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Elizabeth II is found on a selfie and does the buzz on the net.

July 24, 2014 at 5:44 pm

Two Australian hockey players who took a selfie at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games were surprised to see Queen Elizabeth II, all smiles, in the background of their photo that has experienced an immediate success on the internet Ahhh the Queen is introduced on our selfie!, said the Australian hockey Jayde Taylor posting Thursday on Twitter templatewhich was immediately been shared thousands of times, along with the hashtag #queenselfie. While that the smiling faces of the two sports set the target appears in the second level and behind the meshes of a net, the Queen, green coat and matching hat, visibly delighted. The Australian athlete then posted a tweet sent to the American presenter Ellen DeGeneres, author of the famous selfie taken with a skewer of stars at the Oscar night, who has broken records of retweets. I believe that our selfie beats yours!, launched the hockey, to the angels. Queen Elizabeth II, at the age of 88, was officially opened Wednesday night in Glasgow, Scotland, the 20th Commonwealth Games, involving nearly 4. 500 athletes from 71 countries and territories of the former British empire. . Related info can be found visiting http://tr.getboatplans.biz.

Steinmeier in the Ukraine crisis: between the fronts.

July 24, 2014 at 5:12 pm

It’s not quite so simple these days for the Social Democrats. Steinmeier has awaited the job of Foreign Minister, but that world events would take to the dramatic twists and turns within a few weeks, he would have not guessed. Fly rockets and bombs in the Middle East, the partnership is in question with Washington, Russia exacerbated the crisis in the Ukraine. His course is the criticism: too friendly to Moscow, to passive – so many see it. Steinmeier should finally abandon its equidistance between the Kremlin and Kiev, the Greens grumble. Putin can do facts, discuss the EU only, according to the CDU. Putin can do about everything?, asks the Bild-Zeitung overlooking their opinion to mild reaction of the Europeans. That want to expand but the sanction list, companies also are expected to be in the future on it. It will not crack at but still whole sectors of the Russian economy is. And then there is Steinmeier’s Party is. Also has expectations of him. He should position the SPD as German peace party, and just not lapsing into escalating rhetoric. But it may not be now also again too nice to Moscow, so how you are every now and then show ancient Erhard Eppler and Egon Bahr, according to professional politicians. It’s complicated. Perhaps, Steinmeier has soon time to rethink everything again. At the end of the month, he wants to make holiday. In South Tyrol of course, in the mountains around Bolzano he likes particularly. Finally something relaxing. . You must visit the following url to read extra about this amazing matter.

Asbestos, 16 deaths. Ex to Fiat will be tried for manslaughter.

July 23, 2014 at 8:04 pm

Paolo Cantarella, former CEO of Fiat Auto and current Board member of Directors of Finmeccanica, will be tried for manslaughter in connection with the death of some workers of Alfa Romeo in Arese, linked to the presence of asbestos fibers in the establishment. The judge set a preliminary hearing for Milan Simone Luerti, which placed the prosecution for him and other 5 between former manager and former executives.  The process will begin next November 5 before ninth Criminal Division judges in Milan and will focus on 16 deaths that date back to the years following 2003. Acquittal, however, perLuigi Fernandez, former President of Alfa Lancia spa. Specifically, the judge said the Statute of limitations for 5 cases of deaths that occurred before 2003. Fiom di Milano "you will become a civil party in each case on the death by asbestos exposure in engineering companies, not only to ensure justice for the victims ‘ families but also to reaffirm that companies on the subject of health and safety in the workplace are not discounts".  Prof. Claudio Bordignon, as President and CEO of biotechnology company Molmed, which recently completed a clinical trial on a therapy for mesothelioma, said: "asbestos is the major risk factor for mesothelioma, a lung cancer where survival is still very low, less than 20% in five years. In Italy the problem of asbestos and its disposal matter, because our country was (until the end of the 80 ‘s), the second largest producer in Europe. It is estimated that since the end of World War II to its outlawing of 1992, were produced more than 3. 700.000 tons of this material. Because of this high production, in Italy the mesothelioma cases are more frequent than in other countries: in 2013 are estimated about 1. 200 patients. In 2018, it is estimated that the cases will be about double. The most affected regions are Piedmont, with 18% of registered cases in Italy since ‘ 93 at 2008, and Lombardy, with 17.7%. The two regions have a continuous increase in years ". . Similar data can be found clicking http://tr.getboatplans.biz.

Three tips for a light appetizer.

