absence of am improvement. They understand us more. They consider that our forms r lack of ambition. D beats between the Slingers of the PS and the Government is e.g. impossible to understand a German or an Austrian. The Italian position is pretty routine embl of this reversal. While Matteo Renzi, gives regular especially voice and calls on the Commission more flexibility. On rigour, on the need for a European policy n, investment, or on the strong euro Rome and Paris seem to still form a coh rent axis. It is on the joint leadership of both countries held three summits europ ens, devoted s employment, growth and investment, between October and November. M me if she is far from displaying the most important deficit d, its location is m me enough singuli re in Europe at a macro economic level. Who told you our neighbours, it is the conjunction a deficit d who is recovering cro tre, sluggish growth and low inflation, all this in the absence of large forms r that would signal the minds, consider re Nicolas Bouzou. For the Economist, without waiting for the decision of the Commission d, can consider rer that assent is d j tomb e: the France is losing its dibilit cr and its power to influence. � .

Villepin, Mélenchon against the participation of Paris in the coalition against the Islamic State.

September 12, 2014 at 3:29 pm

On RMC, former Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, symbol of the opposition easy French intervention in Iraq from 2003, has considered absurd and dangerous decision U.S. to intervene militarily am. It is high time that countries Western-l’Europe, the United States – take the ons of the experience. Describing the Islamic State of monstrous child of inconstancy and the arrogance of Western policy, former diplomat believes that to intervene, is to take the risk to crystallize, combine a number of forces once more against us. We are the Islamic State the service they expect. We give them a status, we facilitate considered significantly the recruitment. Jean-Luc M lenchon, said it aussivendredi on RTL d object completely the perspective of keystrokes. Fran ois Holland is not the monarchical power to decide alone of war and peace. It was one of the main pr prerogatives than our public R, his birth, wanted to assume: that war and peace are d cid es by the Parliament. O and when was voqu the fact that should intervene in Iraq, bomb once more as was d j done in Libya with the success who is remembered, or be distributed to the other weapons that eventually turn against us?, did he use. And former candidate of the left Front of pr advocate eliminating liked t of is int interest those who finance them and should take the responsibility to cease to do so, it is –say the Saudi, Qatari, with which we have relations of a d licious courtesy and monarchies which we sell mast riel of weapons that do nothing since they are not able them-m my to participate in the maintenance of the Government order. A F te of Huma La Courneuve, the secr Secretary national Communist Party (PCF), Pierre Laurent, was also opposite the intervention. The France must regain a voice ind pending face NATO and the United States. We cannot engage in a coalition e men by the country which has caused chaos in Iraq, he lanc, a finding on the spot a journalist from L’Express. A bit more t t, on France Info, he had estimated it needed obviously acting against the Islamic State in Iraq but not with a coalition e led by U.S. Am. It is not those who made war in Libya (.) . . ) and who opened the door to the development of these groups d s arm which will effectively lead this fight. Would have had to create a coalition under the auspices of the United Nations. It is necessary that this intervention is in agreement with the competent Syrian s and e box by it. Is empty because otherwise, we work against the suzerainty and against States and it would then commit the m me error than in Libya, it is –say create a vacuum of power in favour of the Islamist chaos and benefit of ethnic militias. Furthermore, it considers the first thing to do is to tackle the t te and t te, as we know, these are countries like the Qatar. We cannot continue having economic, tax treaty advantageous for a country like Qatar, let it intervene in our business while we know that it is this particular country that helps, finance, assist Islamist fundamentalism in the world. � .

«Nicolas Sarkozy needs the votes of the FN, and non-IDU».

