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April 23, 2014 at 8:55 am

Increasing Innovation Impact in the Enterprise | Innovation Management

In Italy, there is much talk of generational change and less brilliant successors, there is also a lot of talk about the need for innovation and entrepreneurship; if you add to this that our capitalism is essentially family:'s future might not seem rosy. Some years ago, a young man was faced with a difficult decision. His father had invented a product that for decades had been a great success. Now it was up to him.

How to innovate something that had happened? Our young man decided to change the packaging and a bit 'the product, then he thought that it was also necessary to be more international and decided to change the name from Supercrema Nutella. It was 1964 when Michele Ferrero took this decision. How good it was, in every sense, today, the whole world knows, but then it must not have been easy. On 20 April, when the first jar came out of the factory Alba, must have been a day full of trepidation, impatience and hope. The innovation in family businesses has a lot to do with the need and the courage to be anchored to what you can do well. For young entrepreneurs is to climb on the shoulders of giants. Rise to the top is difficult, tiring and can lead to dizziness, but is necessary if you want to continue, improve and compete. Michele Ferrero is one of the world's great entrepreneurs, but also for him, that decision was not easy. Peter, his father, had turned into an opportunity taxes on cocoa beans which had made it expensive chocolate. He left hazelnuts and had created before the pasta Giandujot, to cut a loaf made with hazelnuts, and a few years later Supercrema. Michael realized that we needed some improvement and a lot of courage.

Innovate starting from a road drawn is more difficult but has the advantage of starting from excellent skills and knowledge, in other words, from sturdy shoulders. The brothers have gone on excellence in Loro Piana cashmere to build one of the most exclusive brands in luxury, the Buzzi family started from the technical expertise in the production of cement to create through acquisitions and managerial rigor a large international group. In family businesses do not innovate, it evolves in a Darwinian process of mutation of DNA made original and competitive selection. In the process it is necessary to adapt, in fact, the DNA must evolve in response to changes in the external environment. Crystallize on its way of doing business, its core business, it is very dangerous in a rapidly evolving environment; I have learned the hard way, for example, manufacturers of photographic paper, libraries and publishers of newspapers. You need to focus on their core competencies, core competencies, and adapt to external changes. When the market has become international Supercrema became Nutella, when fashion began to drive the demand Benetton have reversed the process of dyeing, when demand for products for the home is sophisticated Alessi has gone from laissez faire to a design factory.

The ability to understand and adapt to changes in the external environment are typical of young people. This new entrepreneurial strength is invaluable to ensure both continuity and adaptation of family businesses. The evolution is achieved by pursuing opportunities regardless of the resources that you have. What would have happened if Pietro Ferrero had given up for the lack of cocoa beans? The Brothers Loro Piana for the lack of proprietary stores? The Benetton brothers to the inability to predict demand? Often success brings companies to innovate with large projects and to have abundance and redundancy: in this way you kill the entrepreneurial spirit. Innovation must be the laborious pursuit of opportunity and not the routine refinement of what you can do. The younger generation must be able to adapt the DNA of family businesses to changes in the external environment, pursuing with determination and courage of the opportunities they see, based on what has been done by their predecessors and seeking the resources they do not have; if they will do it in 50 years we would have huge success of new products, we could celebrate the new big business and we will live in a better country. Check freakedoutfathers.com if you want to read more

Sandro Bondi shoots Forza Italian “Lacking a strategy for the future”

April 23, 2014 at 8:44 am

"The center-right is not only divided, as is evident, but mostly it is devoid of a strategy for the future." So Sandro Bondi, a former Minister of Culture of the Berlusconi government in a letter to The Press opens to the reformism of Matteo Renzi. "A true liberal revolution – and 'the premise – Berlusconi has not been able to do it' cause its major allies by Fini Casini, from La Russa Bossi were anything but 'liberal'" Renzi – continues Bondi – is arguably the first true caesura in the Italian left from its communist tradition. Indeed, the left Renzi lies beyond the traditional European social democracy, and 'more' similar to the American liberal left of Obama and the new Labour party of Blair. You could say that Blair is Thatcher so 'as Renzi is to Berlusconi. " From here the fork for strength and Italy for Berlusconi, "especially after the European, what kind of opposition to the government conduct Renzi: oppose its impetus reformer and modernizer or press him and support him in a work of change from the failure of which would benefit no one." Similar article can be found freakedoutfathers.com

A video to the “Top Gun” to praise the Chinese navy

April 23, 2014 at 8:24 am


Symbol of military and territorial ambitions of the PRC, Liaoning appears on background red sunset with fighter jets taking off and currently apponter. The video also shows J-15 fighter exercise with close-ups of pilots at the controls. And the life of the crew on board the aircraft carrier. All accompanied by the sound of a sword blade coming out of his sleeve and a song specially commissioned for the event.

