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Campaigning in America: German companies are sponsoring US candidates with millions.

October 31, 2014 at 5:40 pm

When America next elects next Tuesday, a gigantic expensive Congress election campaign enters its final. Up to four billion dollars in total the independent Institute has calculated Center for responsive politics (CRP) – a record. To be added then the expenses for possible runoff in the coming weeks. Only U.S. citizens and people with a permanent residence permit may donate to national politics in the United States, says Russ Choma CRP staff. However, there is the loophole for foreign companies, which maintain a branch in the United States. These cuttings can establish their own political interest groups, so-called political action committees (PAC), in which their US employees can then deposit campaign contributions. In the CRP data collection also 18 political stakeholders in German companies are listed so far good donated $1.2 million to Republicans and nearly one million dollars to Democrats. In the first group are the chemical company BASF (343. $500); T-Mobile United States, the US mobile wireless subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom (335. $500); the chemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer (300 $500) as well as the technology group Siemens (288. $400). The PACs support a number of candidates for the Senate and the House of representatives with low four-digit amounts. While any interests of the company shine through. One of the highest donations the lobby group of T-Mobile United States in the total amount of $10 000 was about the Democratic Senator Ed Markey, advocating against the mass monitoring of mobile data by police and intelligence services. Bayer has two deputies from the State are its American headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – top on the list of recipients (see here a CRP collection of all PACs with foreign connections). The Center for responsive politics, expected that individual candidates, as well as the two parties will spend a total of about $2.7 billion in this election year. There are also still estimated to be at least $900 million, which are not as classic contributions to Democrats and Republicans, but that political interest groups of their own radio or television advertisements intervene directly in the action. . You should check this http://19bd0413b74c637be057d.com-information-classified.eu to discover extra regarding this great topic.

WHO are new safety recommendations for Ebola helpers.

October 31, 2014 at 2:43 pm

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued new guidelines for medical personnel that take care of Ebola patients. Doctors and nurses should wear one above the other two pairs of gloves, the WHO in Geneva said. The responsible for the safety supervisor, Edward Kelley, called this an absolute recommendation as previously yet not have given it. Helpers must also ensure that mouth, nose and eyes better before contaminated body fluids of patients are protected. In Liberia, the worst by the disease affected countries in West Africa, is now a new Ebola treatment center have been opened. The establishment in the capital Monrovia is one of the largest in the country. The country expects a new wave of infections. However, WHO recently had declared that the infection rate seem to be going back. More than 13 700 people is infected so far in West Africa with the virus – nearly half of them in Liberia. . You must check the following info to learn extra regarding this interesting matter.

Marco Polo with Favino and Richelmy on Netflix, and Italy ahead.

October 31, 2014 at 1:31 pm

If you’ve always imagined the voyages of Marco Polo as exotic experiences culminating in glitzy meetings at the Court of Kublai Khan, forget everything. Violence, intrigue, sex and human wickedness: in years across Asia, Marco Polo is confronted with all this. At least according to the version told by Netflix in Marco Polo tv series be released on 12 December. Where travel has been read in a million will be visible on your computer, in the United States, connecting to site providing online streaming. With regard to Italy we are still awaiting the arrival of Netflix, but meanwhile there is able to circumvent the ban and take advantage of the service. We are going to wait for a tv probably paid the shop for Italian spectators as it was for House of Cards, produced by Netflix and aired by us on Sky Atlantic. Marco Polosi develops in ten episodes, that someone will dare to compare to another hit HBO tv series, Game of Thrones, which teems with swords, armours and action scenes, where the traveler’s role will be entrusted to the young Italian actor Lorenzo Richelmy. To that of Nicholas, however, Marco Polo’s father, Netflix has thought of Pierfrancesco Favino. Filmed partly in Italy, in Venice, and partly in Kazhakistan and Malaysia, Marco Polo follows the adventures of the Explorer to the Court of Kublai Khan, tells of the difficulty of a traveler in a foreign land, despite the beauty of the land, the charm of that culture and grace of the women of the Court constituted a constant distraction for the young Venetian. The English actor Benedict Wong will play a lavish and pompous Kublai Khan. Produced by Netflix and The Weinstein Company, Marco Polo was written by John Fusco, formerly HomelandGame creator of Thrones. There are good reasons why fans are already in turmoil. . For additional information about this matter check info.

Medical euthanasia: patients get the death on recipe.

