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Massacre in South Sudan

April 21, 2014 at 12:58 pm

Old Rivalries Reignited a Fuse in South Sudan - NYTimes.

The pro-Machar forces including more than 200 people killed in a mosque and several others in a church, buildings evacuated UN and Bentiu Hospital, the capital of oil and northern Unity State, recovery April 15 to the faithful South Sudanese President Salva Kiir troops, said the UN in a statement.

When troops Riek Machar "took Bentiu (…) they have searched a number of places where hundreds of civilians in South Sudan and foreigners had sought refuge and killed hundreds of civilians after the established membership ethnic or nationality, "explained the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

The fighting, which has claimed thousands of lives since the conflict began on December 15, regularly accompanied by ethnic massacres. "More than 200 civilians appear to have been killed and over 400 injured in (a) mosque" where hundreds of people had taken refuge, according to UNMISS which states that pro-Machar forces "separate individuals of certain nationalities or groups ethnic and put them safely, while others were killed. "

"At the hospital in Bentiu, men, women and children Nuer were killed because they were hiding and refused to join other Nuer celebrate the entry" of rebel forces in the area. "Individuals other South Sudanese communities, as well as Darfurians (inhabitants of the Darfur region in western Sudan) were specifically targeted and killed in the hospital," says UNMISS. Discover more rabattmonat.biz

Queen Elizabeth celebrates 88 years with new look and photos of the author

April 21, 2014 at 10:32 am

World - CBC News

A new photographic portrait where he appears smiling and cheerful, a family lunch at Windsor Castle, a walk with the usual huge crowd. Queen Elizabeth celebrates 88 years today and the Easter focuses on British "Royals". To celebrate, the queen wanted a portrait of the great celebrity photographer David Bailey, the same as the famous Antonioni's film Blow Up, which in effect gave a new face, full of light and heat away from the stark images of all time the real. A portrait commissioned by the British government in a marketing campaign to promote the tourism image of the country, where Elizabeth is wearing a light dress designed by Angela Kelly and a pearl necklace. A picture that sees smiling, healthy and long-lived, poised to overtake the record of Queen Victoria in September next year, when it becomes, with 63 years of the kingdom, the sovereign of the most enduring British history. We also recommend reading rabattmonat.biz

Eastern Ukraine: Separatists call for “Russian peacekeepers”

April 21, 2014 at 8:22 am

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The head of the Russian Orthodox Church called to prayer. In his Easter sermon in Moscow Patriarch Kirill also went on the situation in the neighboring country: "We pray to you with a grieving heart for the country of Ukrainians that is plagued by armed Give the Ukrainians, who believe in you, strength, and the confused understanding. and understanding. "

It is already clear that the incident Russia and the pro-Russian separatists played into their hands. From the Foreign Ministry in Moscow claimed that it was outraged that the agreed Paschal peace had been violated. The authorities in Kiev were not disarm the will, nationalists and extremists to ease the situation.

In Kiev the fatal shooting is completely different from shown. The transitional government said two groups of armed citizens were taken together. The nationalists told to not have been involved in the shooting. The evidence allegedly found at the scene were forged. In reality, pro-Russian forces had staged the shootout to destabilize the situation in eastern Ukraine on, it was from Kiev.

Today, the U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden is scheduled to arrive in Kiev. He wants to consult with the interim president Alexander Turchinov and Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk about the crisis in Ukraine. rabattmonat.biz to read more on this topic

Interior expedienta a commissioner to speak to 11-M HOME

April 20, 2014 at 11:20 pm


The sources explained that 11-M is "a historic event" and "res judicata", so Blonde Telesforo statements incardinarlas not be in any of the precepts of extreme misconduct. They add that the general excomisario Information "did not provide any data that was not known to the attacks" would have known that because of his position. Thus, we argue that spoke as "a citizen in the exercise of their freedom of expression." The lack of relationship between the 11 th and ETA, as well as appearing in the judgment of the attacks, was the subject of debates, interviews and reports both the bombing trial and the parliamentary inquiry. And the data on arrests of ETA members who facilitated Rubio in the statistics that Interior spreads on their website.

However, police officials sought a loophole to proceed against Rubio, unique exresponsable principal commissioner for Information and exsubdirector body following asset that has not been given a seat on the Board of Police not to ask permission to speak. To do this, the file is sent to the circular number 85 DGP of March 28, 1994, prepared for the government of Felipe González and Margarita Robles as Deputy Minister of Interior. The document, signed by the then Director General of Police, Carlos Conde Duque, refers to the need for police permission for participating in media, although his reading is inferred that the text refers to cases still open or recently resolved. The catalog of 13 minor faults the disciplinary system does not include anything about the lack of authorization. In fact, the phrase in the record or information provided to the chief commissioner could be obtained only by the exercise of his office in the CGI is identified. Discover more rabattmonat.biz

Holland risk to evoke his reelection

April 20, 2014 at 9:25 pm

New Deal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Funny Easter weekend. The release of the four hostages in Syria fell steeply for Francois Hollande, after a weekend of Twilight, marked by the sensational resignation of its powerful political adviser Aquilino Morelle – suspected conflict of interest – and petty politics bomb dropped by the President to Clermont-Ferrand. Friday, in front of the officers and employees of Michelin, the Head of State had falling unemployment sine qua non of his candidacy in 2017 if unemployment does not back by then, I did " no reason to be a candidate, or no chance of being re-elected "for a second term, he said. "It's huge, unprecedented! 'Says a senior socialist leader, who still can not.

