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Flight ticket buying fraud: police arrest 118 criminal suspects in worldwide RAID.

November 28, 2014 at 3:27 pm

In a RAID at 80 airports worldwide 118 people are arrested the Hague -. Will accused them, having purchased their tickets with stolen or fake credit cards, said the Director of Europol, Rob Wainwright. The suspects have been taken before the start of the queue, or carried off after landing at the airport of destination. The two-day police action global airport action on Wednesday and Thursday stretched across 45 countries. The lead was the European police agency Europol in the Hague, but Interpol in Singapore and level in the Colombian Bogotá were involved. Experts of the credit card companies visa, MasterCard and American Express, as well as representatives of the airlines worked together with police. About 800 times a day flight tickets with stolen or counterfeit credit cards be purchased in Europe according to Europol. A damage in the amount of $ 1 billion comes from this kind of organized crime the airlines each year. At the same time, millions of innocent citizens were concerned their credit card data would be misused. . For extra insights regarding this matter read http://560654b0d35cf623afd847b441446b33.chewz.net.

The Luxembourg tax optimization: no other choice, justified Juncker.

November 28, 2014 at 10:28 am

The president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker defended Friday the practice of tax ruling (tax Rescript) in his country, Luxembourg, by the need to diversify an economy long dependent on the steel sector. It had to diversify our economy, we had no other choice, said Mr Juncker in an interview given to eight European press titles such as Le Monde and Le Soir. The practice of the tax ruling allows a company to ask in advance how his tax situation will be handled in a country, and is used by multinational companies to make money Fiscaleinterroge to know what he would do if he could go back, Mr Juncker said he did the same thing. But I would have examined more closely these + tax + rulings, I would have changed the law so that the Minister of finance can be informed. What the Luxembourg law does not, he insisted, referring to a dependency of the Grand Duchy to the sector financial we didn’t become as dependent on another business that we had been steel. But because of the expansion of the banking sector, we have become dependent on this sector there. We have tried, by various means, all legal, us diversify, he said. Implicated in the LuxLeaks case as a former Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Mr Juncker has promised to make the fight against evasion tax one of the priorities of his mandate. The Commissioner responsible for taxation, Pierre Moscovici, is present in the coming months a European directive on the automatic exchange of information on the rulings, and make new proposals on the harmonisation of the tax on companies in Europe. . Inspirational data can be read clicking this site.

Pele is better, its reassuring physicians.

November 28, 2014 at 9:17 am

"Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pelé) patient presents his clinical condition improved and will continue to receive care in the intensive care unit," indicated his doctors, in a statement released in the evening, while the legend of the Brazilian and world football aged 74, was speaking via his Twitter account. "I’m fine (,.).". Thank God it was nothing serious", he wrote. "I am happy to receive your love and your support, and thanks to God, it is nothing serious," continued the man with more than 1000 goals in career (1281 in 1363 professional matches), while claiming to be "squeezed from the family vacation before starting the new year with a renewed health and many scheduled international trips." The former footballer is aware and can parlerL’ hospital also clarified the nature of the care given to Pelé, temporarily placed under renal assistance without the need of other therapies for assistance." According to his agent, Jose Fornos, questioned by AFP, the former player of Santos and the Cosmos New York "is aware and can chat’, but also ‘tired’ by the many visits it receives. The Committee specified that its treatment "can last for eight days." Extended text can be read checking http://560654b0d35cf623afd847b441446b33.chewz.net.

25 years after the assassination of the RAF: Herrhausen’s murder remains a mystery.

November 28, 2014 at 9:01 am

Today, colleagues and companions to highlight its special position among the German top managers and emphasize that he was different. Former WestLB Chief Ludwig Poullain recalls: in the first few years at Deutsche Bank Herrhausen have taken back very far. He was totally silent and has learned. Later, as CEO, he openly addressed the power of banks. And appealed to deal responsibly. Kerry thought differently. Perhaps was his iron will to implement something and change where he thought it was useful, one of its greatest strengths. When it came to his beliefs, he was uncompromising. Also private. When he divorced and married the second time, he offered his resignation without hesitation. The Bank Board knew what he had on him. Kerry remained on his chair. The leadership after Kerry caused many negative headlines: by Hilmar Kopper, the peanuts saying in memory remains. His successor Rolf-Ernst Breuer is with the Church process. His successor, Josef Ackermann, occurred to be uncomfortable with the victory sign. Kerry, however, said: we have to say what we think. We must do what we say. We must then also be what we do. He was the last upright in his Guild, Poullain says. Herrhausen had even the courage to talk openly. Then it became different. Maybe it was that Kerry did not come from the banking industry. The native of Essen had risen in the gas and electricity industries. At Deutsche Bank, he landed in 1969 at the request of the then Board of Wilhelm Christians. The entry of the ancillary was unusual and a break with the banking Convention. Still was the electrician, as some mocking him after a year on the Board. Herrhausens background fit. Because the Deutsche Bank controlled a large part of the industry at the time over its holdings. 1985 Kerry became a CEO in the double top with Christians and 1988 then sole spokesperson. Thus he became one of the most powerful men of the German economy. For every success he offended the building rules but also with its kind. Some people thought he was an intellectual snob. Yet 1989 Herrhausen – beat back the takeover of the British Morgan Grenfell internal resistance -. Deutsche Bank shifted a banking course. The Board only, succeeded blare from the appeal of the Morgan Grenfell Chairman in the Board of Directors. That was a few days before the murder of Herrhausens. Supposedly Herrhausen then took with him so, that he came close to resigning. The investment banks then had been good, says his former colleague Poullain. His successors later expressed to a different stamp investment banking. It not coincided with Herrhausens ideas. The game with lug and wore, believes Pollain, Kerry had not made with. But also in Herrhausens biography, there is light and shade. Some details have been forgotten. As for example, the fact that he was educated as a kid for three years at the Napola Nazi elite school on Lake Starnberg. Kerry once said this time have done him little harm, he learned a lot of Prussian virtues, among them the joy of the work. . For extended regarding this matter click http://560654b0d35cf623afd847b441446b33.chewz.net.

