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Mafia , former governor Cuffaro calls for mercy . But is involved in other investigation .

January 17, 2015 at 7:58 pm

Last year he tried the card of custody to social services : the Supreme Court , however , had not given the green light . And now that the late penalty miss exactly three years Totò Cuffaro , former powerful governor of Sicily , try again to get out of prison through the front door : his request for clemency was delivered a few days ago at the Quirinale just as Giorgio Napolitano was preparing to resignation . Definitely convicted to 7 years for aiding the Cosa Nostra and disclosure of secrets , four years in his cell on the ground floor of the Roman prison of Rebibbia , Cuffaro tired to remain imprisoned .And with a letter , delivered to the Hill by his lawyers , asked the presidential clemency , claiming his good behavior in jail certified by the fame of " model prisoner " who has been recognized on several occasions by the leadership of the Roman prison . But before receiving the grace , the position of Cuffaro must pass the scrutiny of the Prosecutor General of Palermo , the judicial district in which it was enacted sentencing became final on January 22, 2011. The Quirinale turned to pg Roberto Scarpinato the request grace and now the judge will give his opinion on whether or not to open the doors of the prison to put Cuffaro in freedom .But the former governor of Sicily is still involved in an investigation by the Prosecutor of Palermo for aggravated fraud and corruption is the investigation into the " creative financing " of the region in the days when Toto " Vasa Vasa " was at the height of his power. At the center of the investigation of the prosecutor Sergio De Montis and Daniele Paci there are relationships entered into in 2003 between Palazzo d’Orleans and the Japanese bank Nomura , finished in the news for the deal of the derivatives that affossò Montepaschi Siena .What is the charge that relates Cuffaro ? Instead of asking for a loan to the Deposits , to heal the credits claimed by the local health Sicilian , former President Sicilian preferred to sell at very high rates the regional debt to a company that was owned by the London office of Nomura , effectively creating a damage 175 million euro for the treasury regional . Acts of the Prosecutor of Palermo there are still dozens of top secret wiretapping and international requests that follow the flows of public money chasing any bribes paid to consultants and the same former president who , interrogated in prison , two years ago has declined all responsibility .Now the investigation into the alleged scam to six zeros could cost Cuffaro the negative opinion of Pg of Palermo , also forcing him to serve the remaining three years in prison , net of possible discounts due to good behavior . " You spent my time in politics , but not one for the job and for the commitment of solidarity in social ," said Cuffaro few months ago , explaining to live the experience of detention with Christian resignation . After being struck off the medical register after the sentencing , in these four years in Rebibbia joined the Faculty of Law and has even published two books : " The whiteness of crows " candidate in 2013 to the Premio Strega , and " the caresses of the lullaby " , which cover has a picture of her dressed as a detainee with a chain in his hands .In October of 2013 the former president had tried to get out of prison asking to be entrusted to social services : he wanted to go to work by Biagio Conte , the lay missionary who in Palermo manages the mission Hope and Charity : " I want to serve the meal to the humble , " said the former governor to convince the judges , but the Supreme Court did not authorize the release . The reason ? He did not make the names of those who " provided him with useful information to help the boss Giuseppe Guttadauro to evade the investigation."Done by The Daily , January 17 2015di Giuseppe Pipitone and Sandra Rizza . For extra data about this subject read http://.

Centre Pompidou : a new attendance success.

January 17, 2015 at 7:51 pm

" When I arrived in 2007 we had approximately 2.5 million visitors , my goal was to win a million and stabilize our attendance around 3.5 million. Mission accomplished , "says the president of the Centre Pompidou, Alain Seban , in a statement. Attendance Beaubourg (museum and exhibitions outside Public Library Information and multidisciplinary program ) reached 3.45 million visits in 2014. This success reflects its temporary exhibitions, including a retrospective Henri Cartier-Bresson (424 .000 visitors ), Marcel Duchamp, the same paint , which recently closed its doors ( 358 733 visitors) or Surrealism and the Object with 276 000 visitors. But above all, the end of the year was marked by the triumph of the Jeff Koons exhibition since its opening on November 26 , welcomed 260 000 visitors : " The retrospective is the event and more than 250 000 visitors, early this year, toured the rooms devoted to the work of this artist both celebrated , loved and controversial.This attendance, very high marks an unprecedented Centre Pompidou record for the first days of a temporary exhibition " reads the press release from the center . And President of the Museum of welcome : "The public confirms his passionate interest in the great figures of modern and contemporary art and shows its growing popularity the Centre Pompidou and exhibitions that reference . That trust and public affection are strengthened from year to year.They hire me to drive the Pompidou Centre and meet new audiences in France and throughout the world. " Tributary temporary exhibitions Beaubourg will keep for years to come , " at a very high level, " said Mr. Seban while working " on attendance permanent collection that continues to grow . " It is developing the attendance of these collections by foreigners and at the same time to "give the French visitors a renewed interest in staging these collections differently , making them run faster ," he says ."We need benchmarks for tourists with some great masterpieces ," says Serban , and at the same time , " we want to create a sort of mini- exhibitions, focus, to renew constantly reading the collection . " . You can click the following http:// to discover more about this amazing subject.

