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Favij, the Italian most famous youtuber.

October 25, 2014 at 7:52 pm

"I did not expect this award, I was really surprised how all this success came suddenly," confides Lorenzo Ostuni in Favji art. "I started, as on the other hand many other youtuber, making videos just for fun, is now becoming almost a job". The numbers confirm it. The clips uploaded to FavijTV are more than 420, with a rhythm achieved recently 5 videos per week. A commitment that doesn’t seem to weigh the 19 year-old, who despite being venerated like a rockstar with a plethora of young fans, keeps a low profile. "What’s more beautiful than having turned a passion for video games in an activity that makes me also earn?" says candidly the hacker. Actually the views generated by its Canal do envy those of many national broadcasters. We are talking about more than 280 million video consumed on YouTube from a community of fans. Montalbano on Rai Uno in prime time is 6 million listeners. It is no coincidence that several companies have knocked on his door to bag yourself one as the face and that his "business" is in the hands of a true showbusiness agent. The explanation of this boom is unexplained for Faviji, "I think on YouTube lacked a certain amount of madness; I simply do a bit crazy and I vent when I play and obviously this really like those following me ". Indeed Lorenzo videos are nothing more than comments on webcam, often over the top, while playing with his console. There are no scripts, even prepared jokes a true contents actually. The rhythm is given by an acute post production editing. This this simple formula, in part borrowed from what is perhaps the world’s most popular youtuber, i.e. the Swedish PewDie Pie, has allowed Favij to grind records by becoming the first youtuber Italian. And while the remedies themselves on the phenomenon, il ragazzo di Borgaro Torinese, think about its future. "I will continue to make videos, I recently bought a launchpad for live music and I’d like to make a few clips with this tool, and then study in the professional world to learn how to do montages and special effects". Meanwhile Favij is enjoying the notoriety since it’s the new Fiorello in the age of YouTube. . Related text can be read checking http://12cf88a84d025a04220066541ec6.steffenbachmeier.eu.

French Ligue 1: explanations to the Summit with PSG-Bordeaux and OL – OM.

October 25, 2014 at 9:47 am

With Paris SG РBordeaux and Lyon РMarseille, L1 is offered at its 11th day two beautiful explanations of text with the top teams, to fifteen days of the Paris SG-Marseille clasico, November 9. . First olympico for BielsaDes long-awaited matches, Marcelo Bielsa saw others in his career, in environments otherwise more overheated. But to see the involvement of the Argentinian and his gaze inhabited at the end of each meeting, El Loco has really want to mark its footprint L1. The displacement at the Stade Gerland Sunday has everything to please him, on the lawn of a Lyon that again shows the fangs. OM will bite in this match as he took the habit of doing? The OL will be stifled by all-terrain cleaning of the Marseillais in the first period? The last size opponent proposed at OM, Saint-Etienne, on 28 September at the V̩lodrome, had breached air during the first 45 minutes, losing 2-1. The duels in this clash ahead in any tasty case. There will be Sunday on the ground the two top scorers in the Championship of France, Andr̩ РPierre Gignac (10 goals) and Alexandre Lacazette (8). And the battle in midfield will also be worth the blow d?it with a Dimitri Payet in full form, recently recalled in blue, and a Yoann Gourcuff who finally plays football, and rather well with a double registered the previous weekend. . PSG without Ibra nor CavaniLe PSG, double champion of France title, therefore welcomes the revelation of the season, Bordeaux from Willy Sagnol. Two stars Miss however in the credits of this big production of the L1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still injured (he has more played since 21 September) and Edinson Cavani is suspended. Laurent Blanc will therefore have to reshuffle the cards of his attack. A players like Jean-Christophe Bahebeck, Lucas, who comes to be reminded with the Selecao, Javier Pastore and Ezequiel Lavezzi, who found the group after its glitches physical shoot their PIN of the game in the absence of two Parisian triggers. Parc des Princes will however benefit from association in central hinge of Thiago Silva and David Luiz, for a premiere in L1, both players having released their tandem McCaw Paris Wednesday evening on the lawn of the Apoel Nicosia (Parisian success 1 to 0). The match in Paris will be a test for Girondins who have floundered in the month of October with a defeat which makes mess in Reims (1-0) and a draw embarrassing against Caen at home (1-1). . Other Europeans attendusMonaco, undefeated in the month of October, and has cashed one goal Рon the lawn of the PSG Рall competitions (L1 and champions League), must take advantage of its movement in Corsica on the ground of a Bastia misclassified to take points and take off from the soft underbelly. Europa League residents also have sharp turns to negotiate. Lille, which rest on two defeats in L1, must attempt to bounce back in Rennes. Guingamp, which remains on a great success at Lille, receives a Nice in full turmoil between the defeat against Bastia (1-0) and the excesses that followed and that place the Riviera club in the crosshairs of the instances. Finally Saint Etienne must be wary of Metz, amazing promoted. Program: Friday:(20h30) Toulouse РLens Saturday:(17h00) Paris SG РBordeaux(20h00) Bastia РMonacoCaen РLorientEvian-Thonon РNantesReims РMontpellierDimanche:(14h00) Rennes РGuingamp Lille(17h00) РNiceSaint-Etienne РMetz (21 h 00) Lyon РMarseille. For extra insights regarding this topic click web site.