July 23, 2014 at 4:22 pm

2. avoid the pitfalls too dirty, too much alcohol, obviously. The big another pitfall of the aperitif, it’s nibbling. Gossiping Yes, soupçon is not. Enjoy your glass, this stick soaked in fresh cheese, sea view,. In short, do not drink dry ass. Dip your lips by SIP and especially think about alternate with tall glasses of water. This will avoid you a good hangover, often linked to alcohol dehydration. Because, eh, drink a bottle of wine, is not as consumed quantity of vegetables-fruit-water of the day. Always think to invite Moderation in your evenings, this is the idea. 3 count On says Yes to light sodas: from 0 to 2 calories per glass. Vegetables (tomato, carrot) juices: 20 kcal / 100 ml more intakes of vitamins, fiber and minerals. Smoothies also: trends and excellent health with 50 kcal / 100 ml on average. The feast is less crazy without alcohol? Gaffe. OK for wines (on average 12 degrees): a glass of white or red wine or a champagne flute brings 80 calories. Not to mention the cream cassis for a kir. On the plate, bet on the vegetable chewable with lighter sauce (white skinny/chives cheese for example): 60 kcal/100. The chips from potatoes fruits or vegetables such as carrots for example (100 to 200 kcal / 100 g average) Wow, them, your friends. . You must check the following http://tr.getboatplans.biz to discover more about this great matter.

Espírito Santo sells a portion of its assets in the Swiss Bank Hbc.

July 23, 2014 at 10:52 am

The Portuguese family group Espirito Santo, in turmoil due to the financial difficulties of its major holdings, sold most of its Swiss private bank BPES-management activities to the Hbc Swiss Bank, for an undisclosed amount, it announced Tuesday. Banque Privée Espírito Santo (BPES) today announced the sale of a major part of its activity to private management to the Hbc company Bancaire Swiss SA, independent Swiss private Bank Bank, reported the two banks in a joint statement issued in Geneva. The amount of the transaction and sold assets under management have not been published. The agreement covers customers of the Bank from the Iberian regions and Latin America, specify only the two banks, which underline their approach and cultural similarities. I am convinced that we found with the Swiss Bank Hbc banking company an excellent solution, which we used to defend the best interests of our customers and of our employees, said José Manuel Espírito Santo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BPES, quoted in the release. BPES (Banque Privée Espírito Santo) is established in the lausanoise region for more than 37 years and specializes in wealth management. For Philippe Cordonier, Director-general of HBC, this agreement is a significant step in the development of the Bank by allowing an expansion of our activities to markets in Latin America and Iberian. The HBC, based in Geneva, is a private bank family, independent and founded in 1975. It focuses on a single activity, asset management for private and institutional clients. In 2013, its net profit reached 11.2 million SFR (EUR 9.2 million), an increase of 12% over a year. This announcement comes while the main holding company of the Group Espirito Santo, the Espirito Santo International (ESI), was placed in receivership, announced on Tuesday the Court of commerce of Luxembourg, four days after the official request of the Luxembourg holding company said to be unable to honour its debts. One of the largest Portuguese banks, the Banco Espírito Santo (BES), owned 20.1% by the Espirito Santo group, had been in the crosshairs of the markets after the discovery late May of accounting irregularities within the ESI holding, which precipitated the departure of its CEO, Ricardo Salgado. Mr. Salgado was replaced on July 14 by the distinguished Economist Vitor Bento. Under the effect of the economic crisis, the BES had widened its net loss to EUR 89.2 million in the first quarter. Throughout the year 2013, the loss had reached 517.6 million euros. . You should click this http://tr.getboatplans.biz to learn more about this interesting topic.

Experiment we are watching you: beetle without Kafka.