October 31, 2014 at 11:16 am

He wants no juice as sweet admixture. Although he knows the medicine tastes bitter. Only water, he says. Roger Sagner sits on the edge of a sofa. The trees in the garden can be seen through the window behind him. His family, a few friends came. Most are available as he takes the large handle glass with the Milky liquid in his hand. 90 capsules, opened individually by hand. They contained pentobarbital, a fast-acting sedative. Roger, you know, what makes this drug?, asks one of the attendees. It will kill me and make happy, he says. You can choose any other. -My decision is clear. Then Sagner attaches the glass, drink it in one gulp and lay to the side. His three children sitting next to him and stroking him arm. It was easy, it was just people. These are the last words, the Roger Sagner speaks that in the film how to Oregon (as man dies in Oregon). The American director Peter Richardson has accompanied people on their way to the self-chosen death in the documentary. Who sees it, must be strong, because he will hardly forget the images. However, if many Germans look at him. This applies especially to 631 members of the Bundestag. You must vote on whether what has documented Richardson, to become a reality in Germany. For a year the parliamentarians want to take time to discuss a law on euthanasia. Next Thursday, the first great debate takes place to do so. A very personal debate is imminent, it is already clear the Parliament. Politicians will be talking about her encounter with suffering and death, and about their attitudes to life. You are arguing about what the individual can decide for themselves, and where, the company must set limits to his self-determination. And while they talk about Oregon. The citizens in the State in the Northwest of the United States exactly 20 years ago, a referendum decided that doctors should help terminally ill die. The first State was around the world, which allowed the medically supported suicide with the death with dignity Act in 1994. Today we know nowhere else so much about people who choose death in the face of a terminal illness, as here between Portland and Medford. . Similar information can be inspected clicking http://19bd0413b74c637be057d.com-information-classified.eu.

LANXESS cuts expected to more than 1000.

October 31, 2014 at 10:17 am

As further in the report, jobs in administration, in marketing and in the central research and development should fall away. Especially the sites in Cologne and Leverkusen are affected. In Cologne LANXESS moved into its new headquarters just over a year ago – the LANXESS Tower. Marimuthu had already announced months ago that the realignment of the group in Germany above all jobs in the administration are on the list of closings. The domestic production is, however, hardly affected. LANXESS was overthrown by its strong focus on the rubber business and its dependence on the tire and auto industry into the red numbers. LANXESS was formed ten years ago from a separation of the chemicals Division of the Bayer Group and brought on the stock exchange. After an extensive renovation, the company included kick today around 17 000 workers with an annual turnover of EUR 8.3 billion soon. The company in the top German League of stock market Dax had risen in September 2012. LANXESS 2013 brought the global demand slowdown in the automotive industry, as well as overcapacity in the industry in the bailout. The Group plunged into the red. . Original source can be found reading the following http://19bd0413b74c637be057d.com-information-classified.eu.

Gold, emeralds, coins and banknotes stolen booty anticheRecuperato in Porto Rafael records.

October 31, 2014 at 9:03 am

Thieves in action at, in the municipality of Palau, where were stolen jewelry and antique coins worth from the House of an entrepreneur. The stolen property has been recovered and was denounced by the police for handling. The men of the territorial command of Olbia followed Thursday’s shifts of Olbia to Rome, which was blocked at the airport. The young man was carrying, accompanied by quality control certificates and a letter written by the girl’s father, but was unable to explain the origin of the jewels. In the barracks, the father of the young, arrived with the intention of explaining the origin of military goods, has also led, scrapbooks containing 15 old postcards and stamps various ancient notes, 64 vario cut, 7 necklaces, brooches, 13 2 rings and other jewelry, but would not be able to explain their origin. The military have thus discovered that it was a part of the stolen goods taken away last Tuesday to Palau, from the House of contractor. . You must read this http://19bd0413b74c637be057d.com-information-classified.eu to read more on this amazing matter.

Missing students in Mexico: President Peña Nietos late insight.

October 31, 2014 at 7:43 am

More than five hours the meeting of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto took with the families of the 43 missing students from Iguala in his residence "Los Pinos" in Mexico City. Then turned to the President in a short televised speech to the nation, expressed his "indignation over the incident" and "Understanding of the impatience of the families". At the same time he promised to search for the missing persons was now "high priority" for his Government. If a criminal offence has been committed those responsible would be punished. In addition, you will set up a Commission which will report daily on the progress of the investigations, to "avoid speculation". "We’re desperate, but we will keep searching tirelessly until we find her," a father said: "We live a nightmare." Another you came "not as a supplicant" to the President, but "as a citizen, who claim their rights", added: "I had believed the Government was more capable. But it is to barely 10 percent of capable, what I had trusted her. "Felipe de la Cruz, one of the spokesmen of the families, reiterated the hope, the 43 young people were still alive. But hardly anyone shares this faith in Mexico. The desperate words of the members from the State of Guerrero were the communications of the President appearing skinny. More than a month ago, disappeared on 26 September, the student of the "Raúl Isidro Burgos" in Ayotzinapa teacher seminar, known for his left activism. The students were on a protest voyage through the southern Mexican State of Guerrero, to draw attention to the low pay of teachers in schools in rural areas and to collect donations. . Related information can be inspected checking http://19bd0413b74c637be057d.com-information-classified.eu.