For some, this "bombinette" was nothing more than a diversionary tactic aimed at diverting attention from the nightshade case and the bankruptcy of the "exemplary Republic." For others, this presidential commitment to be the contrary to his credit. "That's what he thinks since the beginning, says Elyos advisor. But François Hollande is a man who has the ability to say what he thinks. He is honest. "" He always thought he did not get a result on the employment front, 2017 would be very complicated analyzes a visitor tonight. Pact with its responsibility and its 50 billion in savings, with the appointment of Manuel Valls Matignon, he plays his last card. Following the five-year period will result from the results or not. "

For this president who is accused of inaction, indecision or lack of courage, link its fate unemployed would be a way to appear disinterested concern for the common good, and able to take risks. "It's part of the reconstruction of character analysis PS leader. He knows where he is in his report to the public, he tries to rebuild a relationship with the French. He suggests that it is not there to settle. It sets goals and if he fails, he withdrew from the race. " Read more rabattmonat.biz

The “farmer” in Seattle that ended in Telecinco presenter

April 20, 2014 at 6:17 pm

Certainly. My intention was not that. I came to Spain to learn while espaol was teaching English. I was in Mexico almost a year, but all my American friends went to the beach and a lot of holidays, but nothing more. I could not learn too. I am very worried and I present to csting of a prince to Corina. No salt chosen, although A appears in one program. After the radio arrived a flipante experience, as they say here. And now television. . .

No. A m I really like the music. I love to pick up the guitar and composing. I have worked in musicals like Cats, but at school.

I like it, but I do not want to get on TV to give me a job as an actress. The acting profession is very serious and if you want to devote to it, I will have to prepare and study. For now, the Prximo May 14 ceremony in Madrid as the opener in my role as singer and songwriter. Read more rabattmonat.biz

New robot version: “Asimo” serves drinks already better than C3PO

April 20, 2014 at 6:07 pm

When you think of human machines, heard "Asimo", in addition to the Star Wars Heroes R2-D2 and C-3PO, certainly one of the most famous robots. With only one difference – "Asimo" there really is. Since 2000, the sympathetic-looking robot of the company Honda repeatedly reminded that science fiction can quickly become reality. On the "International Auto Show" in New York, he was featured in his latest "version 3" for the first time the U.S. audience – and surprised the audience with a variety of skills.

Jogging, hopping on one leg, kicking soccer balls, climb stairs or serve drinks, showing a video of his performance: this is all for "Asimo" no longer a problem. On the contrary. His movements are partly quite human. Quite different than it was a few years ago when the dance routines of its predecessors achieved the effect of amusement in the first place. Today, the humanoids rather provides for astonishment than laughter – "Asimo" seems to be grown up. In its current version, one might think at times even, if it were a man in a robot costume.

It is particularly surprising that the 1.20 meter tall and 52 kilogram heavy "Asimo" acts autonomously, it is controlled by any person. If he like to see in the video, a glass takes in hand, he betrayed a plurality of sensors which type of object it just keeps and how hard it is. Various tasks can be programmed, which dealt with the bent-running robot with the help of his two camera eyes and sensors in his hands alone. More on this topic rabattmonat.biz

Elections 2014 war polls. M5S: “We declining? The information against us “

April 20, 2014 at 5:12 pm


"Talking about numbers now? It makes no sense. " He thinks Massimo Bugani, adviser to the 5 Star Movement in the City to Bologna to turn off the alarm. "Every time before the election is always the same story. We speak squares and only comment on the results. Now this is not a clash between us and the Democratic Party, but between us and the world of information. " Time of campaigning along the Via Emilia, and like any self-respecting eve of the war begins polls. The region, including interviews commissioned by the party and suggestions, it seems once again to be the stronghold of the Democratic Party. The photograph is that of Delos center, institute founded in 2005 and directed by researchers Michael Rocchetta and Alfonso Brunetti. Responsible for the analysis of the data is the sociologist Fausto Anderlini. Former Communist Party and chairman of the Medec, polling metropolitan center, he worked for the Province of Bologna. Defined by the Corriere della Sera "sociologist trusted Cofferati" in 2005 was the author of the survey and photographed the fears of Bologna and in fact Sdogati the right-wing policies of the junta to democracy. The data presented in the last days speak of an electorate Bolognese "pro-European" with a high rate of absenteeism (39%), a former PDL team in free fall (from 11 5 to 6.4%) and the 5 Star Movement that would drop from 18 to 9% of previous policies or that, considering only those who actually go to the polls would increase from 23.2 to 15.4%. "It 'a fact that I had already recorded," says Anderlini, "for example, with the participation of many voters with past 5 Stars primary Pd (Renzi voted for or Civati), but is now back with insistence. Surely there are local dynamics that strongly influence. I do not know if this will be a change of trend that will have an effect on the national team. "