July 23, 2014 at 9:09 am

The day before yesterday, when the social psychologist at Thilo to visit was, Dr. Mauf was strangely not sufficiently observed. The researchers instead reported his older and more primitive relatives, cockroaches. Now cockroaches are not really sympathetic people, and indeed one of the nastiest and böswilligsten figures in "Men in black" as a giant cockroach comes along. They are however very brave laboratory animals, whose clear and predictable Nervensystem makes they work almost like robots. Cockroaches have so to speak a long cable, with multiple nodes, where sensations run and their instincts are processed into commands for legs, probe and Fresswerkzeuge. Of course I had to dissect even cockroaches in my studies (one working with microscope and knife once evolution up starts with the Paramecia and dismantled only after the whole series finally a human body donors, who bequeathed the Anatomy). Roaches are easy to dissect, but they have a smelly fat body in itself. Disgusting. However, the nervous system, as I said, is very instructive and clear. The psychologist has, under the watchful eye of facet of the ignored Dr. Oras, paraded as moving the cockroaches in a maze. Can orient themselves quite well and find their way – but if someone is watching them, the researcher, I assume, their performance degrades significantly. Even a cockroach, you might think, is fab as Thilo and nervous especially when looks at them attach themselves. This is also quite logical – cockroaches have experience, that a great shadow, which seems to look down on them, could have cockroaches on his menu because a few hundred million years. Her modest nerves must now switch on multi-tasking: orientation in the maze as well as air surveillance and preparation of the flight reflex are in demand. Ever cornered have been, in a corner of the schoolyard or even a dark alley? Well, so. So we’re back to Oras. He’s calm and seemingly bored in his glass case-in the glass box. This, he leaves probably on the gigantic success with peer to peer is 300 million years has had. Beetles are the largest order of insects, many like hardly another animal construction – in the (temporary) capture of habitats we humans are ahead of space station them only by the international, otherwise they scattered as far as we. But, as Dr. Mauf proves this rather stoic or Buddhist, calm and confident. This is perhaps because that Dr. Mauf – different counts as cockroaches and people – to the holometabolen creatures: beings, way of life and his form since he was a larva, he has transformed completely. So, as we most impressive by his relatives, the butterflies know it. Oras white: If life is endlessly annoying, perhaps still a complete transformation could be in store. This is the principle of hope of the beetle. For the education citizen children now will expire with the mechanical Instinktsicherheit of a cockroach on Super clever thoughts: No, we’re talking today once not by Franz Kafka. 13 points, and shut up. Maybe Thilo shouldn’t, I think previously a meditation course, to be able to rest as Oras, the surly way to so. Just not in Laos. There, the Buddhist monks may feed on roasting beetles. . For extended insights about this topic check http://tr.getboatplans.biz.

Gaza: fighting continues, over 600 deaths and 4000 injured.

July 23, 2014 at 7:36 am

It does not stop the violence in the Middle East between Israelis and Palestinians. On the night the new aviation air raids in Tel Aviv on the Gaza Strip have caused other victims driving up the total budget to more than 600 deaths. According to the Dpa News Agency, in his last hours at least ten Palestinians and two Israeli soldiers have been killed in the Gaza Strip as a result of Israeli army operations in the Palestinian territories. As confirmed by the spokesman of the Ministry of health in Gaza, Ashraf al-Qedra, cited by local media, the budget of the 16th day of the Israeli offensive is 639 dead. The wounded instead now there are thousands, and even if the sources are divided, there is talk of about 4000 people. From the beginning of ground operations with which the Israeli army has invaded the Gaza Strip, on the other hand, would be 29 Israeli soldiers killed. As announced by military spokesman in Tel Aviv, during the military operations of this night two soldiers were killed during firefights in Gaza. Remain two instead Israeli civilians have been killed as a result of hostilities since the beginning of armed conflict. Kerry himself is now in Cairo in Egypt to try to reach a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. A hope also reiterated by the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, to which came the reply just reassuring the Prime Minister of the new Palestinian Unity Government formed after the April agreement between Hamas and Fatah. "A ceasefire agreement with Israel must include the lifting of the economic blockade imposed on the Gaza Strip," said Rami Hamdallah indeed, concluding: "we demand justice for our people subjected every day, from 47 years, employment. It is time to put an end to aggression and it is time to lift this siege ". . Related info can be read visiting web site.

Why the new manifestation pro – Gaza in Paris is authorized.

July 23, 2014 at 5:07 am

Behind manifestation of Wednesday, the national collective for peace just and lasting between Palestinians and Israelis, which brings together a wide range of associations, trade unions and parties, including the Communist Party (PCF), the new party anti-capitalist (NPA), Europe Ecologie – the Greens (EELV), the League of the rights of man (LDH), the movement against racism and for friendship among peoples (Mrap)Solidarity, the National Union of students of France (Unef) and many pro-Palestinian organizations. This is what Manuel Valls told to justify the authorization of the event on Wednesday. The service of order of the CGT, which is part of the organizers, figures no doubt prominently among these pledges. Broken management of manifestation, it should reduce the risk of spills.  The service of order of the CGT will only oversee its part of the procession and not all of the event, was nevertheless held to remind the Union. But it will be assisted in this task by the NPA, the party left and the Communist Party. The pro-Palestinian demonstrators were more than 4. 000 in Lyon, 3. 1, 000 to Marseille. 700 in Saint-Etienne, between 1. 300 and 2. 000 to Lille, 1. 300 to Strasbourg, Nantes 900, 600 in Clermont-Ferrand, Montpellier 400, approximately 300 in Bordeaux and 200 in Toulouse. No incidents to report. Unsurprisingly, the right was quick to point a mistake or a provocation. The Government made a form of provocation and has been unable to assert the authority of the State, thus considered Yves Jégo, candidate for the Presidency of the UDI. Why not have permitted it? To be able to frame it, wondered on Twitter the elected representative of the 18th arrondissement of Paris and national Secretary of the UMP Pierre – Yves Bournazel. This prohibition was a provocation and a manipulation, said the left party. . For more insights about this matter read http://tr.getboatplans.biz.