Florence , the packed program of the ‘ Theatre of Beaches ‘ ​​.

January 17, 2015 at 7:47 pm

There is a thriving hinterland surrounding Florence , theatrically and culturally speaking . Some say too exorbitant numerically for citizenship on which all this offer (which is also rejected and disappointed ) insists . Put simply , even if it seems inconvenient to say , there are too many theaters , too many companies , too many spaces , too many shows that ultimately collect less than they could have because the target audience is , and the deck is short . Around the Florence ‘s Teatro della Pergola , the Teatro Verdi or Puccini Theatre are born , they are created or resumed sap and force a number of small and medium-sized structures with their billboards enliven neighborhoods .Starting from the Theatre of Rifredi , via the Studio Theatre of Scandicci or the Theatre of limonaia Sesto Fiorentino , arriving at the Teatro Manzoni in Calenzano , allungandoci Teatro Everest Galluzzo , encroaching on the Arts Theater Lastra a Signa , touching the Teatro dell ‘ Antella , licking the Cantiere Florida Theatre Lumiere , leading to the Teatro del Romito , to the Theatre of Beaches . A proposal boundless and endless . Certainly better than the abundance that the shortage or lack .Not to mention the Theatre of the basket , the Teatro Le Laudi or Nexus Studio , The Cellar and Magma . And surely we will have forgotten someone. Unfortunately an average city like Florence can not support all this theatrical wave in terms of numbers . Many times the audience is made ​​up of operators , other is of little relevance . Perhaps too does not make a good service . Beaches to , for example , thirty titles crowding the program : the stuff of Teatro Stabile . A praise to the direction of course but also a reflection whether this is the best way , one or two replicas then rename , to bring new viewers , not so much to endear them to the site in question but to matter , to the sense of the words spoken in the show live .There are examples of Italian theaters , also very small , which produce and invest in long teniture , engaging in more productions than in hospitality . Let’s go back to Beaches , which are neither those of Righeira nor those of Renato Zero , theater in a neighborhood ( former ) hard between blocks and concrete that has now found its place ( thanks to Don Santoro , a priest of the sidewalk , as it was Don Gallo ) and was released by the local news where they often ended not by merit .Nicola Zavagli Visibelli and Beatrice , along with their company dell’Imbarco , pointing to a theater that is as open as possible , a reference point for the community ( children, the elderly , teenagers ) around . Of the thirty proposals ( we continue to emphasize , too many in five months ) point out " Bananas " ( 5 , December 6) with Francesco Colella , both Ubu Prize Award In that box , "Family Champion " de The little men ( December 13 ) that after many " Stages " , surveys the area and theatrical revival dell’ascoltato and seen in that country , they return to a scene of writing without counterparts sociological or anthropological drifts .In February, before a dramaturgy of Paolo Rossi , " Confessions of Zeno explained to the people " ( 6 , 7 ) , before the " Scherzo but not too much " ( 13 ) where the combination of reform Virginio Liberti , playwright and the Italian-Brazilian group of Gogmagog , Thomas Taddei and Carlo Salvador . In April " Indignant" ( 10 , 11 ) with pastors border Bigalli like Don , Don Masi and Don Santoro on the words of Savonarola , Terzani and Saviano , to close with " But " Che " plays in Brazil ? " By and with Anna Meacci that tells the strange story of Socrates , nicknamed " the Doctor " because he truly earned his medical degree , ( he also played for a year in the Fiorentina ) and shareholders , attach it on his autobiography.Why Italy – Brazil 3 to 2 , as we were reminded also Davide Enia , perhaps only after Italy – Germany 4 to 3 , is our game , we Italians with our mood swings , which we get lost in a glass of water but that just as miraculously climb the peaks more insurmountable . Theatre Beaches , Florence → Support the free information : Subscribe or renew your subscription to the Daily Done . You should read this http:// to learn more regarding this great subject.