Deserters from the Wehrmacht belatedly honored in Austria.

October 25, 2014 at 7:20 am

Hundreds of thousands of Austrians have been recruited in the Nazi army and some 1500 of them, according to historians, were executed for refusing to wear the uniform. "This memorial marks the difference between fidelity and loyalty due to the forces of a democratic State, and the right to resist those of a criminal dictatorship" and "genocidal", said social democratic president Heinz Fischer, who inaugurated the monument.  "The Austria has put a lot of time" to convey things in this area, he acknowledged, stressing that "army of Hitler was not our army." For Richard Wadani, 92 years, itself deserter from the Wehrmacht and honorary president of the Committee of victims of Nazi military justice, "this regime was a regime for which we morally couldn’t fight. "But it was more convenient post-war point deserters from the finger than to explain the vast majority of the fighters that they had been deceived. Attitudes began to change in the mid-2000s, when as a result of Mr. Fischer in 2004 several political figures, including right, began to support the cause of a pardon until there worn only by the Greens. . You should visit the following website to learn extra regarding this amazing topic.

Stability, Renzi: toward agreement with the EU. The compromise to 0.3%.

October 24, 2014 at 4:37 pm

Renzi: Italy will do right, because reforms not because he asks the EU ‘ The Italian Government meets all but does not stop in front of anybody, "said Renzi. Adding that the country "should know that we have to make reforms because they are right, not because you ask here. And we will do it. " The premier reiterated the invitation to go to Europe to head up high. "We must be aware that when they come to this table requires greater clarity and transparency, need to be much stronger, proud and determined the presence of Italians in these parts," said Renzi. «The Italy he added, each have 20 billion to Europe gives and takes ten. It is a country that has the force and authority, who is not here to take lessons either reprimands or». Bureaucracy and technocracy can destroy Europe there are certain times in certain meetings where even Adenauer and De Gasperi become Eurosceptics from complications of bureaucracy and technocracy. " With a Radiologist has indicated that in his opinion is the problem Prince of Europe. No extra-Eu budget costs but the appliance: «I am the Party Secretary who took more votes than everyone else so when I say that bureaucracy threatens to destroy Europe I do this because I see this risk. " Renzi has denied that he had spoken of ‘ lethal weapon ‘ referring to Community bureaucracy, an expression that had given the British Prime Minister David Cameron (although saying that he is in full harmony with Renzi). . For additional data on this subject check http://12cf88a84d025a04220066541ec6.steffenbachmeier.eu.

Dolce and Gabbana, pg Cassation: confirm condemnation but reduce it.

October 24, 2014 at 3:31 pm

The Supreme Public Prosecutor Francesco Salzano asked for confirmation of the conviction for the designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, but reduce the penalty imposed on appeal for prescription of the dispute which occurred on VAT for the year 2005. This is what we learn from legal sources, on the occasion of the hearing to close the trial of two fashion creators and four other people. The Milan Court of appeal had convicted Dolce and Gabbana to one year and six months each for the prosecution of non-filing tax returns. The prosecution of non-Declaration of incomes for the company Gado, at the time of the facts established in Luxembourg, for the years 2004 and 2005. The disputes concerning the 2004 have already laid down, while the 2005 intervened the prescription relating to VAT, when other taxes the prescription will take the next month of November. The defendants, in addition to the stylists, who were members of Gado, are the directors of the company and an advisor to the group. According to the thesis of accusatory Milan prosecutors, the Gado would be a case of esterovestizione, based in Luxembourg just to pay less taxes but in fact administered in Italy. The company was created in a period of reorganization of management fashion brands, including Sweet D&G & Gabbana, Dolce and Gabbana, ceded to Gado by two fashion creators. The complaint against the company-and defendants-is not paying tax for a taxable amount of 200 million euros. At first instance, Dolce and Gabbana had been sentenced to one year and eight months each, with two months on appeal. The General Prosecutor’s Office of Cassation has also asked for their confirmation of the sentence, for the competition in non-tax, recalculating and reduction of penalty for prescription intervened. To remember that, before the Court of appeal of Milan, the substitute Prosecutor Gaetano Santamaria had asked for the acquittal of all the defendants "because the fact there». The judges, however, had not received his request, as that of defence, welcoming, however, the civil party (Agenzia delle Entrate) which, with Attorney Gabriella Vaccari, had requested confirmation of the sentence of first instance. Today the pg of Cassation asked the confirmation of the conviction of second degree with recalculation of the sentence to take account of certain prescribed episodes. . You can read this http://12cf88a84d025a04220066541ec6.steffenbachmeier.eu to discover more regarding this interesting subject.