New York: a building with an entry for the poor and one for the rich.

July 22, 2014 at 2:32 pm

They will live in the same place, but they will return not by the same door. A spokesman for the Ministry of housing and the US development confirmed to the New York Post that he had approved the plan of the real estate company Extell. It plans to build a 33-story luxury condominium on the Upper West Side where the main entrance would be separated from another entrance, reserved for the poorest tenants. Hidden in a small alley, it would do not mix dogs with cats,. Under the U.S. program, developers can build larger homes if there is the presence of social housing. This construction which provides 219 apartments including 55 housing surplomberait the Hudson River. Tenants who have low incomes would be therefore installed between the 2nd and the 6th floor in studios or two pieces with rent ranging from $845 to 1. $099. For others, who don’t really look at the size of their wallets, they must subscribe to the rate of the New York real estate market. Which reached 1000 dollars per square metre. But the door of the poor is not a novelty. Several other major projects of development in New York also have separate inputs to distinguish between tenants and landlords. The tenants of this new project could also do not have the right to enjoy places like the pool or the gym, even if this information has not yet been confirmed. The president of the Borough of Manhattan has promised however that it would veto next similar projects to Extell which provides separate inputs – which promotes discrimination between American-, reports the New York Post. . Main source could be studied visiting this http://tr.getboatplans.biz.

Gaza: demonstrations propalestiniennes authorized Wednesday in France.

July 22, 2014 at 1:18 pm

The France wants to act with a lot of force to demand a ceasefire immediately, and this position will be held, said Laurent Fabius, french Minister of Foreign Affairs, on his arrival at a meeting of EU Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Brussels. According to him, nothing can justify the continuation of the massacres which have many victims and do that exacerbate tensions and hatreds between populations a new propalestinienne event under surveillance prepares for Wednesday in Paris, while justice adjudicates on cases of suspected arrested ‘breakers’ prohibited gatherings of the weekend which degenerated into urban riots and anti-Semitic acts. Other gatherings are planned Wednesday in Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, Reims,. as well as a new protest Saturday in Paris. On the eve of the Parisian fashion show, the organizers, the national collective for a just and lasting peace between Israelis and Palestinians, which brings together political parties from left, trade unions and associations, were pleased with his permission. This is a "just victory for democracy and freedom of expression that has made evil by the Government", said Takahashi Tahani, president of the Association France Palestine solidarity (AFD), at a press conference. President of the AFD has condemned "firmly" the violence that enamelled gatherings last weekend in Paris and teals (Val d’Oise) and explained having negotiated with the prefecture of police of Paris in order to find "common ground so that the event is happening in calm". In addition to the forces of order, it will be framed by elements of the services of order of four participating organizations: CGT, the postal code, the left party and the french Communist Party, he said. The US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived Monday evening in Cairo, and in an interview with Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary general, announced 47 million dollars (35 million euros) in aid for the inhabitants of Gaza (see below). Both are trying to wrest a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas after 14 days of Israeli bombing in Gaza. John Kerry plans to stay in Cairo until tomorrow morning but it has not yet set the date of his departure from the region, and it could go to Qatar, which has close ties with Hamas and hosts its leader in exile, Khaled Mechal. Palestinian groups claimed a humanitarian truce for five hours Tuesday to allow the civilians to go to source but Israel has refused citing security issues, learned the Ministry of defence. Israeli side, 27 soldiers and two civilians have been killed since early July 8 of the Israeli offensive protective border on the Gaza Strip. Since the beginning of hostilities, some 2. 060 rockets from Gaza have been drawn and 1. 600 impacts recorded in Israel. 396 others were intercepted by the missile defense system, according to the Israeli army Tuesday morning, the Israeli army reported 183 killed terrorists since the outbreak of the land assault. Israel says have lost 27 soldiers during land clashes with Palestinian activists, is three times more than its losses in the latest ground operation in Gaza, "Lead hardened", during the winter of 2008-2009. Two soldiers were killed during the last 24 hours. Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip since 2007, announced by new firing rockets on the Jewish State. Sirens were heard in Tel Aviv and a rocket made two minor injuries falling on a common close to Ben-Gurion international airport. The Israeli authorities also deplore the deaths of two civilians killed by rocket fire. Two days after the claim by Hamas of the kidnapping of a soldier, Israeli army announced Tuesday that a soldier was missing and presumed dead, Israeli media reported. The army believes that the soldier died along with six comrades in the attack of a transport of troops Sunday, but she was able to identify only six bodies. . For more facts on this matter check hyperlink.