But they are not only the data on Bologna to discuss. In Reggio Emilia, some local newspapers (Journal of Reggio and Resto del Carlino) sent out surveys that were commissioned by the Democratic Party to the research firm Svg. In those results we see a Democratic Party victory without going through the balloting: The Old Luca mayoral candidate would be 52%, the third party Movement 5 Stars 13% and the candidate of the center to 20 percent. A revelation condemned by grillini: "We have filed a complaint," announced Norbert Vaccari, running for M5S, "Authority for the Communications, at Corecom, the Guardia di Finanza about the polls appeared which are definitely illegal, and we believe also false, because in our opinion does not in any way correspond to the facts. " In Modena, the same survey of the Democratic Party, would give the commissioner Muzzarelli to over 40 per cent and 16 per cent grillini.

Also weighing on the table of 5 stars could be expulsion (a lot of games right from Bologna), leader of the discontent with the mayor of Parma and Federico Pizzarotti a group of dissidents who always asks the voice. Some of them have complained of not being able to participate in the last election on the net, others have formed a new political party called "One worth much," to try to make network throughout Italy. The photograph of Delos Searches does not seem to worry too much the Bologna group. In front of the survey data, the parent company in town, Massimo Bugani, has a kind of deja vu. "Even a year ago, a month before the policy, they asked me an 'opinion on a survey that gave us 11%, with attached opinion of John Favia who was already talking about a debacle. Then instead we got 25%. So I think that comment on these numbers now makes no sense. It 's like talking about anything. " In Bologna and surroundings Bugani is considered a benchmark for cricket and Casaleggio. Him know that you can trust. Councillor Bologna, in fact, has never adhered to the frond of internal dissidents, that Emilia had her homeland. If you are registered here the first electoral successes, those who have allowed the 5-star debut in the palaces in the garb (hitherto unpublished) of regional councilors and municipal always here has found fertile ground wing critics, and there have been the first expulsions, from that of the director Ferrara Valentino Tavolazzi.

A dissent but never found the bank in Bugani. Indeed, the elected Commune was involved in clashes, sometimes fierce, both with Federica Salsi, ended in disgrace and expelled after an appearance at Ballarò, both with former dolphin Grillo, John Favia, hunted for a Fuorionda where he painted Casaleggio as a master father of the Movement. "Recently we had a merciless attack by people who were stuck in the movement with the intent to destroy Grillo. But we withstood impact and we are now very strong and happy in the past. Of course, these events could affect the consensus, because these people have been echoed by the media as huge as unexplained. " For now prefers not to overreach in predictions. Better talk to the results of the polls on the table. "I have no idea what will happen, I'm curious. If we look at the squares and affection I would say that we are above 30%, but if you look at the lies the media say about us I think we can also take 10%. By now it is no longer even a clash between us and the Democratic Party, but between us and the world of information. Of course, this result will be important to understand just how much we managed to get our message across. "

In Bologna, the survey Delos has considered 700 cases (370 in the municipality of Bologna and 330 in the province). Were contacted by residents in Italy with more than seventeen years of telephone interviews dating back to April 2014. 71% of respondents said that the most important problems of the country are those related to employment and unemployment. In second place (with 25.5%) on the other hand are safety and crime. 0.1 per cent of respondents said that among the hot topics is "the relationship with Europe." Confidence in government Renzi is given to 61.9%. On the other hand, do not get work agenda of the Prime Minister: hostile would be the 45% of voters Pd.

On Europe, the Bologna photographed by Delos seem to have clear ideas. Only 30 per cent hopes an exit from the euro, 81, 2 percent of voters should put an end to policies of fiscal compact, but for 84, 3 per cent, the EU remains an indispensable project. A surprise are mainly guidelines to vote. 37.6% of respondents state that the Democratic Party will vote (compared to 33 of the general election of 2013), 9.4 percent for the 5 Star Movement (a difference of 18.2 in 2013), the abstention rate would still be at 39 percent. A number probably destined to decline with the approach of elections in May. Fall for Forza Italy, which would rise from 11 5 to 6.4% and for Ncd, Choice and Civic UDC, swooping from 7.5 to 1.9%. If we consider instead the actual voters, the Democratic Party touches 61.6%, according to the 5-Star Party with 15.4 percent, Italy 10.5 Force.