September 12, 2014 at 1:52 pm

Alex R saw this idea a sign of weakness: "he does not want to collect the right, he wants above all more likely to be elected in 2017". ‘Even before to be back, he already knows that he will not pass’, adds Christiane T. For kracounet, the former head of State is lost: "after having dredged to the far right, a few years ago, here it is makes the elbow to the centre-right. Certainly, he does not know where it is going that one, opportunistic as possible in the absence of a program for the France. "Tony C quips on the situation:"it may even try to merge with the centre-left and P. S. And even better, it can also claim to be elected president of the Republic for life. "The French do not want of Nicolas Sarkozy? This is in any case the trend that emerges from our users: "the anti-sarkozyme will be reborn as soon as he returns. What memories he left the country?", predicted Marcel LG. Jean-Louis C adds: ‘when is he going to understand that no one wants him and Holland? The French want something else. ""If he wants to change and bring together the two parties, should that it fades and leaves room for more competent people. He did enough damage like that", concludes Generalissimo. Despite the criticisms, a handful of Internet users think that it is a wise project: "Bingo!" I felt that it would be with this idea, that I support and agree with. "It seems realistic, logical, supposed to and Gatherer ‘, says Marie-Ange D."Yes, it would be a new structure open to good ideas, clarity and honesty. It would give back to the people speak on the big issues and set an example with real reforms", adds Jean J with the same enthusiasm. Maryse GM, she is more reserved: "why not, we need union right,," » Daniele DV, a little utopian, wants to go further: "he is right, at least it creates the opening. All parties concerned for the welfare of the France should unite. There’s valid right as people left. » .

In bed with James Bond.

September 12, 2014 at 12:16 pm

It is a destiny marked by the number 007, to Edward Coffrini Dell’Orto (it’s also the end of her phone number), entrepreneur who was able to turn his passion into a job. First, is the leading expert James Bond’s Italian, on which wrote 7 books-the last one, "on her Majesty’s service (Yellow Latin editions), was released on September 26, edited the official journal and is often consulted by productions for film locations. In addition, she converted the family business, the hotel Admiral in Fairgrounds, in a hotel in theme. Operation that made investing 20 rooms inspired by British spy: divided into two categories, the «golden» (all gold) and «diamonds» (with cascades of crystals like diamonds). And transforming the environment (inspired by the British Navy and that invokes the Interior of a ship) in a place where everything speaks about Bond. From the walls, dominated by original film posters, furniture with objects from Museum of 007 scattered throughout the hotel. A huge collection (over 6 thousand pieces), began as a child, with a model of a car driven by Ian Fleming’s hero, broken by chance and that has prompted thousands of adventures to be rebuilt: my number 1, "says Edward. Seeded by a collection that includes photos with the cast of the film (almost everyone interviewed over the years by Coffrini Dell’Orto: Giannini, Craig, Connery, Ursula Andress and most beautiful Bond girl). Bring her love of 007 in the hotel it was natural. Detail that one understands as well as the rooms and the furniture, also from the hotel bar. One of the very few to boasting the title of "Bond Point ‘ in Italy: a small local circuit where you can sip a drink of 007, according to the original recipe of the films. Here at Admiral, for example, drink the Bond’s vodka Martini (shaken, not stirred and composed of 2 parts of Dry martinis and vodka 8) but also the Vesper of ‘ Casino Royale ‘ (where Coffrini Dell’Orto is also featured), the Stinger, the Sazerac, the Pink Gin and those upon request as the Bullshot, made with chicken broth. The hotel is also home to the Admiral Club 007, the first and only in Italy dedicated to James Bond and that counts more than 350 members (including several women). "We founded in 99," says Edward, «me and Andrea Carlo Cappi», official translator and writer of Bond. «All cards», explains, "beginning with 00, aside from our two that are both 007». The rich bondiano universe is beloved by celebrities who are smiling in the pictures on the walls of the hotel, in the company of Coffrini Dell’Orto: from Helium to Alberto Tomba, until recently deceased Faletti and Alex Del Piero (the player has even exchanged a shirt for the club to 007). Or, Andrea g. Pinketts, Zelig comedians, just to name a few. Often, "says Edward, ‘ come to theme nights (share-Oct) to collect funds in favor of Medicinema». But also just to hear his anecdotes: from Lotus diving carburetor ‘ the spy who loved me ", built by his grandfather, the King of Luigi Dell’Orto Carburetors; wedding dress of his wife Monica. «Equal», concludes, "to that of the bride (so to speak, since after the ceremony lives just a quarter of an hour) of James Bond in ” on her Majesty’s secret service", my favorite movie ". .

Cinema: Pride, when gays and minors do alliance.