The cold front on alert nine provinces by snow, wind and waves.

January 17, 2015 at 7:39 pm

Madrid, Jan 17 ( EFE ) . – The cold front from Thursday through the Peninsula on alert nine provinces and seven regions for coastal phenomena , wind and snow , reports the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET ) on its website . In Castilla y León , the provinces of León and Zamora are on yellow alert (risk ) of snowfall in the Cantabrian mountain range and Sanabria may accumulate up to two inches of snow. In Galicia there are yellow alert for snow in Lugo ( 5 centimeters) and Ourense (7 inches ) , and wind in Lugo , A Coruña and Pontevedra, where gusts reach 90km / h .In this region there are also orange alert (significant risk ) by big waves in A Coruña and Pontevedra. The region of Navarra has yellow alert for snow in the Navarre Pyrenees , where you can collect up to 5 inches . In Asturias, the Aemet keeps the yellow alert for risk of snow (7 inches ) and wind gusts that reached 90 km / h in the coastal area . Cantabria, Lanzarote (Canary Islands) and Vizcaya and Guipúzcoa (Basque Country) are on orange alert for strong waves.The Aemet warns that the orange alert there is a significant weather risk , unusual and with some degree of danger to the usual activities weather, and weather yellow no risk to the general population , although for some specific activity . EFE ( EFE ) Issues Warning Meteorological Agency Asturias Cantabria Castilla y León Spain Europe weather Sciences Overview of weather events Windstorm UD Lanzarote Vizcaya Zamora. Additional information can be found reading http://.

Seventy countries advocate a sustainable and efficient food production .

January 17, 2015 at 7:38 pm

Berlin, Jan 17 ( EFE ) . – Agriculture Ministers from 70 countries and representatives of FAO and World Bank advocated today in Berlin by a bioeconomy that ensures food production diversified and sustainable and help in fighting hunger and malnutrition. The Seventh Ministerial Summit of Agriculture held in Berlin , attended by the Spanish Minister Isabel García Tejerina , concluded with a joint statement in which they bid to create a policy framework that facilitates sustainable bioeconomy , based on production and efficiency of natural resources .Only a production of solid , diversified and sustainable food provides the basis to guarantee the right to food and to supply sufficient food and healthy citizens , they stressed . In this context they agreed on the need to design a suitable framework for agriculture to meet the growing demand for food and raw materials without compromising food safety. Agriculture must be the basis of the bioeconomy , highlighted in the press , in which the leadership of the Fund for Food and Agriculture Organization ( FAO ) of the United Nations are also advocates .After the meeting , the German Minister of Agriculture , Christian Schmidt, gave the statement to the Director General of FAO, José Graziano , and his Turkish counterpart Mehdi Eker , whose country plays this year presidency of the G20. The ministerial summit held since 2009 in Berlin as the city hosts the Green Week , traditional food fair in this year 1. 658 participating exhibitors from 68 countries. Thousands of farmers and environmentalists convened by agricultural and environmental organizations were now also in the German capital to show their rejection of the free trade agreement with the United States ( TTIP ) and GMOs.( EFE ) Topics Agriculture Germany Berlin World Bank Companies United States Europe G20 ministers ( government) United Nations United Nations for Food and Agriculture Policy health care . You should read the following http:// to discover more about this amazing topic.

One woman among the 40 favorite sporting the French.