Best-selling Onyx. Shadow shimmer: The whole alien erotic program.

November 27, 2014 at 7:47 pm

Cellar: Onyx is a mineral that is used in this book from the evil, to weaken the good aliens. The good aliens called Lux, and they live on Earth, what ever – noticed hardly anyone except our heroine because they can be distinguished from normal people only by their super powers. And the book is called not shadow float but shadow shimmer also (although playing an important scene on a Lake). It’s just the title of the second part of the Obsidian series. And actually, you need to know yet a fourth term: hardly anyone says really Obsidian series called the Lux range. Hammelehle: Katy, Oh my goodness, what a name. What experienced Katy on the footsteps of Lux? Cellar: Very good. She is injured, healed, tracks, begins to shine, kills one of the evil aliens and developed even superpowers. But is everything only accessory. First and foremost she fell – in the of course very good-looking, very arrogant alien from the neighbor’s House, called even daemon. . You must check the following http://560654b0d35cf623afd847b441446b33.chewz.net to discover more regarding this amazing matter.

Commissioner Dupin – Breton surf.

November 26, 2014 at 11:12 pm

One of the dead, the businessman LeFort, wanted to build a huge holiday village on the nature-protected Island, what really liked any of the residents. Immediately turns out, LeFort’s melancholy sister Muriel (Alma Leiberg) nor the militant marine biologist Leussot (Michael Wittenborn) or the unapproachable restaurant owner Ali (Marie-Lou Sellem) maximum tell half the truth. Each of them seems to have a secret – and the penetrating further Dupin in the world of this sworn Island community, the deeper he gets into a hair-raising maze of corruption, jealousy, revenge and intrigue. Monsieur le Commissaire is dear to the sea, not. He doesn’t like fish actually also. And he says quite often so shit, and yet the French expression merde much clearer sounds. But that’s now in German TV thrillers, who play abroad: since all inexplicably speak perfect german, and the main characters are trimmed the outside a bit on the appropriate look and feel. There have often been a beard or appropriate clothing or something typical music is enough: here there are of course French chansons, while the melancholic-looking hero over a glass of red wine or a Pernod breeds. After all, Dupin not running around with a beret on the head or a baguette under his arm. In case of quite wide and much to routinely told (Director: Matthias Tiefenbacher) protrude above all the really beautiful landscapes: the blue sky is reflected picturesque rugged the coast, discreetly cloudy; Turquoise Bay invites you to the bath water, and even cheerfully dolphins leaping out of the water must not be missed there. Actually so the perfect place for a relaxing holiday in fact magical Brittany. And the same name, much better novel by Jean-Luc Bannalec recommended reading here how there urgently. . For additional insights regarding this matter click http://560654b0d35cf623afd847b441446b33.chewz.net.

Washington tackles with stricter ozone pollution.