The clip was filmed to encourage popular support for the development of Chinese national defense, to celebrate national pride and inspire Chinese youth, so that it achieves the Chinese dream, said Zhu Hongbin, spokesman for AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation China), the national company that has turned the spotlight. "Leading the dream" is supposed to show a more "transparent" China and displays complex without her confidence … The video to the glory of Liaoning has been viewed by over 2 million people in 24 hours. Via freakedoutfathers.com

67 people = 3.5 billion people

April 23, 2014 at 5:58 am

There Are 67 People Whose Combined Net Worth Equals That Of The ...

An international NGO of British origin honorably known, Oxfam, has done the calculation that the 67 richest people in the world have as much as half of humanity, or 3.5 billion people. The comparison strikes minds. She moves, even scandalized others. This is a sign of its relevance since it was designed for this purpose. And yet not be afraid of the politically incorrect: this comparison makes no economic sense.

Does it mean that inequality has reached a historically new level? No, because nothing ensures that the time of Louis XIV, or even in the early twentieth century, the report has not been even more lopsided. Does it mean that the situation in the lower half of humanity is worse? No, because all the reports of international economic bodies show that the situation is improving in the sense that the proportion of people living below the poverty line decreases and even decreases with remarkable speed. Does it mean that the world would be better if these 67 people redistribute their wealth to the 3.5 billion who have almost nothing? To answer this question, we must pay a little calculation. The club has about 67 all together 1. 500 billion dollars. If, in an ideal moment, that amount to 3.5 billion people is redistributed, it would give 428 dollars per head. Incredible gift, of course, for those who have nothing, but produced by a single shot rifle, not permanently alter the course of the world, and especially to their situation. Continue reading freakedoutfathers.com

Kerry insists in Ukraine-Russia conflict on more efforts

April 23, 2014 at 4:38 am

Can Ukraine Avoid an East-West Split and Bloody Civil War? - NBC News

In Ukraine conflict has called for more efforts to calm the situation America's Secretary of State John Kerry of Russia. As the Foreign Office announced on Tuesday, Kerry showed in a telephone conversation with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov "deeply concerned about the lack of positive Russian steps to de-escalate" in the east of the country. Interim President Alexander Turchinov said earlier, the interrupted during Easter "anti-terrorist operation" in eastern Ukraine had started back in full.

The U.S. government, meanwhile, announced to send 600 soldiers to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the troops stationed in Vicenza, Italy, there should participate "in the coming months and beyond," in exercises. Target was a "continued presence". The 150-strong companies are expected to arrive on Wednesday in Poland and in the coming days in the Baltics and be replaced after one month. Background is also the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Prior to America's Vice President Joe Biden had strengthened during a visit to Kiev with promises of aid for Ukraine's pro-Western leadership of the demonstratively the back. He promised the former Soviet republic's political and economic help. So securing the White House the nearly bankrupt country to further funding for democratic change. $ 50 million (36.2 million euros) should flow into the country to support about free elections and upcoming constitutional reforms. In addition, Biden warned Russia against even greater international isolation should support the Moscow activists in eastern Ukraine on.

The Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) presented the government in Kiev provisionally a good report. The Swiss Foreign Minister and current OSCE chairman Didier Burkhalter praised in a statement "the first steps of the Ukrainian authorities" to implement the decisions taken on April 17, from Russia, the United States, Ukraine and the EU. We also recommend reading freakedoutfathers.com

Avalanche: Sherpas say all tours to Mount Everest from

April 23, 2014 at 2:27 am

California man says Sherpa guide saved his life during Mt. Everest ...

Kathmandu – The Nepalese mountain guide will accompany any expeditions to Mount Everest this season. With the decision, the Sherpas respond to the worst disaster to date the highest mountain in the world, in which on Friday a total of 16 people lost their lives.

