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Campaign against Ebola stigma: I am Liberianerin – no virus.

October 23, 2014 at 8:24 am

Solomon’s niece, who is at home in the United States, experienced similar. When she sneezed several times at school, her teacher put it away from the other children and measuring their temperature. Solomon’s sister was asked their daughter temporarily from teaching to keep – a girl who has never been in Liberia, which had two years with no one contact, who had come from there. According to a survey by the Washington Post and ABC News fear a spread of the virus in their country two thirds of US citizens. As a consequence that must learn now with West African roots painfully what it means from a country to come, called just yet in the same breath with Ebola, plague and death. The death of Liberian-born Thomas Edward Duncan, the only person so far died on us soil to Ebola, have particularly fired the general suspicion against Liberians. Solomon stressed, however, that the social stigma not only in the United States but also beyond the country’s borders exist. In Liberia itself people would suffer discrimination as well, especially those who were recovered and now wanted to return to the communities. There they often were not accepted. On the day their daughter was released from the school, the barrel was überglaufen for Solomon. With a video message, she addressed the public. In front of the camera, she talks about the injury which have sustained her daughter through the charge to be a carrier of the disease. We are Liberians, Guineans, Nigerians and Sierra León. We live in a region that has been ravaged by a deadly disease. But we are not all infected, she says. Then, she holds a paper sign in the height. It says: I am Liberianerin – no virus. You understand me wrong, says Solomon. I have sympathy for the uncertainty in the American population. Ebola is a serious business, not small wool talking them. However, it will ask for a more sensitive handling. We have been through so much in our country: only the 14-year civil war and now Ebola. This stigma is too much. She was Liberianerin – no virus, that wool screaming Cooper prefer every time if she see messages, read Facebook posts or experience the reactions on their origin. She would explain all the people happy that she came to participate at congresses in the States and in their homes could now not back because all flights were cancelled. Just like all the other West Africans in the States, she miss their family and must live in constant worry to them. But whether anyone helped if the world now fall into collective fear and ignorance. . For additional insights on this subject check http://804211537b4a3e87260209633caba.com-data-map.eu.

Michael Schumacher made “some progress.”

October 23, 2014 at 7:04 am

"I have seen some progress but I would say that he should be given time. It of like other patients for we are in a time scale that ranges from 1 year to 3 years, therefore it takes patience, said the French doctor, remained close to the seven-time champion world of F1, to which it pays still visit, without being able to say more. It is in the field of medical confidentiality,. I continue to see firstly at the CHU in Lausanne, and then his home now. It is to see also how it progresses and then say to his wife and children that I observed as changes,.» Provisions enabling to treat Schumacher ‘like any other patient"and not be bothered by the aura of the champion to treat him. Allowing to save her life, confirms pan. "He was in a critical situation on his arrival. His injury was particularly serious,"he said in Paris. And if the German is still living, he continued on RTL, "it is because there were decisions that were taken in time and hour.". Root source may be read checking this http://804211537b4a3e87260209633caba.com-data-map.eu.

Migrants: 100 police officers and gendarmes deployed as reinforcements to Calais.