The United States harshly criticize the evolution of the Hungary of Orban.

October 24, 2014 at 2:49 pm

The United States have harshly criticized Friday the disappointing development of the Hungary, a new sign of irritation in Washington against its European ally under the tutelage of Viktor Orban populist. The developments are disappointing (,.) and we are concerned as allies to see how fast these changes are rooted, said during a press conference in Budapest the Chargé d’affaires André Goodfriend, senior American diplomat stationed in the country. The remarks of Mr. Goodfriend speakers a week after that Washington said adverse with its territory six senior Hungarian officials, due to suspicions of corruption. They have not been named, but several media outlets cited the name of the patron of the Hungarian tax authorities. The American diplomat recalled Friday that the Hungary had been one of the Eastern European countries who have successfully completed the fastest transition to democracy after the fall of communism in 1989. But he referred to the concern of America to climate change (policy), the weakening of the rule of law, attacks against civil society, the lack of transparency. Conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orban, elected in 2010 and triumphantly renewed in the legislative elections in April, has prompted criticism in Europe and the United States for its reforms, deemed draconian by detractors, of justice and of the press. He claims now clearly an illiberal line, readily citing Moscow and Beijing as an example, while NGOs funded by foreign countries are in the crosshairs of Hungarian justice. The repeated criticism of the Hungary, Member of the EU and NATO, against Western sanctions against the Russia also arouse controversy. In September, U.S. president Barack Obama had cited the Budapest Government among those who pose a threat against civil society. . Original source could be studied checking this http://12cf88a84d025a04220066541ec6.steffenbachmeier.eu.

In 2000 from Sardinia to Rome to attend the event on Saturday of the Cgil.

October 24, 2014 at 2:22 pm

In Rome for the national demonstration on Saturday organized by the Cgil Government against Renzi. The largest group, will start this afternoon by ship from the port of Cagliari. Others will reach the capital from The Sardinian group will reach by bus and train from piazzale dei Partigiani. There will be one of two parades (the other from piazza della Repubblica) that will be in piazza San Giovanni. These days the organizational machinery of the Cgil has sponsored hundreds of assemblies in workplaces and public initiatives, with banquets and dissemination of leaflets. Also in the delegation Sardinian students who joined the demonstration. Depart from the airport of Cagliari also has a students ‘ Union delegation. The claims? Protections for the insecure, public investment to restart the economy, funding for education, University and research. We will be in the streets to say ‘ no ‘ to dry policies of labour precariousness said, Coordinator of the Uds Sardinia-promoted by the Government. Renzi says that there are no more ‘ masters ‘ forgetting the millions of workers in precarious that have no trade union law nor social safety nets. The hosts are there all right, and Renzi wants to guarantee the ability to blackmail the workers by abolishing any labour law. . Original source may be studied checking the following http://12cf88a84d025a04220066541ec6.steffenbachmeier.eu.

Electoral law, Berlusconi: well, safe list prize my re-election.

October 24, 2014 at 1:14 pm

After opening yesterday in Renzi on civil unions "the German" ius soli "and" tempered for foreigners, Berlusconi relaunches dialogue with Secretary Pd on electoral law: the most voted list and not the Coalition, proposed in recent days by the premier, may be a great opportunity, because it would be a decisive step towards the bipolarity ". In an interview with "newspaper" and intervening this morning at ‘ the call ‘ on Canale 5, leader of Forza Italy also confirms its intention to reapply "as soon as the European Court will sentence Mediaset rights." New Covenant of Nazareno to modify the electoral law the acceleration given by the premier to report electoral law requires, according to Berlusconi, a new Pact of Nazareth, that steps also to institutional reforms and additions until other measures to be approved in Parliament "in the interest of the country. The former rider is ready to change the party structure to facilitate the entry of external time formations. "For us this is not a novelty. In the past-remember-already at other times we welcomed in Italy Force lists members of other bands who were allied with us». His words immediately suggest the League (we have an excellent relationship has always been a way to be together in the end we can find ‘), but not to the Ncd: «our constituents ask us to make alliances with people who have not betrayed their vote. Now the Lords of the new Center are supporting the Government of the left, doing exactly the opposite of what was the mandate received by the voters ‘ and then ‘ I don’t think we can make alliances with the Ncd why wouldn’t be understood by our voters. " . Additional info can be read clicking page.

He died in the hospital the woman invested in Oristano by a pirate of the road.