"What we're seeing," said Fausto Anderlini, "is a real boom trustee of the government Renzi. Like Bolognese 62 out of 100. Digit twice what he always picked Letta. The Democratic Party is the only party to attract votes from abstainers, while all give votes. From 5 Star Movement. Not to mention that grillini remain the second largest party. Breakdown of the PDL and the center of the area. Faced with a list Tsipras in Bologna struggling to take off. " One of the most interesting data according to Andreoli, remains one of the 5 Star Movement: "Here in Bologna seem to be in sharp contrast to the national level. You probably are affecting local variables and we are not able to determine whether these will also apply to other areas. It 'true that everything here is first born. And it is also true that inside there was a strong component of the left. Now we register a change of trend that could occur here than anywhere else before. " A trend that Anderlini but says he can see a few months ago: "I have carried out a survey after the primaries. According to our data shows that 12 percent of voters turned out to vote were the 5 Star Movement. And those who voted for or Renzi or Civati. " We also recommend reading rabattmonat.biz

Video: Mass in the Vatican: Pope Francis holds Easter Mass

April 20, 2014 at 4:59 pm

Francis speaks his peace | New York Post

"We ask You, Lord Jesus, end all wars and all conflicts," he said at the traditional blessing "Urbi et Orbi" – the city and the globe – before at least 150 000 faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square in Rome. The 77-year-old called this explicitly for peace in Syria and Ukraine. SOUNDBITE POPE FRANCIS "We pray especially for Syria. Considering that all those who suffer the consequences of the conflict who receive humanitarian assistance that they need. Considering that the killing ends on both sides, especially against the helpless civilian population . And instead of the long overdue peace is negotiated. "SOUNDBITE POPE FRANCIS" We ask you to enlighten the initiatives for peace in the Ukraine and inspire. way that all stakeholders, with the support of the international community to spare no effort to prevent violence, and together recorded a future for the country. "For Pope Francis it was the second Easter as head of the Roman Catholic Church. A native of Argentina Francis is the first non-European pope since 1300 years. Next Sunday he will equal two popes canonizing – Pope John Paul II and John XXIII, who was from 1958 to 1963 head of the Roman Catholic Church. LOCATION: VATICAN Close You can read more on this topic here rabattmonat.biz

The rich now have their Airbnb

April 20, 2014 at 4:10 pm

One Fine Stay: The Rich Man's Airbnb - Businessweek

You tested Airbnb and you loved? Go to the next level with The collectionist. The website of this start-up offers dream villas for rent, with some significant options on vacation, such as the provision of a cook or a daily maid service. But this luxury comes at a price between 7500 and 10 000 euros per week in Deauville and 110 000 in Saint-Tropez…

It was during a trip to Barcelona Cahané Oliver discovers the joys and limitations of rent via Airbnb: Benefits of the apartment he had rented was not up to the enticing pictures presented on the site. However, the concept continues to be successful, evidence that there is a growing demand in this market. Olivier then Cahané board with two friends, Max and Aniort Eliott Cohen-Skalli, a concept that combines the intimacy seeking vacationers high range benefits worthy of the greatest hotels. In 2013, The collectionist born.

"This is not the holiday itself that is at the heart of our business but additional services that we offer," says Max Aniort. In every city where it has villas, the start-up can count on a trusted person who plays the role of "concierge". She welcomes tenants, conduct an inventory, but also checks throughout the stay that everything goes according to their wishes. According to the wishes of tenants, cooks and housekeepers may also be included in the rent. A partnership with the jewelery brand and high-end perfumery Bulgari provides leisure travelers with a daily supply of toiletries everything there was more chic.

The side of the owners, do not worry. The collectionist does not rent the property to "secure customers." No way to book with one click this chalet with gym and steam room for ten people in Megève. "Before the lease, we have the customer between five and ten times the phone. We discuss the reasons why it comes and then we débriefons with the owner, "says Max Aniort. The clientele consists mostly of families, whose parents' work in finance or are entrepreneurs "and come from abroad: English, Americans and Russians adore this new concept, while new applications are also emerging in the Middle East. "They want some privacy without having to bother with the hassle of everyday life. "

After a season testing last year with only a few offered for rent in Saint-Tropez villas and Deauville, Le collectionist has expanded its offering and began the year with a bang. "In just four months, our turnover is equivalent to that of the whole year 2013," says Max Aniort but be more specific. The business model of the start-up is nevertheless surprising if it charges a commission on the amount of rent, it is not a fixed rate. It is decided in accordance with each owner. "The commission rate depends on the services provided by the home, signed by the tenant and the lease term services" decrypts Max Aniort. To read more on this topic rabattmonat.biz