October 22, 2014 at 10:22 pm

While, for the third consecutive day, brawls took place at Calais between migrants wishing to go to England, the Minister of the Interior decided to "further strengthen" the strength of enforcement. A contingent of 100 police officers and additional gendarmes will there be deployed, "including 70 permanently 24 hours to secure the port, and 30 other to secure the city. Recalling that "350 police officers are already mobilized in Calais, with two companies of CRS that I have already assigned", it will be a total «from today in Calais» 450 policemen and gendarmes mobilised, "which is exceptional for a 75 police district. ‘ 000 inhabitants, but totally justified in light of the situation ", says the Minister on the site of the voice of the North. Bernard Cazeneuve also referred to future work to secure the port, referring to "provisional barriers" initially, before "final security" in the coming months.  "The goal is to streamline the movement of trucks, to avoid that they are assaulted, and to strengthen controls, while ensuring the safety of migrants who are themselves in danger. It’s also to relieve the forces of order and discourage facilitator networks", he explained. New CRS reinforcements have already been sent Wednesday at Calais, where migrants have also attempted to storm the trucks occurred, causing a huge footprint, according to concordant sources.  «A CRS half, is 35 to 40 men, arrived in the afternoon at Calais, immediately participating in the maintenance of order, told AFP a police Union source.   To deal with the tensions caused by an influx of migrants wishing to go to England, a second company of CRS had arrived in September. New brawls between migrant origins of Eritrean and Ethiopian erupted late morning Wednesday in a street in Calais, where illegal immigrants come to buy in discount stores, according to the police source. "It is the first time that skirmishes occur in Calais, forcing police to intervene", was assured.  A usual became scenario, of migrants then headed the bypass of access to the port where a queue of lorries of more than 3 km was formed due to the high attendance on Wednesday from the heavy traffic from the ends of Europe. Situation aggravated by delays in the ferries due to the gusts blowing on the sleeve.   Starting at noon, hundreds of migrants have tried to climb into the trucks taken into the plug on the bypass of access and riot police intervened to keep away them. .  To have free rein, police then blocked traffic ring road exit through which pass heavy descendant of ferries, which had to go through channels of load shedding.  To 15 hours, the CRS had finished to dislodge migrants, leaving Calais police and PAF monitoring the queue of trucks which began to reduce that to 20 hours. The prefect of the Pas-de-Calais Denis Robin was to hold a press conference Thursday morning in Calais to take stock of the situation. Furthermore, around 18 o’clock an African migrant was injured while attempting to jump from a bridge on a truck headed for the rail terminal of the channel tunnel at Coquelles, according to one witness. He was taken to the hospital. . You should visit the following site to discover extra about this amazing topic.

Electric car pioneer: Daimler sold its shares in Tesla.

October 22, 2014 at 1:07 pm

The German car maker Daimler has silver plated its share of the American electric car manufacturer Tesla and want to put the profit into expanding its model range. The sale of the stake of four percent put a $780 million in cash, Daimler said late Tuesday night. But, regardless of the group will cooperate in ongoing projects with Tesla in terms of electric drive. The unexpected exit gave impetus to the Daimler shares, the Dax value was well a percent up to 60,20 euros in the plus. But also the nervousness on the financial markets crises, wars, and signs of weakness of the global economy may have contributed to the decline of Tesla shares. In this environment Daimler wants rebuild a good cushion of capital to arm themselves against the turmoil in the financial markets, according to company sources. You would again experience a situation like in the debt crisis of 2008/2009, as were the car values with the economy in the basement and the banks curbed loans. Daimler had last week already announced an unexpectedly sharp rise in cash resources to 5.4 billion euros. The step was well received in the financial market. It is in the interest of the shareholders that Daimler uses the high rate of Tesla and log profits, said Frank Biller, car expert of the Landesbank Baden-Württemberg. Much imagination put into the Tesla stock high risks were to the chances of a further increase in the price. In addition, the hedging is not free, and it now had to be decided whether to extend this insurance. Daimler had bought 2009 just under 10 percent of Tesla for $50 million. The Group of its major shareholder, a sovereign wealth Fund of Abu Dhabi sold a part of it. Most recently, it was still four percent. Joining Tesla was met with criticism five years ago on the financial market. At that time, Daimler wanted to help the small car company on the legs to develop the technology for electric cars. Tesla delivers the battery for the electric version of the B-class and the first generation of the electric smart. The partnership with Tesla is very successful and will be continued in the future, CEO Dieter Zetsche said. . You must visit this article to read extra about this amazing matter.

MTP WINS in Nicosia.