January 17, 2015 at 7:22 pm

The French people have a problem with their representatives in the top sport ? As every year , women have had the greatest difficulty in getting a place in the ranking of the favorite sports of the French set up by L’Equipe Magazine. One girl manages to slip into the Top 40, and it is . . . Jeannie Longo , icon of French cycling , 56 years old . . . even if his record is blank since 2011. To establish this ranking, the weekly interviewed 1,011 people who were asked to nominate 10 athletes from a list of 50 names .It must go down to the bottom of the hierarchy to trace female : sprinter Myriam Soumare (43 ) , basketball player Céline Dumerc ( 45th ) and Alize Cornet ( 49 ) . Pauline Ferrand Prevot , , new champion of cycling world had also damaged the image Longo last October, is conspicuous by its absence. But her media aura is , indeed , still embryonic . Photo credits: GEPA pictures / Philipp Brem / Gepa / Panoramic In this ranking , useless to seek Sébastien Loeb, winner yet between 2009 and 2014.Although he continued his career in World Touring Car Championship , the Alsatian no longer in the top 50 (!). This year, " Seb " has given his throne to the new star of French swimming, Florent Manaudou (38.1%) , triple world champion short course in 2014. Eighth last year , the brother of Laure mounts the top step of the podium with Tony Parker (33.7%) and Teddy Riner (25.6%) , second and third respectively , as there are twelve months.Gael Monfils finished 4th after an increase of five seats . Thierry Henry (5th ) is the first footballer to be cited , just ahead of Karim Benzema who performs a jump in the hierarchy ( 15 places) . Like the Real Madrid striker , football players returning from elsewhere in force in the heart of the French. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has not lost too much of its popularity despite the flop of the Davis Cup and lost only two places (7th) . Loick Peyron (8th) made ​​it into the Top 10 after winning the Route du Rhum in beating Franck Ribery and Camille Lacourt .The strongest growth is to be credited to Paul Pogba winning 24 seats ( 12 ) , and the largest for the browser gadins Michel Desjoyeaux, Christophe Lemaitre (18th , -10) and Morgan Parra ( 39 , -10) . . Inspirational facts can be found clicking this http://.

Vox announces that municipal and regional elections will be presented.

January 17, 2015 at 7:19 pm

Ortega Lara , one of the founders of the party , during the ceremony held today in Madrid Vox , founded party, among others, Ortega Lara, today held its first aniverasrio in a ceremony in which they reiterated their commitment to constitute itself as a political option . Thus , the party announced that it will present at the upcoming local and regional elections, as " alternative values ​​and voiceless , in the words of its founder , who has also defended its commitment to the values ​​of freedom and the importance of the individual family .In his speech, Santiago Abascal , president of Vox , said that in those elections , the party will go " all out " . "We will introduce in all capitals and autonomies and we will fight especially in Madrid , announced while he insisted on presenting the two traditional parties as makers of" uncertainty " of Spanish society . " Both groups want us to be afraid ," he criticized. The leader has also affected some of the issues currently focused concerns of citizens , such as terrorism or corruption.In the latter , he has insisted that corrupt politicians " have dismantled the welfare state of the Spaniards to preserve the welfare state politicians. Regarding the challenge of Islamist terrorism , the leader has warned of the "hypocrisy of the major parties " to a threat , he said, that " seeks the colonization of Europe " and pointed to one of its points program: regulation " influx of foreign workers according to the objective needs of the national economy." Should not be allowed to build mosques if there are no churches in Arab countries , he said , our culture is Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman and do not want to integrate not suits us . Abascal has made overview of some of the main proposals which aim to occupy a place in the political scene. So he underlined the commitment to the victims of terrorism , which has promised political firmness : "We propose to expel brands ETA policies of institutions and a hardening of the penal code ," he cried to his audience.Among other measures, proposed life sentences for terrorist offenses. The party, in favor of the abolition of autonomy , has also insisted on the need to reform the Constitution. " A Constitution is a dead letter can not be reformed and we need a new you return sovereignty to the Spanish people and is quite a separatist and parties , said Abascal , who began by presenting Vox as a tool " to defend Spain , to our country. "For its part, the vice third of VOX , Ana Velasco, has confirmed that the formation attend the concentration of AVT called for next January 24 that VOX is always with the victims. Then has named every one of the victims of ETA Bolinaga , died Friday , a tribute to reunite . Topics Association of Victims of Terrorism Terrorism Policy Vox Spain Madrid . You can check the following http:// to read extra about this interesting subject.

Gr & egrave ; it could b & eacute; n & eacute; eligible for support prolonged & eacute; e of Europe.