November 26, 2014 at 9:27 pm

The Obama administration on Wednesday announced a tightening of standards of emissions of ozone, a pollutant responsible for respiratory diseases affecting millions of Americans, but this measure has caused a lifting of shields of industrialists and the Republicans who consider it counterproductive. (EPA) environmental protection agency proposes to limit emissions of ozone, also known as smog, between 65 and 70 parts per billion (ppm) against 75 ppm currently, reflecting a reduction of 7 to 13%. The EPA should review its limits on pollution every five years. The last update of the ozone standards dates back to 2008. Lower pollution limits ozone in relying on recent scientific advances will help to purify our air and protect the most vulnerable, said the administrator of the EPA, Gina McCarthy. Thousands of studies reviewed by the scientists consulted by the EPA indicate that exposure to below 75 ppm levels of same ozone is harmful to the respiratory system, causes asthma or aggravates, and is linked to premature mortality. L? ozone is formed in the lower atmosphere as l? effect of solar radiation that causes a photochemical transformation of oxides d? n, of the carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds emitted by exhaust from vehicles, industries, power plants to coal and some solvents and paints. According to the analysis by the Agency, these new standards should allow to? prevent 320. 000-960. 000 asthma attacks. This hardening should also prevent 750-4. 300 premature deaths among adults. These standards will take effect after a 90-day consultation period. -Industrial and Republicans headwind – environmental groups have estimated that this measure is one of the most important public health taken by president Obama during his second term. But leaders of the Republican opposition in Congress and industrial circles are headwind against this decision. They believe that it will impose a heavy economic burden and will produce only little additional benefit to public health. The new overwhelming standards of administration Obama, the most costly ever proposed by the EPA, are likely to cost more than 1. $ 500 per year for households, reduce GDP in trillions, and destroy millions of jobs, responded the president of the House of representatives, Republican John BoehnerPour the American Chemistry Council (ACC), which represents the chemical industry, the manufacturing sector’s growth could be slowed or even stopped in some States. The employers ‘ organisation said that the industries have already reduced by 67% since 1980 emissions of the six principal air pollutants while U.S. GDP has risen by 133% these last thirty years. The battle led by president Obama on the environmental front will intensify again in 2015, while the EPA must also finalize historical measures aimed at reducing emissions of greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted by coal-fired power plants existing and planned. These standards, which are designed to combat global warming, could cause the closure of certain plants and delay the construction of new units. The leaders of the Republican opposition, which in January will control both chambers of Congress after his victory in the November elections, have promised to block and reverse all these initiatives of Mr. Obama. They had already criticized the president after the recent agreement concluded with China under the terms of which the two largest polluters of the planet pledged to cap and reduce their CO2 emissions, asserting that it was too favorable to Beijing. Furthermore, the supreme court announced Tuesday agreeing for the first time to review the EPA standards limiting emissions of mercury and other pollutants in the atmosphere imposed on power stations seizing three complaints from 21 US States and industry. . Main source could be read clicking this link.

Women’s quota for SBS: Golden skirts searched.

November 26, 2014 at 6:49 pm

Hamburg – Germany’s Norwegian conditions. So you can call it what the coalition has decided after a long struggle. From 2016 at least 30 percent must be in the supervisory boards of some 100 companies represented women. In Norway, a rate of 40 percent is for six years. The Supervisory Board is in Germany for the control of the Board. He appoints Board members and can put them off. Representatives of workers – Trade Union and Works Council – and on the other side representing the capital, so the shareholders sitting on the one hand in the Supervisory Board. On the capital side, there is usually very little women. After Norway, a glance shows what could happen soon in Germany. There, the ratio is indeed quite successfully kept. However, she meant that some women moved into a number of supervisory boards, because they found not enough suitable candidates on the fast. The new multi Aufsichtsrätinnen are called Golden skirts in Norway. So, the Golden skirts must get in Germany. Thus the women follow the men: multimedia boards such as Ulrich Lehner, Werner Wenning, Gerhard Cromme sit for years part-time in many corporate boards. . Root data could be read clicking this http://560654b0d35cf623afd847b441446b33.chewz.net.

Defeat without damage – Guardiola: A lesson for us.

November 26, 2014 at 11:40 am

The first defeat was easy to get over, even if she bugged the Munich stars properly in the moment to 18 unbeaten matches. I hate defeats, especially when you have fought so great and you not rewarded at the end. Because it hurts especially, said World Cup Jérome Boateng in the three goals show of the City striker Sergio Agüero, (22 / 85 / 90 + 1) in stoppage time of the last and at the same time play decisive individual Schnitzer was undermined. We have not rewarded us for our good game, which is annoying. We have made it really great and would have also Manuel-new as winner of the course must go, lamented. Goalkeeper against scorer with Argentina’s World Championship runner-up Agüero, he had lost the duel three times; first from the penalty spot and then two one on-one situations, the match winner each successfully completed in a world-class manner. I was almost in all three balls. Always inches have been lacking. But that also stands out as a player, said new, who was more than once been defeated so far alone in the lost season prologue in the Super Cup final against Borussia Dortmund (0:2). . You should read the following http://560654b0d35cf623afd847b441446b33.chewz.net to read more on this great subject.

VIDEOS. Champions League: Messi was the top scorer in history.

November 25, 2014 at 10:58 pm

After Spain, Europe.   A few days after he became the top scorer in the history of the Spanish League Lionel Messi became the man who scores the most goals in the history of the Champions League and say that the attacker of FC Barcelona could become champion of the world in July,.   But where will therefore stop Lionel Messi? Already quadruple Ballon d’Or (2009-2010-2011-2012), the great Argentine continued to write the most beautiful pages of his sport. Tuesday night, thanks to a triple registered against Apoel Nicosia in Cyprus (4-0) with Barca, it exceeds Raul, the former Real Madrid legend, reaching the total of 74 goals in C1, the most beautiful of the competition European clubs.   The story, with a large H, therefore will retain the "Pulga" (‘chip’) scored the first of his 74 goals November 2, 2005 against the Greek club Panathinaikos. And no one knows when datera the last,. Attention do not relax for Lionel Messi. Because behind him, a man grows: Cristiano Ronaldo, striker of Real Madrid, is in 70 goals in C1.   . Inspirational source could be found reading the following http://560654b0d35cf623afd847b441446b33.chewz.net.