Nepal Mountaineering Association in Kathmandu will try to negotiate with the Sherpa on Everest and the government, said Secretary Sherpa Pasang. For a total boycott would damage the Bergsteigertum in Nepal in the long run. With the expeditions on Mount Everest Nepali deny thousands their livelihood.

As a result of the fatal accident, the Nepalese mountain guides had placed on Monday at their country's government demands to improve their situation. At the same time they threatened to go on strike. This now seems to be invalid. The authorities have also announced on Tuesday that a relief fund would be set up for climbers. With the money the injured and families should be helped by the deceased.

The decision of the Sherpas to assist in this season no longer expeditions, commented climber Ed Marzec so. "They have decided that it's not just about the issue of compensation rather you have the feeling that they as a kind of monument to all who perished, should shut down the Mount Everest this year. "the 67-year-old former lawyer originally wanted to climb as the oldest U.S. citizen's highest mountain. He had canceled his plans on Monday, because among the victims was also a Sherpa of his team.

On Monday, hundreds of Sherpas have proven their colleagues killed in an accident with a funeral procession in Kathmandu last respects. When accompanied by monks procession the coffins of six victims were transported on flatbed. "They were not just employees, they were real friends," said Vern Tejas from the U.S. Alpine Ascents organizers, who took part in the ceremony. "Without them we could not climb the mountain." Get additional information freakedoutfathers.com

Savings plan: community plan updates

April 23, 2014 at 12:16 am

A 529 savings plan makes college finance easier (Community Voices ...

Second round with representatives led by the President of Aquitaine, Alain Rousset regions. The project to divide the number by two regions by 2017, however, was better received and negotiations are ongoing before the state has its own card in 2015. At the end of the meeting, Rousset evokes a "dialogue powerful "with the Prime Minister" in which nothing has been set aside. " "The Prime Minister has confirmed that regional developments mark a new stage of decentralization, with enhanced skills and clarified, particularly concerning economic development, employment, training and research," he explains declaring himself "optimistic" about the outcome of the reform.

Without expressing such optimism, Matignon issued a statement late in the day, indicating that a working group "on the evolution of the map of regional and departmental councils and territorial organization of the State" was immediately implemented with "the main associations of elected representatives of the Senate and the National Assembly and the government."

In the Prime Minister's entourage, it simply recognizes that if the atmosphere was "calm and dialogue posed" with representatives of departments, it was "much warmer" with those regions. Further meetings are scheduled and an appointment will be made, including with the Association of Mayors of France and its president, Jacques Pélissard. The first conclusions should find their transcription in a bill to be debated in the first reading in the Senate before the summer. Also freakedoutfathers.com

“Game of Thrones” – Travel on the locations of the cult series!

April 22, 2014 at 5:59 pm

Formation des assesseurs - Le PASC en images

The bleak and dreary times for "Game of Thrones" fans are over – the fourth season has started! Enchanting landscapes, glaciers and deserts – where to put all the places where plays the show? A trip to the movie locations.

Large parts of Westeros' are in Northern Ireland – not so exotic and far away. The winter may have just left the Emerald Isle – Ireland can come up yet with an average of 300 rainy and cloudy days per year. No wonder then that winter coat and other less sunny parts of the Seven Kingdoms are created here.

Who wants to walk in the footsteps of the Starks, the area around Downpatrick, County Down must explore. Castle Ward served as a turning place for many scenes of the family seat. Next door are the castle and forest of Audley – there the Stark camp was filmed from the first season. Further north lies the scene of Castle Black – the abandoned Magheramorne quarry. In addition, the Redhall Estate is located in the neighborhood, which has appeared in the first and third season for various film locations.

In Ballymoney one finds the "Dark Hedges", which served as the backdrop for the iconic King Road. A good decision to let the famous avenue appear in the award winning series – it is one of the most photographed motifs in Ireland.

Continent Change: On to Africa, to West Morocco! The seaside village of Essaouira is represented on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In "Game of Thrones", he emerged as the city Astapor on, including the Plaza of Pride and the Palace of the Good Masters. In real life, Essaouira is characterized by a thriving cultural scene, historic beauty with the stunning views of the sea, which has been preserved thanks to strict building codes today. Also check this freakedoutfathers.com

Madrid capital for European football

April 22, 2014 at 5:39 pm

A Somali police officer (right) arrests a suspected member of al ...