January 17, 2015 at 7:05 pm

The euro zone officials have discussed on Thursday an extension of the Greek aid plan that could go up to six months , according to Reuters . A new "gift" for Greece, on the eve of a delicate ballot? The leaders of the eurozone have discussed on Thursday an extension of the Greek aid plan that could go up to six months , said Reuters on Friday night , which sources information of a "responsible to the fact negotiations ".This is to give more time for negotiations to be held with the new Greek government , whatever it is , after the parliamentary elections on 25 January, and will focus on the output conditions of the plan. These high risk elections could bring to power the anti- European radical left and anti -liberal Alexis Tsipras , the Syriza party, a dreaded case in most European capitals. See also: Greece must choose between the mirage and raisonDIAPORAMA Greece: five years of criseLa extension must be requested by the new gouvernementLe current bailout, which has been extended by two months , to expire in late February.The Greek government of Antonis Samaras , struggling in the polls, hoping to replace it with a precautionary credit line , which take the form of an existing tool of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM ) called ECCL (" Enhanced Credit Conditions line ") , to which he would never have to use . "It will there is a extension beyond February. It will be inevitable, " the official said the euro zone to the fact of negotiations." This could take another six months. " It would have the extension is requested by the new Greek government after the elections of January 25 . Source Reuters. For additional information about this topic visit fact.

Succession Lepaon : CGT rejects the application Martinez.

January 13, 2015 at 7:19 pm

The parliament of the CGT said no. The National Confederal Committee (NAC ) has finally released Tuesday, January 13 the candidacy of Philippe Martinez as secretary general of the union to succeed Thierry Lepaon , learned the internal source of AFP . The number of the federation of metallurgy and the team of nine members that had dropped out 57 % in favor ( against 41% unfavorable votes and 1.5% of abstentions). However, they do not get the two-thirds of warrants for the list to be validated.The NCC, composed of representatives of 33 federations and 96 departmental unions , had met since the morning closed the headquarters of the plant in Montreuil , near Paris. Martinez asked to present a new list Less than a week after the resignation of Thierry Lepaon , forced to throw in the towel after the revelations about his lifestyle , management had decided to go fast, submitting to the vote of a new NCC team metallurgist at its head.Many federations , including public services, the first of the CGT, and Health (second) , however, had already announced that they would vote against Philippe Martinez , who appeared as the candidate of Thierry Lepaon , since the outgoing led the procedure of succession. The list included many relatives of the former number one. The parliament of the CGT nevertheless charged Tuesday Philippe Martinez to present a new management team by February , told AFP an internal source.An upcoming SCC is scheduled for February 3 and 4 . . Original data can be found checking the following info.

Two doctors unions advocate a consultation to 31 euros .

January 13, 2015 at 4:51 pm

Two unions of doctors, who call since January 5 to administrative strike, demanding that the consultation generalists going from 23 to 31 euros , said one of them on Tuesday. The Health Minister Marisol Touraine has repeatedly reminded doctors unions opposed the bill and require an increase in the consultation to 25 euros, that doctors actually earned more than the 23 euros for the consultation. Between the package of € 5 for monitoring patients over 80 years that accorded to physician , compensation of teamwork or on the public health objective , the rate of consultation with GPs reached , according to Marisol Touraine , " 31.40 euros, against 28.70 euros" before he came to government in 2012 .The UNOF – CSMF , general union, said he wanted Tuesday to "take the minister at his word ." "If in response to the request for revaluation " consultation, " is opposed to us the amount of packages , then we say stop packages and go to consultation to 31 euros ," said the press Luc Duquesnel , president of the ‘ UNOF . "You have to stop taking doctors for fools ," he launched Compensation public health objective , introduced in 2012 to complement the traditional fee-for doctors, "not a revaluation " consultation, " it is an administrative burden "and it allows the administration to" monitor our patientèles , "he said .The union of private practitioners (SML ) also said " chick ". He campaigned for the removal of " all packages and compensation on public health goal ," a device "no one" who is that " moral statement ," said its president, Eric Henry . " We are not trying to scratch two euros. We need to understand the policies that we must invest in private doctors , " he argues . Compensation public health goal is to improve the management of some patients or requirements .It also diversifies physician compensation by giving them a premium, based on twenty indicators of public health prevention, vaccination, monitoring of chronic diseases , use of generic or office organization . Optionally, the device is widely acclaimed by doctors, and an average annual salary of 5480 euros. According to the Court of Auditors , only 2.8 % of GPs refuse it . . Similar information can be read clicking http://.