October 21, 2014 at 9:34 pm

Despite a terribly poor delivery, Paris SG was itself 1-0 Tuesday to face Apoel Nicosia on the 3rd day of Champions League thanks to a goal by Cavani in the final moments. Unfortunate, clumsy, poorly in the role of striker, and even mauled by the arbitrators, Edinson Cavani had not necessarily the profile of the Savior. But while Paris sent to a 0-0 which was also sad in the way as the consequences to the ranking, it is the Uruguayan who with a pivot after remission of Bahebeck shot provided the three points for his team. Friday at the Stade de France against Lens, Cavani had been warned for mimed a shot of rifle in the direction of the public blood and gold after his goal, then expelled for touching the referee in which he asked for explanations. Tuesday at the GSP Stadium, he took precautions and mimed the gesture but as white, canon to the ground. Thanks to this goal, PSG remains so at the top of Group F, with a length of lead over Barcelona, which beat Ajax Amsterdam 3-1. But it is the only positive point of this Cypriot evening with the newfound success of Cavani. Very ordinary in Ligue 1, PSG was indeed expected in the Champions League, where motivation, white and his players acknowledged, comes more naturally. But that was not enough. It is understood, the Apoel Nicosia is not Barca. But everyone was warned of the value of the club and knew that he would not as a victim. Tuesday, Thiago Silva, back after more than two months of absence for injury, and his family did not know how to attack a dense and highly organized block. For his recovery, the Brazilian captain was associated with compatriot David Luiz for the first in this 100% Selecao hinge official competition, the most expensive in the world, who succeeded so the unlikely duo Kargbow Camara who finished the match against Lens. "O Monstro" logically enough known somewhat difficult beginnings, speaking much and seeking the right settings with his teammates. He even made a few frights with such a big mistake narrowly overtaken revival (14). Paris had the possession, of course, but at the break, the balance of opportunities was roughly balanced, with a framed large (3rd) Sheridan head and another above the former Sochalien Carlão (43) against a strike without danger of Pastore (20th) and a blunder by Cavani to eight metres (26). The suite was the same barrel with a remarkable work of defensive withdrawal of Cypriots, favoured by the great slowness of Parisian patterns and countless Pastore ball losses. And on the side of Parisian? Not much, really. Passes, many passes, but speed, depth and no idea on the wings. Lucas (68) and Cabaye (72) still worried Pardo but nobody could tell the difference until the awakening of Cavani, overdue almost all along but which thus found his flair at the right time. The Parisian result is good because it confirms the likelihood of a duel with Barcelona for first place. And it is better to make the race because Pastore was nice to say that the qualification that counts, first or second isn’t the same thing. But the way is a real source of polling at the time when the capital club must accelerated to fetch OM and their seven points ahead of. And at this rate, it will be not easy. . Extended facts can be inspected reading http://804211537b4a3e87260209633caba.com-data-map.eu.

Champions League: hinge Luiz Silva for PSG against APOEL.

October 21, 2014 at 8:52 pm

Paris SG will play for the first time in official competition with its hinge Thiago Silva-David Luiz, Tuesday in Nicosia against APOEL at the 3rd day of the League Champions of Thiago Silva, injured since August 11 and a game friendly in Naples, therefore his comeback after more than two months of absence. Apart from a few minutes against Naples, he has not yet played McCaw Parisian with his fellow countryman David Luiz, who also returns from injury. For the rest, the composition of team chosen by Laurent Blanc is no surprise, with the usual trio Verratti-Motta-Matuidi in the middle. In attack, Lavezzi and Ibrahimovic are still unavailable and are therefore Lucas, Cavani, and Pastore which will be aligned. Side Nicosia, the surprise comes from the incumbency of Efrem, preferred to Charalambides. Teams: APOEL Nicosia (CYP): Urko Pardo РMario Sergio, Carḷo, Joao Guilherme, Marios Antoniades РNuno Morais (cap), Vinicius РManduca, Tiago Gomes, Efrem РCillian SheridanParis SG (FRA): Sirigu РVan der Wiel, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Maxwell РVerratti, Thiago Motta, Matuidi РLucas, Cavani, Pastore. Related data can be read visiting http://804211537b4a3e87260209633caba.com-data-map.eu.

Ecotax: Ecomouv employees ‘ demand accounts for Ségolène Royal.