October 24, 2014 at 10:42 am

It’s Friday morning in the Hospital of Sassari, where he had been hospitalized Thursday afternoon. the pensioner, of 76 years, of Ancaster, by a motorist who had run away without stopping. The man, of Seneghe, retired, will now have to answer for culpable homicide and wrongful death. After the escape was achieved by a witness and to return to the scene of the accident, where he. To save it are due to the carabinieri and police. The incident happened shortly after the 12 in via Cagliari Arst station. The victim was completing the crossing to the arcades of the Saia. The car that hit, a Panda, proceeded in the direction of Manno colliding, according to square the findings of local police, with passenger-side mirror and by stranding her on the tarmac. The woman reported with injuries that are suffered appeared to first responders, and to the emergency room of the Hospital San Martino have decided the immediate, but unfortunately useless, transfer to Sassari. . Additional information can be inspected reading website.

Ukraine, Ukrainian Analyst: after vote on gas agreement for autonomy in the Southeast.

October 24, 2014 at 9:16 am

Sochi, 24 Oct. (Afpenglish)-all, or at least a lot depends on how will the elections for President Petro and Poroshenko. The solution to the South-East of Ukraine? The autononia. But in any case for Russia and Ukraine gas will find an agreement to not finish below zero this winter. So Mikhail Pogrebinski, Director of the Center for political Studies in Kiev, Conflicts synthesizes the three crucial points on the table on the eve of legislative elections in Ukraine on Sunday. The really important thing is if and Poroshenko will have a majority that will allow it to maneuver-explains Pogrebinski to Askanews on the sidelines of the annual meeting of the Valdai Club, Sochi-it depends on whether it will get enough votes for a majority in the province, or if alternatively to form a coalition with the party of Ukraine Tigipko (a centrist who was in the team of President YanukovichED): in this case will have won, because this party didn’t really a policy, more or less follows the line, then it will have room to manoeuvre, can talk to the Kremlin, with the separatists. In short, this is a positive scenario. A framework can be decidedly less conducive to normalization, however, is if and Poroshenko Pogrebinski doesn’t get a majority, if not self-sufficient Tigipko and must pass a coalition (popular front of premier) Yatsenyuk. Then there will be a greater American influence on the negotiations, in the sense that they can put their conditions, because the ring will be Yatsenyuk link. At the Conference in Sochi, where these days the Valdai Club has met members of the Government of Russia (Vladimir Putin is expected today for the final session) and discussed in every corner of Ukraine crisis scenarios, the solution of the conflict in Donbass appears distant at all. The elections will not be decisive, but they are a very important factor, Pogrebinsky argues. There are many unknowns, because it is not clear what is actually the goal of Americans, whether they want in the Southeast remains on a hotbed of instability or less. And on the other hand it is unclear even what it really Putin. Perhaps he is comfortable with the prospect of a frozen conflict. The only thing clear is that it would be a very bad thing for us who live in Ukraine, especially for those that are related to Russia how language, culture. Ukrainian analyst thinks that, in the end, his country could improve only if authorities in Kiev there will be able to speak and find both agreements with Moscow and with Washington and Berlin, and they know taking the Ukraine a little at a time, without rushing, towards European Union rules. Europe is indeed the goal, because the Russian system may work for a big country, and we are not small, but we are not an empire. The ideal model? What: I would that parliamentary elections which brought President and Poroshenko would be the last, then you need a parliamentary system, and a Parliament which gather all forces and representatives of the country, including those of Donbass. With regard to the southeast of the country, the solution he sees Pogrebinsji is that of autonomy. I don’t think it’s possible to recover Crimea, Donbass but should be part of the Ukraine, as autonomy. It won’t be easy, especially for those who have lost friends and relatives in the conflict, but the majority is the best option: freedom on the use of language, on the local economy, a militia of its own, certainly not an army but a police body Yes. Is it possible to get these people, to Lugansk and Donetsk, I don’t have to talk to Putin, must speak with and Poroshenko. And even Europe would accept this solution: territorial integrity without the Crimea. Also because the decision to move Crimea to Ukraine was taken within a country, the Soviet Union where the borders were purely administrative and not international borders. If the vote is not decisive for the conflict with separatists in the Donbass, according to analyst after the elections on Sunday will come quickly to an understanding on gas. I think there is already an agreement, Putin will insist to be paid partly Ukrainian debt, Merkel already says that loans are possible. Kiev won’t get everything he wants, but we will not to cold and frost this winter. However, if Russia does not give at least part of the supplies, the Ukraine will steal the gas transits to the EU. Gazprom has contracted to meet with the EU, and will not say: your gas they stole the Ukrainians, there are precise agreements with Europe. . Inspirational source may be read checking this http://12cf88a84d025a04220066541ec6.steffenbachmeier.eu.