Berlusconi jr aMediaset: “Just sex or close”

January 22, 2014 at 7:59 am

No more Sunday Hard (and even Hot Candlewick). The program of Barbara D'Urso on Channel 5 Live that has become too red light has not gone unnoticed at Mediaset. Sulking LIVE-Sunday afternoon in front of the tv there was a Pier Silvio Berlusconi first incredulous then more and more frowning on what was happening in the program for Channel 5 (Sunday Live) Serviced way in which they spoke only of sex . At that point, the deputy chairman of Mediaset has dissected the schedule and in the evening he found himself in front of another program (Candlewick, Italy on 1) which has not been in keeping with the editorial line of the group. The result is the meeting convened yesterday in Cologno Monzese with ultimate responsibility for news where the speech from Sunday Live Blew also Candlewick and where Pier Silvio Berlusconi has made it clear that so you can go ahead and pointed out all the errors committed. Until final ultimatum: still one deburring and Sunday Live and Candlewick will be closed in the trunk.

'SUNDAY IN SINGLE SEX "- Even before the controversies that animate the discussions on the Internet, even before the release of Moige Movement (Italian parents) who spoke of" one of the saddest pages of our trash and tv ", Pier Silvio Berlusconi touched with their own eyes a limit but exceeded that ensures no more surmountable. A Sunday 'sex shop' of services marked by harassment and abuse, the clinic for "sick of sex," the parking lots of love, the poly-loving woman. . . Monday was opened an internal investigation the outcome of which was the meeting yesterday. In the next few days do not exclude even drastic steps such as resetting the command line: the director of Videonews Mario Giordano, who arrived last June, is the prime suspect.

D'URSO DEFENDS: "A SCIVOLATINA" – Yesterday Barbara D'Urso all'Alfonso Signorini Show on Radio Monte Carlo defended, attacked, apologized. "I was a little bit outside because I had not seen all the services because they had not arrived in time, but I'd also like that every so often, in addition to the controversy that we are, we also would tell stories like that of Paola, who has put up for sale her kidney to save her boyfriend in a coma Afternoon 5 and made sure that the viewers hand over more than 100. 000 euro to help this guy. It happens too. Then maybe there is a small scivolatina. I beg your pardon, but as I put my face, I defend my program and my team. I ask, however, excuse my behalf and on behalf of all. " You must check the following http:// to read extra regarding this amazing matter.