School rhythms: the members vote the continuation of aid at the same level.

October 30, 2014 at 6:44 pm

The National Assembly voted Thursday continued at the same level in 2015-2016 of the aid to the municipalities for the implementation in? implementation of the reform of school rhythms, in public schools or private contract. Faced with criticism of all the associations of elected representatives on the cost of this reform, in a context of lower allocations to communities, Prime Minister Manuel Valls indicated Tuesday that the Government would support amendments from the left to the draft of the State budget in order to maintain the seed at its current Fund. Aid will be however conditioned to the conclusion by the territorial educational Commons, so that the Fund does not finance a simple daycare for children, under these same amendments of Socialists, radicals of the left and environmentalists. The reform of school rhythms, with the return to the week of 4.5 days in primary, States that mayors implement extracurricular activities to make them accessible to the popular media. François Hollande had left the Commons choose to set up reform in 2013 or 2014. A seed fund had been unlocked for the municipalities that were jumping the pitch as soon as 2013: 50 euros per year per child in addition to 40 euros for Commons in urban and rural areas sensitive. In addition 53 euros of the family allowance Fund if the municipalities organise cultural, artistic or sports activities. These AIDS were renewed in 2014. For 2015, initially only the most fragile Commons should perceive the increased share of 40 euros, for a total cost of EUR 100 million. It remains but moreover, by Thursday’s vote, all municipalities will continue to receive the help of basis of 50 euros, or an additional cost of EUR 300 million. UMP deputies questioned the source of these funds and deplored insufficient aid, not perennial and conditioned, then assess the cost of extra-curricular activities between 180 and 200 euro per year and per student. The leader of the radical left members, Roger-Gérard Schwartzenberg, also called for a reassessment of the seed fund which according to him should be called support fund because foreplay even in educational matters cannot last too long. For its part, the general rapporteur of the Budget, Valérie Rabault (PS), defended without success an amendment to that inspections of Academy accompany the small municipalities in the development of their territorial educational project, failing which, according to it, 90% of rural municipalities will be excluded. The Minister of National Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem promised a circular to provide flexibility. The Assembly adopted overall proposed budget for school education for 2015, rising to 47.4 billion euros (66.4 billion with pensions) and who, an increase of 1.1 billion, becomes the first budget to service the debt. Socialists, radical left and environmentalists voted for, the left Front abstained while UMP and IDU voted against. . Inspirational data could be studied visiting the following link.

A member of the army on two hit by the crash of Louvois.

October 30, 2014 at 11:09 am

Louvois continues to give signs of weaknesses, confirms the general work. And clarify to members that it is very frequent that, without having changed family circumstances, certain personal do not receive the same pay of one month on the other. To each malfunction, attempts to correct errors by patches, but we do not get to a significant improvement of the situation. We gave delegation heads of body to adjust, if by car, some situations of underpayments. This device continues to operate. With respect to overpayments, sometimes very high, they were often taken for incentives by the concerned Member or spouse, and therefore spent accordingly. Indeed, it is extraordinarily difficult to read the bulletins of balance! We will also make easier them. In the case of overpayment, and we therefore request a repayment spread over time, adapted to each case. We also solve the problems that may arise with the tax centres, banks and the family allowance offices. Given the number of mobilized actors, it’s very complex. We will endeavour to resolve all difficulties until abandonment – that everybody wants – this absurd system, and for all say, dismal, said Jean-Yves Le Drian. The expert centre human resources and payroll (CERHS) of the Directorate of human resources of the Army went from 300 to 700 people, thanks to the arrival of 128 members, 257 contractors and 10 reservists, said the Executive work. It deals with priority victims of underpayments. I would like to commend the remarkable work of agents and military personnel, to which I visited visit last Monday. . Related data can be inspected reading article.

Sivens: the general Council of the Tarn, believed the dam, despite everything.

October 30, 2014 at 6:13 am

If it abandons the project, it is the whole Republic which is questioned. The PS member and general counsel of the Tarn Jacques Valax does not mince his words. We will not yield to 150 types that come from Notre-Dame-des-Landes and which are not in the region. If it did that, it means that the elect are more worthless. Jacques Valax knows what he wants: the impounding reservoir project [the dam, Editor's note] of Sivens may be suspended temporarily but it should not be stopped permanently. André Maille is the same argument as his opponent in the general Council, the Socialist Jacques Valax: If we give 200 people today, it will no longer build motorways in France. Experts mandated by Ségolène Royal had concluded Monday that the dam-reservoir project was oversized and costly compared to the volume of stored water. Regretting that alternatives were not actually analyzed, they had nevertheless found it difficult to stop the construction at this stage. He should know what they are talking about evoking a resize, argues Jacques Valax. We are not going to shrink the impounding reservoir. Need to make changes on irrigation. . Original facts may be read checking the following http://19bd0413b74c637be057d.com-information-classified.eu.