September 12, 2014 at 11:19 am

Pride, in theaters Wednesday, out of oblivion an incongruous episode of British social history under the era Thatcher: the alliance of miners on strike and gay movements in the early 1980s. It is a story to inspire young people who are today more disillusioned than ever towards political, told AFP the British Director Matthew Warchus, at the last Cannes film festival where the film was presented at the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs. His film with a budget of eight million pounds (10 M EUR) received in Cannes the Queer Palm 2014, reward out of official competition which distinguishes a film dealing with the better questions homosexual, bisexual, or transgender. Pride begins in summer 1984. It has been four months that minors in the country are on strike. A small group of gay rights activists decided to help them by launching fundraisers. Minors are like us, jostled by police, the Government and tabloid newspapers, says Mark, one of them, in the film. Events in nightclubs, the small band made the quest to rescue the families of strikers in distress with infallible arguments. Without the miners who generate electricity, you could not dance on + Bananarama +. But now, once collected money, lesbians and gays supporting minors (LGSM) are unable to distribute it. Trade unions they hang up the nose and find their support a bit embarrassing. Mind, our the LGSM group randomly chooses a mining village of Wales and share minibus distribute the hoard collected to the inhabitants. -Remote cousin of Billy Elliot – on-site, it’s the clash between the two communities who will have to learn to get to know and feel, a path of adventures all more funny than the other. Stephen Beresford wrote the screenplay from these events that actually occurred. I had heard about and I had done some research on Google but it is by reading testimonials on gay activism that the story took shape, he explained at Cannes. I interviewed people at the time. They thought that this story was going to die with them. The plot is decidedly upbeat and shows, is true he says, miners marching finally at the top of the London Gay Pride. It is true, admits scriptwriter, many things did reverse today, like the laws antigays in Africa or Russia, but at the same time gay marriage comes to be legalised in Britain. Things evolve, says the Director of 47 years, which is the second film because he led especially career in theater in London and Broadway. Pride was designed as a mainstream film. Five or ten years ago, this would not have been possible, he said. Matthew Warchus sees in his film a remote cousin of Billy Elliot, the film shot in 2000 by Stephen Daldry, showing him also of the minors strike era Thatcher, a world in which a young boy dance-loving must find its place. Policy a very bad reputation today among young people, insists. The movie shows that it means wanting to change things. In his film, an another political battle already looms for friends of the LGSM, the struggle against AIDS. .

Protest by Hamburg-based amateur club: we do not play against Nazis.

September 11, 2014 at 7:08 pm

In the open letter the players explain their internal team unanimously decision with incidents last season. An Osterbeker player then sang the first verse of the song of Germany before the League duel against Sternschanze, others were noticed by typical scene tattoos and pieces of clothing. It first had a vast array of evidence, SCS Captain Gunnar Ebmeyer says. Then, it is said in the letter, which mirror is ONLINE, you have To want know with whom we have to do it anyway: the team researched in social networks – and quickly found. Publicly visible, right-wing extremist content on the Facebook pages of the kicker are documented. The letter has amazed me, says HRV CEO Karsten Marschner: because he funded Very much, Very much has been written and despite the high emotion of the topic involves a high degree of objectivity. The Association was immediately and dropped the game. On September 18 more progress should be discussed in a meeting of the Presidium, previously, the teams never will compete. The case could deal with the football and the courts also through the HRV Presidium session on September 18, the Hamburg Association him signed to the DFB, the information have been disclosed on the protection of the Constitution, as CEO of HRV Marschner. DFB General Secretary Helmut Sandrock says on demand: we are aware of the issue and are in this respect with the Hamburg Football Association in contact. The HRV has our full support. We, the DFB and its regional associations, pursue a clear line and oppose xenophobia, racism and discrimination of any kind. However, it is the Basic Law on the statutes of the Association. To preserve the liberal democratic basic order, no one must tolerate crimes by right-wing demonstrations, Klug says. Association and Club would move thus in a field of tension, for there is a still no comprehensive empirical values and on the other hand each of the concrete individual cases must be assessed. Wise does not believe that a game was deposed in such cases in the future is an automatism. .