I have happened to derby in the semis, but that a city would host a week in two semi-finals of the Champions League has happened only once. I do not even have to go too far in the previous 58 editions of the European Cup, as happened in the 2008-2009 season when, between 5 and 6 May, London hosted two semi-finals of the Champions League. He first played at the Emirates, where United won the qualification in the field of the Gunners, then at Stamford Bridge, where the Blues were unable to overcome Barça. This week, for the second time in 59 editions of the Champions League, the city will host two consecutive semi-finals, and it is Madrid. Two-leg matches, as opposed to what happened in 2009, when the two challenges were played in London matches return. The Spanish capital will therefore be at the heart of European football for two nights and will try to push the Merengues Ancelotti and colchoneros Simeon to Lisbon, although the two teams will face challenges not just simple. The revelation of the Champions League, Athletes, Calderon wait for tonight at the former Chelsea Real Madrid Jose Mourinho, an opponent anything but affordable, especially for the experience of Mou, who has lived in the Champions League semi-finals galore . Real Madrid, who will descend on the pitch at the Bernabeu tomorrow night, will face Bayern Monaco, the toughest opponent for the blancos in the history of the semi-finals of the Champions League. Interdependence intricanti and historical courses and resorts: Mourinho to play the derby without Guardiola and Real Madrid 'El Clasico "without Barcelona. How will it end? What is certain is that a football fan traveling to Madrid live a dream come true for these two days: a great city, its famous nightlife and two Champions League matches to scream. The saying "De Madrid al Cielo" fits just perfectly. Good football! To read more on this topic freakedoutfathers.com

Massacres of the state, “management documents declassified not be entrusted to those who produced them”

April 22, 2014 at 4:01 pm

Good News:CIA Officer Killed in Afghanistan Grenade Accident : Indybay

The Prime Minister made the announcement: declassify the documents relating to the massacres and transfer to the State Archives. From Piazza Fontana in Piazza della Loggia, the Bologna station bombings in Ustica to the Mafia in 1993. Whole, says Matteo Renzi interviewed Sunday by the Republic, will be accessible: annotations, informative, showgirls. Of course, the decision taken last Friday at a meeting of the Committee for National Security (CISR), does not have a concrete planning. Exactly one asking the associations of victims of these massacres.

The concept is clear to all: here it is not a state secret, which for these events has never been made; it is, however, of all those confidential documents enclosed in the military archives and those of the Secret Service. For Daria Bonfietti, former MP and president of the Democratic Party of the victims of Ustica, the keyword is one: "Open all the files, all the apparatus of the State, without exception, to compare what we have been told in the courtroom with what was actually written, just so we will finally have the truth. " An operation that transparency is also agreed the deputy Pd Paolo Bolognesi, president of the Association of victims of the massacre in Bologna on 2 August 1980. "Well Renzi ago to follow this path." Even so, he continued, "the facts of which we speak are apparently dating."

Translated: "A good percentage of the time that the equipment depistarono and hid, are still on track." Sure Andreotti is no more, but the idea that Renzi on this road will find much resistance is very clear in Bologna: "We'll see, but to have normal levels of transparency, you must have the military archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and that of the police. " Even so, in some cases, as happened to the investigation into the massacre of Piazza della Loggia (28 May 1974), some relevant information never made it on the table of the judiciary. Explain Manlio Milani president of the Association of victims of the massacre in Brescia: "It 's happened with tissue paper prepared by the general Gianadelio Maletti sent to the judiciary and never arrived, only to be rediscovered in 1996 in an abandoned warehouse along the Via Appia Antica in Rome ".

Because the question is: how many confidential documents never made it to the court? "Even for this – reasons Milani – I Renzi good decision." But with a crucial caveat: "At a time when the archives are opened, the management should be separated from those who produced them." One point on which also agrees Bolognesi. "Who will control these acts will certainly be accountable to the general duty." Ben understands that in this historic match state secrecy has little to do. Explain Felice Casson, Secretary of the controlling intelligence (Copasir): "There is no secret to state on the massacres. But there are still a number of documents that may relate to the police or the police that, if made public, may help to shed light on the facts. " The President of the Association for the victims of the massacre of Georgofili, Giovanna Maggiani Chelli goes further: "Above all, there are people who do not want to talk." We'll see, even if an investigator who worked on the bomb Cosa Nostra remains skeptical about the ability to access all the acts: "Many – he says – have been delegated by the court, the secret services have nothing to do, and of these, which are the most relevant, there is no possibility of access. " Via freakedoutfathers.com