October 21, 2014 at 6:45 pm

Ecomouv employees ‘, company responsible for the establishment and collection of the ecotax and the transit heavy toll, then asked the Minister for the ecology Ségolène Royal to quickly clarify the situation of their company, after the announcement of the suspension sine die of the eco-tax in a letter sent Friday to Segolene Royal, 210 employees in Metz and Paris calling "the indefinite term + suspension sine die + be very quickly translated."in terms of impact on the transit heavy toll and the contract between the State and Ecomouv’.  These employees lament a "climate of confusion and uncertainty" after the announcement, October 9, the abandonment of the device, they learned "through the press. "Minister, you cannot question operative ecotax voted on by MEPs by your will and your a-priori. "Your position you nor used to bad trial to the technological work presented by Ecomouv’ which you have signed availability June 20, 2014, thereby acknowledging even its fully functional character", they point out in their mail. Contacted by AFP, the Ministry of ecology confirmed receipt of the letter and said that employees would be received at his Ministry. A member of the Committee of Ecomouv business ‘ told AFP that the company continued to operate normally, calling the situation of "grotesque". And to explain: "we always meetings with the State on the progress of the project. then evoke even ‘increased workload", due to which the 1 October and ongoing experimentation in their letter, the employees of Ecomouv’ asked Ségolène Royal to"stop denigrating systematically in the public square"their work," supporting particular (ses) extremely hurtful untruths. They also urge it "to stop the innuendo and false allegations on the contract between the State and Ecomouv’. They say wait for the Minister "respect of the signing of the status of the contract; failing that, a decision fully assumed and explained to the employees of the Group; failing that, the assurance of a professional future for all employees and the maintenance of an activity on the Metz website; "failing that, insurance to provide financial resources to the company Ecomouv’ to the accompaniment of its employees. Ecomouv’ is a joint venture between Italian Autostrade, which owns 70% of the capital, and the French Thales (11%), SNCF (10%), SFR (6%) and Steria (3%). The company based in Metz employs 200 employees and some 130 customs officials, recruited mostly between 2012 and 2013 to ensure the recovery of the tax. . For more about this matter read http://804211537b4a3e87260209633caba.com-data-map.eu.

Quino hopes that today’s children are not corrupted tomorrow.

October 21, 2014 at 6:15 pm

Renowned Republican, believes that the self-imposed to espa ola has contributed much to the democracy of the country – I speak the tejerazo – and that Felipe and Letizia do will help keep this forward as best as possible. After clarifying that at your age you will not take party on whether it should continue or not the self-imposed, has shown its confidence that these people, and I am referring to the Kings, leaving no if people, as best as possible and help Spanish to get out of this situation of crisis n. I’ve always considered a journalist who draws, said when asked c mo be defined before this n galard and before ensuring that there are issues such as missing during argentina’s dictatorship or the drama of an earthquake that never addressed from the humor. S that has clear to the n of the world evolution always has been full of obstacles, however, and have to work together to not be dividing each time m s. . You should read this hyperlink to discover extra regarding this interesting topic.

Red Red-Green debate: “Risk for the SPD”.

October 21, 2014 at 1:08 pm

Rough: That is the question of all questions. Furthermore it agonizes in the SPD party leadership. When Gabriel can be seen currently the strategy, to complete the Grand Coalition as well and successfully as possible. The success of the energy transition will be a very central aspect to his success as a Minister and Vice Chancellor is calculated. And then, it will be important to find the right time to settle programmatically by Merkel and the Union. It seems to me that even not is the time, to do it on the outside. Rough: Then it doesn’t seem so currently also. See all Yes so interested to Thuringia, because there is no alternative to the Grand Coalition in the Federal Government at the moment. However, Thuringia is a special case, which is not good to generalize. The new countries have been considered always different, what’s going on alliances between left-wing party and the SPD. The coalition with the Brandenburg party is regarded as a model of success in the SPD, but the State party evaluated differently in the SPD as the federal party. . Main source may be found clicking the following http://804211537b4a3e87260209633caba.com-data-map.eu.

Chikungunya in Montpellier: four people contract the virus after they are bitten by mosquitoes.

October 21, 2014 at 11:40 am

If we put ice on the injury, it is because it has an effect inhibiting to the nerves that lead the sensation of pain,. but also itch. A few ice cubes on a prick and you feel more nothing. The reverse is also true. Hot water or a warm compress can have the same effect, but once removed, the itchy feeling will only get stronger. Better therefore to prefer ice. A shock of cold therapy will provide relief for itching and keep you from more swelling, says Schultz. Ice actually numbs the nerves that conduct itching and pain so you don’t feel either, he says. You may have heard that going the other direction in temperature can also help. Hot water would in fact have the same effect on the nerves, says Schultz, but after you remove your warm compress or step out of that hot shower, you’ll face a rebound release of histamine that makes the itching worse, he says. . You should visit the following http://804211537b4a3e87260209633caba.com-data-map.eu to read more on this interesting matter.